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Geoffrey Gould headshot
Geoffrey Gould

Height: 5'7" Hair: brown
Weight: 140 Eyes: hazel

In service to producers' and directors' projects...

For your casting consideration: Geoffrey Gould Member SAG-AFTRA
Scandal Free Actor!
[Also Scandal Free screenwriter, director,
and voice over artist, et al]

Professional, reliable, experienced character actor:
Comedy, Villainy, Regular Guy-Next-Door, Improv, Voice Over

"The Story is the Star..."

"I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late."

"This is why you have a Badger..."

Geoffrey Gould imdb entry
IMDb entry
IMDb Pro entry

FilmFreeway profile
Keep apprised on Bucky, my written/directed, award-winning,
dark-comedy film short on Twitter and on Facebook.
View my national Pedigree 2009 Super Bowl commercial.
View the 2015 Slamdance Best Animated Short Jury Award
winning The Pride of Strathmoor, which I solo-voiced.
Save money using superior, less expensive,
safer, non-toxic products, brand-name
toxic versions of which you use now.

Geoffrey Gould : fully-paid member SAG-AFTRA
Geoffrey Gould : fully-paid member SAG-AFTRA
Geoffrey Gould and Rhoda Pell
Be it a married couple, friends, divorced couple, et al,
comical or dramatic, is your film/TV project
seeking a believable couple for your project?
Geoffrey Gould iActor resume : fully-paid member SAG
Geoffrey Gould
SAG iActor resume
Geoffrey Gould Casting360 profile
Geoffrey Gould
Casting360 profile
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Much appreciation and thanks to Malcolm Lawrence
Headshot photo by Tommi Cahill

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