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December 26th, 2010

My latest report [co-hosting Marla Brooks’ radio show], is up at my website: here.

Iceland Yule Cat

New ESPN On-Set Report is up

October 25th, 2010

Read the new report on my working on the ESPN promo Sunday…

New Website On-Set Report is up

October 13th, 2010

Read the new report on the USC In-Class Director Project last night in which I participated, at my website at Juno3
It will be updated when I get the DVD copy (frame grabs), and the Cast Photo as it were that TA Yili will be emailing me (along with names of those behind the camera whose full names with which I wasn’t provided).

SoCal ParaCon

October 3rd, 2010

Yesterday, Saturday October 2nd was the first (annual?) SoCal ParaCon, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Originally the venue was to be at a haunted closed-penitentiary, but the short-sighted fools there didn’t want the place to be advertized as being possibly haunted. Thankfully, as Lorie discovered, the Convention Center was far better.
Para-publicist and investigator Donn Shy had notified me that an entrance ticket for me had been procurred by Jeannette Osborne, so I was able to attend. As currently I am dog-sitting whilst my roommate is out of town, I was able to attend the event but not the evening investigations, which were not only the then to-date uninvestigated Museum of Death on Hollywood Boulevard, and the famously haunted Linda Vista Hospital!
Various friends I’ve previously met online and at Donn Shy’s Queen Mary event were in attendance: Dianne Rule, Vici and Joe Ruffulo, Victoria K and Suzanne Stromin, Scott Gruenwald and Matthew Goldman of the The Paranormal STU (though I kept forgetting to ask Scott as to why Terry Campbell was absent), Jessica Johnson (who I met the night Lorie’s group went through the aforementioned unnamed penitentiary to see if it would fit the needs for the event).
Jymie Darling of Panpipes (where we filmed my Man-Away short film I wrote), not only had a Panpipes booth, but was streaming live for her Occultist Radio show on ParaQuest Radio Network.
Lorie’s husband Daz and I spoke about various places, as well as my wondering how Debby and Mark Constantino were not speakers at the event.
Other speakers included (though not limited to): psychics Tuesday Miles and Mark Nelson; Marti and Michael Parry; Rex Williams apparently of the Siffee series Destination Truth (the show’s official site making no mention of him notwithstanding); demonologist Thomas Durant (who I saw speak before/at a preview screening of the Huck Botko film The Last Exorcism and an eventual investigation with whom I won as part of the event’s raffle); and Christopher Saint Booth understandably promoting his THE HAUNTED BOYThe Secret Diary Of The Exorcist DVD which was released the same day.
All in all I’d say the event was a complete success. I look forward to hearing how went the evening investigations.

