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USC “Red Ace Cola Project” screening

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

After registering a new casting place specializing in booking commercial background (far better paying than a day doing a regular SAG feature or TV), in the later afternoon I went down to see Red Ace Cola Project, screening with other USC films. I worked three days on the project’s five day shoot… 39 months ago
The short was very funny, and I received my DVD copy of it.
Red Ace Cola Project will air as part of the Fine Cuts program on KCET, Saturday, April 12th, from 10 to 11pm.
The short will also screen (presumably with other short films), at the Crest Theatre at 1262 Westwood Blvd [90024] on Thursday, May 1st at 7:30pm.
(I’m told there will be a “lavish” reception following the Crest screening.)

A Night at the Theatre: Snake in the Grass

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

British playwrite [Sir] Alan Ackbourn mostly is known for his many comedy of manners plays, but surprisingly, he’s written a drama or three, as well as quite a suspenseful thriller titled Snake in the Grass, the first preview of which I attended last night (the 29th) at the Matrix Theatre (7657 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046). It is also the first American production of the Ackbourn script.
“Actual performances” begin April 4th and (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with a matinee on Sundays), run through May 4th (except for the 3pm Sunday matinees, the performances begin at 8pm). The rest of the previews are tonight the 30th, and April 2nd and 3rd. Normally one would say “curtain” time, but as this is a very intimate venue with a thrust stage, there is no curtain.
Set in the back garden of the Chester estate, at the small “summer house” (more like a square, window-pane enclosed gazebo), near the ominous tennis court (containing some nasty childhood memories), two sisters reunite for the first time in 35 years, Annibel (Pamela Salem) and Miriam (Claire Jacobs), find themselves being threatened with blackmail by the sisters’ late father’s
nurse, Alice Moody (Nicola Bertram).
Due to their physically and verbally abusive father, older sister Annabel fled the family when Miriam was only nine, so while the two technically are estranged, they have maintained contact through the years through substantial correspondance, though even then sometimes details often may have been overlooked.
The play still retains much of Ackbourn’s bone-dry wit, all the funnier as it stands out against an increasingly creepy storyline. Meanwhile, the dark to jet-black humour is balanced with the snowballing suspense. More than once, gooseflesh raced from my ankles to my neck within seconds.
The three actresses work very well with each other, and the first with an audience (and an aspect or two that has been addressed for polishing). I highly suggest and recommend, for a great evening of theatre, to see Snake in the Grass.

After the performance, along with a few others from the theatre, Pamela took her co-stars, the show’s award-winning director Mark Roseblatt and me to the next door restaurant/bar. Mark and I discussed not only the show (and the few [nearly negligible] hiccoughs I noticed), how Pamela and I met and became friends, but other entertainments of mutual interest (as well as his enjoying hiking as much as I). Mark is about to scoot to New York to direct a staged reading for a new show; Pamela described the young director as an up and coming star for which actors have no problem going the extra mile. Pamela was also kind enough to give me a lift home.

Information on the show, its exact dates and times, plus purchasing tickets online can be found here.

See it: 5 stars out of 5

Seven Pounds

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Monday I worked my first SAG gig of 2008… and the first since late November 2007.
Titled Seven Pounds, it’s a Will Smith feature film, currently scheduled for a December 12, 2008 release.
I am working at transferring content from my geocities pages and my earthlink pages (on-set reports, which of late have been written up as MySpace blog entries at my MySpace profile).
The current report on this gig is at this page here.


Monday, March 17th, 2008

I’ve been tinkering a bit on the site.
One by one I am editing and “transferring over” my older web pages (the on-set reports, as I call them), but as only a few “haphazard ones” have been done, I will hold off uploading them until I have a few good relevant (e.g., recent) ones.
It’s not a super-easy task: while the text is there, the page formatting between my old site pages and the current site is a bit different, mostly simpler (but pulling bit by bit the text from the “complicated pages” to align with the new format I’ve designed is just that: bit by bit).
I have been working at learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which would assist me in pre-formatting the pages of similar appearance: I’d just add the text in the proper place.
So far it seems slightly more complicated than HTML, but while CSS seems learnable (e.g., for me to learn it), I’m not sure if it really is user-friendly. Of the examples/tutorials I’ve seen, many/most seem to operate under the presumption one already knows it. I’ve no spare cash with which to acquire a CSS editor, though it’s tempting. If I get several good SAG gigs the rest of this month and throughout April, I might risk getting one.

And so it begins…

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Well folks, thanks to my cousin Malcolm, exists. Over the past several days I have begun putting together a relatively simple site, though one friend suggests a more flash-intensive look. As I am in the minority (e.g., still using dial-up), I am more open to the idea of a gateway page, at which one can select the easy html page/s, and one more flash’y.
So for now it’s an ongoing Work In Progress.
While I will continue blogging at MySpace, I will have applicable mirror entries here.