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New ESPN On-Set Report is up

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Read the new report on my working on the ESPN promo Sunday…

More catching up… again…

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I know I don’t blog “enough” in here: generally I blog at my MySpace blog, but I figured as This 2010 February has been one of the best months ever, I should make a mention…
On the one hand, I booked some background work on a European commercial which shot on a Saturday and a Sunday, paying twice SAG scale, and for which we also got four plus hours overtime…
A payroll company began practicing the criminal act of conversion (taking money owed to a worker and giving it to a third party without benefit of law, under colour of authority, et al, and claiming it would continue to steal money from me to the tune of over thirty three hundred dollars), and did not pay me for a wardrobe fitting. After receiving from me an explanatory letter (in which I also politely directed them to provide the court order requring them to do so, absent which they become criminally lible, not those demanding money from them that is owed to me). As no such court order exists, the payroll company realized they were in violation of law, and for the actual acting day worked I received that day’s payment, and the false amount was no longer on the check’s “pay stub.” I have chosen to “eat” the about-thirty bucks for the wardrobe fitting, in thanks that the payroll company at least ceased stealing from me and began complying with positive law.
My national 2009 Pedigree Super Bowl spot was voted the third best Super Bowl commercial of the decade
Along with the upcoming payments for the European commercial and the 2010 airing of the Crazy Pets spot usage during the CBS show, I will be able to acquire new glasses with an updated prescription, new headshots, both with which to endevour acquiring a TV/Theatrical agent…

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

I have to confess that while originally my plan was to mirror here my MySpace blogs, I’ve been extremely lax doing so (hence, you really should keep up at my MySpace blog/s, and/or subscribe thereto).
Mostly due to airings and such, I have made updates to my various on-set report pages, including but not limited to the Pedigree Super Bowl spot progress and airing/s,
the repeat of my fourth My Name is Earl gig episode, the CSI episode, the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland feature, the episode of The Office, and the long slow wait and positing whether the final episodes of Eli Stone even air, meaning my episode Tailspin may only be viewable if the second season is released on DVD.
On MySpace I came across a Chayanne fan who ironically wasn’t previously aware I had worked on his music video Yo Teamo: I ended up updating that report as the YouTube video of the spot had been removed and I had to re-find it to embed it on the report page.

Monday, January 19th, 2009

A friendly reminder for my family, friends (and regular readers/subscribers of my blog)…
Upcoming TV appearance dates:
January 29th:
air-date for CSI episode Disarmed and Dangerous on which I worked, playing a resident of a halfway house; actually if I’m visible in the exterior shots as well, I could sort of seem to be teleporting all over the place. The episode air date could be January 29th, so keep an eye out for the episode title in local listings.
February 1st: during the Superbowl my national commercial Crazy Pets for Pedigree Dog Food is set to debut. Arriving to deliver mail to Mrs. Lawrence, in the spot I play Postal Carrier Jeff Badger [bg], pursued off the property by the household pet Bruno. Included at the end of the commercial, I presume, should be the URL to a tie-in website at which Pedigree is encouraging pet adoption. At that website will be video in which different people from within the spot are interviewed (in character), including but not limited to, yours truly.
(btw, a few online news articles indicate that my segment in the spot most definitely will be included [also mentioned here]…!)
February 3rd: probable air date of the Eli Stone episode Tailspin, in which for two scenes I can be seen as Jim Norris. The episode has been elusive what with pre-emptions, and even this date is just a guess.
February 19th (or 26th): one of these could be the probable air-date for The Office episode Lecture Circuit on which I worked, shot early last November.
The IMDB has indicated the current season for The Office is season five, not four, which had I regularly been a viewer to the series, the season number being wrong would have been more apparent.
While I’ve corrected that on its report page, the series’ IMDB entry has been slow with added episode title numbers with respective episode numbers, and TV listings only go so far into the future.
As of this week they seem to be combining occasional repeats of earlier-this-season episodes, possibly due to the recent turn-around at the White House, from one frying pan into another.
So currently it seems early to mid-February for certain for the Lecture Circuit episode.