Convention report: 21st GallifreyOne

March 3rd, 2010

This past weekend (26-28 February 2010), a fortnight “late,” was the annual Doctor Who convention GallifreyOne at the LAX Marriott. The convention’s primary guests Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton each were unable to make it: Sarah’s father had gone into hospital in Really Bad Shape (in a Possibly This Was It sort of thing), while Davison had the professor role in the musical Legally Blonde, what with the Marriott having screwed up the convention dates. Initially this annual convention is always held Presidents Day weekend, but the hotel double-booked, and it was set for the following weekend when the Marriott screwed up again, having the event wait to the last weekend of February instead of the second, and by then Peter Davison was stuck and unable to attend the convention. His lovely and talented daughter Georgia Moffett (who played the title role [of Jenny] in the episode The Doctor’s Daughter), was able to make it, and for on-stage introductions, the ongoing irony of her being “the Doctor’s daughter in more ways than one” was never passed up.
It was Georgia’s first American convention, and she was gobsmacked over it, enjoying it tremendously, and stressing how much her father wanted to attend. This was also reflected in a pair of “apology videos” that had been provided, the first from writer Steven Moffat who (regarding the new [eleventh] Doctor), stressed that by next year everyone was going to be in love with Matt Smith, “even the straight men,” he added.
Peter Davison’s apology video was a bit more creative (and mostly hilarious), as he “took us” via his dressing room and montage of the musical, using his self-deprecating humour to pretend no one waited to meet him after the performance, that audience members couldn’t remember his character from the show, and that to feel a sense of worth, instead of going to his own house, that he “often” breaks into David Tennant‘s home.
While the date change/s and the absence of specific guests was not earth-shattering (on hand they did have the versatile and always wildly entertaining Katy Manning, the slyly funny Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling, vocal artist Nicholas Briggs, Tommy Knight, Andrew Hayden-Smith, series costume designer Louise Page, classic and current era/s director Graeme Harper as well as Doctor’s Daughter director Alice Troughton, John Levene (Sgt. Benton), and Buffy alumnus and book author Amber Benson, as well as numerous other guests).
Generally once or twice over the convention weekend they would hold a [free] Photo Opp, in which attendees would pose with the mains guests clustered about… This year, along with the foresightful concept of obtaining a queue number for the autograph session/s (I don’t really collect autographs anymore as much as I collect photos of myself with celebrities I’ve met and/or with whom I’ve worked), they also chose to schedule the Free Photo Opp only on Friday, and at 1pm…
So the convention was willfully punishing those with fully paid memberships who still went to work on Friday and arrived later that day/evening if not Saturday? Based on results this was the only explanation. As it was, the only other “option” being a paid Photo Opp, in which one could choose Which Guest with whom to be photographed… for twenty dollars for each guest…! (It was implied the quickly provided hardcopy photo might be able to be signed later during the convention, but obviously they would not guarantee same; plus most of the celebrity guests were charging for autographs.) I save up for this convention, but again none of the vendors had Weeping Angel “in”action figures, so I figured what th’heck, I’d just get a shot of me with Georgia Moffett. I got my ticket for her time slot, and to get a .jpg emailed to me as well as the for-$20 hardcopy, I was upsold to an additional $10 (otherwise I’d have had to scan it myself which might not have come out as well). So a single thirty dollar photo [set] was my big splurge at the convention. The photo came out pretty well and I added it online for easy viewing.
Friday afternoon when I arrived, with Sarah Sutton unavailable, they filled her scheduled on-stage interview with live Doctor’s Daughter commentary with Georgia Moffett and its director Alice Troughton. This was followed by Katy Manning’s being interviewed by the erudite and amusing Gary Russell. Afterwards I went to the Con Suite for some munchies and a soda (as it the near equivalent of Craft Services), only to find it “closed” as they had some sort of “Ice Cream Social event” being prepared, so with my having to catch transit back to Sherman Oaks, I could retrieve nothing on which to munch whilst awaiting the buses.
I was able to attend most of the panel on the paranormal, facilitated by Nor Cal Paranormal Investigations. They’re based up in Sacramento, and afterwards I provided them with the link to my Paranormal Experiences page and the link to para-x, so they could network with other groups. Ironically I am plan to attend a Queen Mary-based paranormal event at the end of April, and one debunker audience member poo-poo’d the concept of investigations at any place “already pre-considered” to be haunted, and she specified the (very haunted) Queen Mary, her “logic” being that pre-believing a place to be haunted therefore said place “cannot” be haunted (e.g., I doubt the non-investigator dink ever stepped foot on board: I know paranormal investigators who have come across ghostly evidence…).
On Sunday also was the on-stage session for the latest Podshock podcast, recorded live with the audience for later playback and/or direct download; essentially they interviewed the main guests for the ninety minutes’ish session, broken into three thirty minute blocks, hosted by Ken Deep Louis Trapani and James Naughton.
I could not stay for the closing ceremonies late Sunday as I had a rehearsal for a USC student film and it would take me about an hour and a half to get there from the convention. All in all the convention was okay… certainly not the best GallifreyOne, but this one stressed my needs that next year perhaps finally I should get a room at the convention hotel. Each year GallifreyOne has more attendees than previous year/s: this year they finally broke the one thousand members mark. Both Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton have respectively confirmed for next year, so hopefully the Marriott won’t eff us up again.

with Georgia Moffett
With Georgia Moffett at 21st GallifreyOne convention

(27 Feb 2010)

More catching up… again…

February 17th, 2010

I know I don’t blog “enough” in here: generally I blog at my MySpace blog, but I figured as This 2010 February has been one of the best months ever, I should make a mention…
On the one hand, I booked some background work on a European commercial which shot on a Saturday and a Sunday, paying twice SAG scale, and for which we also got four plus hours overtime…
A payroll company began practicing the criminal act of conversion (taking money owed to a worker and giving it to a third party without benefit of law, under colour of authority, et al, and claiming it would continue to steal money from me to the tune of over thirty three hundred dollars), and did not pay me for a wardrobe fitting. After receiving from me an explanatory letter (in which I also politely directed them to provide the court order requring them to do so, absent which they become criminally lible, not those demanding money from them that is owed to me). As no such court order exists, the payroll company realized they were in violation of law, and for the actual acting day worked I received that day’s payment, and the false amount was no longer on the check’s “pay stub.” I have chosen to “eat” the about-thirty bucks for the wardrobe fitting, in thanks that the payroll company at least ceased stealing from me and began complying with positive law.
My national 2009 Pedigree Super Bowl spot was voted the third best Super Bowl commercial of the decade
Along with the upcoming payments for the European commercial and the 2010 airing of the Crazy Pets spot usage during the CBS show, I will be able to acquire new glasses with an updated prescription, new headshots, both with which to endevour acquiring a TV/Theatrical agent…

