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Some of my more well-received Hashtag Game tweets:
headshot teacher
  • Huffington Post Twitter Jumps Dimensions article
    Picture if you will, tweets full of joy and memories,
    tweets that could only be #LiveFromTheTwilightZone
    [I]magine my delight when @LiveTweetsGame
    (Part of @HashtagRoundup every Saturday at 9pm EDT)
    challenged Twitter with the hashtag: #LiveFromTheTwilightZone
    It was a joyous nostalgia romp that lasted many hours.
    It was great seeing how a television show from the 1960's
    could still bring people together of all ages.
    Everyone had the opportunity to bring their favorite
    episodes back to life as if Twitter had existed then.
    [Mine is #3:]

  • Notice that sometimes I risk "recycling" photos for different Hashtag Games.
    In this way new Followers see the photo they didn't see previously,
    plus, as evidenced here, each entry can end up with numerous Faves and RTs.
    Normally I avoid "political" tweets, but with Hashtag Games,
    often it's too temping not to go the satiric route.
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