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Devil's Ridge

Devil's Ridge Win Devil's Ridge Win Devil's Ridge Win
Best Original Screenplay win: Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Written by lifelong actor and creative writer Geoffrey Gould, Devil's Ridge is an award winning dark-comedy short film script with horror overtones.
Its premise is based on one some various questions of theology Geoffrey has pondered throughout his life, with Geoffrey's wit and dark-humoured spin.
A positive review on the script and storyline at PixelsGarage had a few interesting takes on the concept.
Should it get funded, the talent attached to the project include Georgie Leahy as Mary, William Joseph Hill as Luke, and Damien Gerard as Father.
As an actor, Geoffrey worked with all three talented performers in the past; William with an USC silent comedy student film Greenwald's Amazing Garden Tonic, and the two are both members of the Hollywood based film collective We Make Movies, where the script was workshopped via public table-reading.
Geoffrey enjoys boundry pushing, and seeing of there's A Line that can be crossed. His scripts generally are harmless, but can give the impression of creating discourse through discomfort. Some of the arguments risen in this script Geoffrey wondered if it would Cross A Line.
As authors can suggest specific actors to read roles for the table-read, Geoffrey suggested a actor he knew would be excellent, despite the role being written "for" Georgie Leahy. To Geoffrey's surprised, his friend called, and while impressed with the script, she politely declined as many of the challenges in the script went against her personal beliefs. Ironically, such was the whole point of the script.
Geoffrey had worked with Georgie Leahy and Damian Gerard in the live immersive theater horror show The Tension Experience, directed and co-written by SAW 2, 3, 4, St. Agatha, and Spiral: From the Book of Saw director Darren Lynn Bousemen. Both Georgie and Damian are from England, so offering them the roles of Mary and Father worked perfectly. Both actors love the script and look forward to shooting it when they can.
At the start of October 2020 the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival notified Geoffrey that Devil's Ridge was officially a Finalist in their September script competition. A couple of days later, word was received it was one of the three Winners for Best Original Screenplay.

More to come as events develop.

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