A bit of catching-up [para-x guest appearances]…

June 12th, 2009

I apologize for being so lax in entering mirror-blog entries here, as I continue to blog primarily at MySpace.
I actually composed (then forgot to submit) information regarding my online radio appearance (since then, plural) on Paranormal Insight at Para-X Radio, which was followed by a second appearance, on Stirring the Cauldron hosted by ghost-book author Marla Brooks.
The links to the reports are on my Paranormal Experiences index page.

February 17th, 2009

I have to confess that while originally my plan was to mirror here my MySpace blogs, I’ve been extremely lax doing so (hence, you really should keep up at my MySpace blog/s, and/or subscribe thereto).
Mostly due to airings and such, I have made updates to my various on-set report pages, including but not limited to the Pedigree Super Bowl spot progress and airing/s,
the repeat of my fourth My Name is Earl gig episode, the CSI episode, the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland feature, the episode of The Office, and the long slow wait and positing whether the final episodes of Eli Stone even air, meaning my episode Tailspin may only be viewable if the second season is released on DVD.
On MySpace I came across a Chayanne fan who ironically wasn’t previously aware I had worked on his music video Yo Teamo: I ended up updating that report as the YouTube video of the spot had been removed and I had to re-find it to embed it on the report page.

January 19th, 2009

A friendly reminder for my family, friends (and regular readers/subscribers of my blog)…
Upcoming TV appearance dates:
January 29th:
air-date for CSI episode Disarmed and Dangerous on which I worked, playing a resident of a halfway house; actually if I’m visible in the exterior shots as well, I could sort of seem to be teleporting all over the place. The episode air date could be January 29th, so keep an eye out for the episode title in local listings.
February 1st: during the Superbowl my national commercial Crazy Pets for Pedigree Dog Food is set to debut. Arriving to deliver mail to Mrs. Lawrence, in the spot I play Postal Carrier Jeff Badger [bg], pursued off the property by the household pet Bruno. Included at the end of the commercial, I presume, should be the URL to a tie-in website at which Pedigree is encouraging pet adoption. At that website will be video in which different people from within the spot are interviewed (in character), including but not limited to, yours truly.
(btw, a few online news articles indicate that my segment in the spot most definitely will be included [also mentioned here]…!)
February 3rd: probable air date of the Eli Stone episode Tailspin, in which for two scenes I can be seen as Jim Norris. The episode has been elusive what with pre-emptions, and even this date is just a guess.
February 19th (or 26th): one of these could be the probable air-date for The Office episode Lecture Circuit on which I worked, shot early last November.
The IMDB has indicated the current season for The Office is season five, not four, which had I regularly been a viewer to the series, the season number being wrong would have been more apparent.
While I’ve corrected that on its report page, the series’ IMDB entry has been slow with added episode title numbers with respective episode numbers, and TV listings only go so far into the future.
As of this week they seem to be combining occasional repeats of earlier-this-season episodes, possibly due to the recent turn-around at the White House, from one frying pan into another.
So currently it seems early to mid-February for certain for the Lecture Circuit episode.

On Avail, et al

November 4th, 2008

I ended up not getting the AFI short; completely forgot to ask if David Schroeder got it (though I guess I could just ask Dave [g]…)
I did acquire another USC student film gig to do on Saturday.
I had a commercial callback audition on Friday, then Saturday morning my agent notified me I was On Avail for the shoot-dates, today/Tuesday through Friday of this week. I’m not officially booked yet, but it falls into the 50-50 category.
Yesterday I checked my messages every two hours or so, but heard nothing, which I figured could mean I could hear later by the time I got home. At home in my email my agent told me my On Avail status had been extended through Saturday the 8th, as well as the production company clarifying I’m Still Available. Not a bad sign: still On Avail.
Then last night I get a call from my agent, indicating that the production company now has conveyed that [those booked] would have a same-day wardrobe fitting. Knowing at work I have no cell signal, and it would not only be a distraction for me but unfair for those for whom I work, I have taken off the day, essentially to see if The Big Call comes in later today…
So please please please Think Good Thoughts: cross fingers, light green candles and pray for my Being Booked, whatever you wish t’do; it’ll be appreciated.