A friendly reminder for my family, friends (and regular readers/subscribers of my blog)…
Upcoming TV appearance dates:
January 29th:
air-date for CSI episode Disarmed and Dangerous on which I worked, playing a resident of a halfway house; actually if I’m visible in the exterior shots as well, I could sort of seem to be teleporting all over the place. The episode air date could be January 29th, so keep an eye out for the episode title in local listings.
February 1st: during the Superbowl my national commercial Crazy Pets for Pedigree Dog Food is set to debut. Arriving to deliver mail to Mrs. Lawrence, in the spot I play Postal Carrier Jeff Badger [bg], pursued off the property by the household pet Bruno. Included at the end of the commercial, I presume, should be the URL to a tie-in website at which Pedigree is encouraging pet adoption. At that website will be video in which different people from within the spot are interviewed (in character), including but not limited to, yours truly.
(btw, a few online news articles indicate that my segment in the spot most definitely will be included [also mentioned here]…!)
February 3rd: probable air date of the Eli Stone episode Tailspin, in which for two scenes I can be seen as Jim Norris. The episode has been elusive what with pre-emptions, and even this date is just a guess.
February 19th (or 26th): one of these could be the probable air-date for The Office episode Lecture Circuit on which I worked, shot early last November.
The IMDB has indicated the current season for The Office is season five, not four, which had I regularly been a viewer to the series, the season number being wrong would have been more apparent.
While I’ve corrected that on its report page, the series’ IMDB entry has been slow with added episode title numbers with respective episode numbers, and TV listings only go so far into the future.
As of this week they seem to be combining occasional repeats of earlier-this-season episodes, possibly due to the recent turn-around at the White House, from one frying pan into another.
So currently it seems early to mid-February for certain for the Lecture Circuit episode.

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