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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Yo Teamo
Chayanne Music video

September 26/27, 2000
Music video shoot
Through Bill Dance Casting, I was booked as [a] "Depressed Man" on a music video for a Spanish-music artist named Chayanne, scheduled for a September 26th night shoot at the Downtown Los Angeles Second Street Tunnel.
With the then-recent MTA bus strike, thankfully the MetroLine Trains were running, so I was able to take the Van Nuys run on the Ventura Line down to Union Station. I was early enough to eat on mine own (just in case no food was provided), and arrived for my 7:45pm calltime at 6:30pm. As it was we did get a pretty good meal at 1:00am.
As it was, there was quite a lot of press there for Chayanne. Well, about five or six interviewers and a few photographers. They were frequently pulling aside director Simon Bran and interviewing him at first, to the point I thought he was the musical artist.
Eventually we were placed, and I saw Chayanne. The video storyline, of what I could make out and what was told to me, is that he and his girlfriend have had a fight. He gets in a traffic tie-up in the tunnel due to a car wreck ahead. In other cars couples argue and (I guess) he realizes what foolishness it was to have such a petty fight or such. He gets out of his vehicle and heads to the tunnel entrance to see what is the matter. He finds it is his girlfriend's car that has been totalled. Talk about "Oops"...
He goes up and sees the wrecked car, the gas tank of which ignites via a flash pot with a small white mushroom cloud. He watches the ambulance leave, but finds his girlfriend alive in the nearby police car: they hug happily ever after.
The button to the ending has them hug, and a crane shot goes up, and we hear "Cut!" at which point the crane shot widens to reveal It's All Been Just A Movie or such.
Before he gets out of the car, a steadicam scoots up around the parked cars to his vehicle. During this shot I can just be seen getting out of the car I was given to use. At least for that shot director Simon came over to me and asked me to get out of the car when "action!" was called. My car is at Chayanne's car's ten o'clock position: one car forward and to his left, far screen right.
After he gets out he passes my car as I continue to look forward as though wondering what's causing the traffic jam. Now some time passed (like the 1:00am "lunch") and they went to the front of the tunnel for him to find the car. I was placed at the front of the crowd, which (until they started shooting), I didn't realize meant that apparently my character teleports or bi-locates to being directly in front of Chayanne.
Between nearly every take at the car, the moment there was a Cut, the photographers snapped shots of Chayanne, particularly at his car.
We wrapped just at 6:00am; I hiked back up to Union Station and made one of the first trains of the morning back up to Van Nuys.

Friday June 13, 2008
Music video found
Every so often I seek out this video, and finally found it after a futile search on iTunes.
Somehow it came up finally on Youtube.

So here it is. At the top of the video, as we see the cars in the famous 2nd Street Tunnel, I am at the right standing next to my car as others (more center) start to emerge from theirs. By 0:10 the camera passes me out of frame.
I am better and best visible at time points 1:48, 2:12 (as Chayanne passes me, pretty much blocking me, thanks to the editing), then clearly visible big time between 3:45 and 3:53.

Chayanne - Yo Teamo music video

Watch for me at time points 1:48, 2:12, then my
big time clear visibility is between 3:45 through 3:53.

Click on thumbnail for full-size frame-grab.
In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo'' In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo''
In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo'' In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo''
In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo'' In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo''
In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo'' In Chayanne's 2009 music video ''Yo Teamo''

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