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Interview and Unofficially On Avail

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Yesterday/Saturday the lovely Tommi called to relay I was booked for an Interview today/Sunday for something called the Untitled Hemmingston Pilot, on which I could find nothing. If selected I would be playing a porno producer, working Tuesday and Wednesday.
I received the hotline number, which indicated to call after 7:30pm, but at least stating the location would be in Century City. The line was updated by 8pm, my calltime was 1pm, at 2000 Avenue of the Stars. I arrived at 12:25pm, and noted it’s the new building that, when I temped for a couple of months on the opposite corner, it was just starting to be built. Now it was very finished as well as clearly very much in use.
I was directed to basecamp where I found the AD (or PA) signing in people. I got my voucher and filled it out. Lunch was called and I was invited to partake; they had an okay fetuccini alfredo.
The two other candidates for the role arrived, and eventually we were brought over “to the producers,” meaning, we were sat on a stone bench of sorts while in the deep shadows of the nearby crew tent, the guy to my left was selected (I sat between the two).
I headed to Westwood and procured my ticket for a late June event at the LA Film Festival, and waiting for a bus home, Tommi called. She had just seen my submitted For The Week availability, in which I declared I was NOT available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as I was Unofficially On Avail for a commercial for which I’d had a callback on Friday. I assured Tommi it was okay; with a one in three chance of being selected, I risked what happened anyway. I wasn’t chosen, and I’m paid for going there.
And if the gods continue to smile, I could still be booked for the commercial, working one or more of the three scheduled days. We concurred if I’m not booked on the spot, that I’d notify Booked Talent that I was again available…