On Avail, et al

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I ended up not getting the AFI short; completely forgot to ask if David Schroeder got it (though I guess I could just ask Dave [g]…)
I did acquire another USC student film gig to do on Saturday.
I had a commercial callback audition on Friday, then Saturday morning my agent notified me I was On Avail for the shoot-dates, today/Tuesday through Friday of this week. I’m not officially booked yet, but it falls into the 50-50 category.
Yesterday I checked my messages every two hours or so, but heard nothing, which I figured could mean I could hear later by the time I got home. At home in my email my agent told me my On Avail status had been extended through Saturday the 8th, as well as the production company clarifying I’m Still Available. Not a bad sign: still On Avail.
Then last night I get a call from my agent, indicating that the production company now has conveyed that [those booked] would have a same-day wardrobe fitting. Knowing at work I have no cell signal, and it would not only be a distraction for me but unfair for those for whom I work, I have taken off the day, essentially to see if The Big Call comes in later today…
So please please please Think Good Thoughts: cross fingers, light green candles and pray for my Being Booked, whatever you wish t’do; it’ll be appreciated.

Strictly Background DVD: release date and pre-release shipping date

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Well, anyone paying attention to my site is aware I booked the McDonalds commercial, and even received a DVD copy.
I still very much into blogging at my MySpace blog page, and I tend to forget to mirror some of the information here. But then, that is the reason for my on-set report index.

Its official release date now Tuesday August 5th, online pre-orders for the Strictly Background DVD are being shipping out on Friday, July 25th.
Click here to buy yours now!

''Strictly Background'' DVD

Interview and Unofficially On Avail

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Yesterday/Saturday the lovely Tommi called to relay I was booked for an Interview today/Sunday for something called the Untitled Hemmingston Pilot, on which I could find nothing. If selected I would be playing a porno producer, working Tuesday and Wednesday.
I received the hotline number, which indicated to call after 7:30pm, but at least stating the location would be in Century City. The line was updated by 8pm, my calltime was 1pm, at 2000 Avenue of the Stars. I arrived at 12:25pm, and noted it’s the new building that, when I temped for a couple of months on the opposite corner, it was just starting to be built. Now it was very finished as well as clearly very much in use.
I was directed to basecamp where I found the AD (or PA) signing in people. I got my voucher and filled it out. Lunch was called and I was invited to partake; they had an okay fetuccini alfredo.
The two other candidates for the role arrived, and eventually we were brought over “to the producers,” meaning, we were sat on a stone bench of sorts while in the deep shadows of the nearby crew tent, the guy to my left was selected (I sat between the two).
I headed to Westwood and procured my ticket for a late June event at the LA Film Festival, and waiting for a bus home, Tommi called. She had just seen my submitted For The Week availability, in which I declared I was NOT available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as I was Unofficially On Avail for a commercial for which I’d had a callback on Friday. I assured Tommi it was okay; with a one in three chance of being selected, I risked what happened anyway. I wasn’t chosen, and I’m paid for going there.
And if the gods continue to smile, I could still be booked for the commercial, working one or more of the three scheduled days. We concurred if I’m not booked on the spot, that I’d notify Booked Talent that I was again available…

Late night update/s

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

The wee hours notwithstanding, I find myself awake due to a deranged woman, screaming for about 45 minutes at the top of her lungs obscenities at her husband and “friends” pretty much directly beneath the window, so I figured I should make a few mentions:

The McDonalds regional wild spot commercial shoot was Friday evening, my full report on the shoot is up here.

At some point in the near future, my Strictly Background director Jason Connell will be converting my two Jimmy Kimmel Live Under-5 gigs, which I have on DVD, into a format (QuickTime and/or Windows Media Player), that I can save here on my site for immediate playback.
For the moment, on my page, I placed a link to the Accountants Gone Crazy video I found on YouTube, in which I can be seen playfully chasing a co-worker, chugging ketchup, and firing staplers into the air like six-shooters.

Updates: principal-role commercial booking, well-timed online interview, Red Ace Cola, et al

Friday, April 11th, 2008

New report page being constructed, my having been booked as the lead principal for a McDonalds commercial, which shoots this evening (Friday April 11, 2008)…
The page currently is up to date and will be updated as new information and/or events present themselves.

Meanwhile, I was recently interviewed by a fellow-actor film enthusiast, and the brief Q&A interview has been posted at the site.

“Finally,” the USC student film Red Ace Cola Project, in which I play Eddie, the assistant to the main scientist, airs on Los Angeles PBS station KCET Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 10:00pm within the Fine Cut: A Festival of Student Film program.