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Golden State Film Festival
Wallachia International
Film Festival, Romania
Point of View Film Festival
X World Film Festival
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Best Global Shorts
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Film Festival
Imaginariaum Convention
Silver Hollywood Gold Awards
Madras Film Festival
52 Weeks Film Festival
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Liftoff Film Festival
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Canada Yes! Film Festival
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Hollywood Gold Film Festival
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Rio Film Festival
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First Time Filmmaker
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Kosice Film Festival
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SNOB Film Festival
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Silver State Film Festival

Written by lifelong actor and creative writer Geoffrey Gould, Bucky is a dark-comedy short film (eight minutes, twenty-seven seconds in length), with horror overtones. The script was written originally in the early 2000s, originally as part of numerous shorts that were being pummeled out by a circle of film maker friends for what turned out to be a scam/fake film festival, which was actually seeking free content for a new online channel that never even materialized.
While Bucky clearly was an easy to film bottle-script (meaning a single location), of the scripts selected to be made, the group passed on. Bucky. Ironically this was not a bad thing. The group did select two scripts, but they were done hastily, and without paperwork, so while they exist, they were not at a level at which author Geoffrey Gould would ever have them submitted to film festivals.
A few years later, Geoffrey's longtime friend Michael Beardsley introduced Geoffrey to the Hollywood local film collective group We Make Movies, which twice monthly held open table-reading to workshop writers' scripts, up to fifteen pages.
Eventually Geoffrey began submitting short scripts for feedback, including but not limited to, Bucky. Pretty much almost every script of his being table-read (by WMM members), was enjoyed tremendously.
In 2018 WMM held its second script competition, to which Geoffrey submitted his script Bucky, which was one of the competition's four winners, receiving a bare-bones $1500 budget, as did each of the other three winning projects, a fine enough budget if each project was to be made only with hand-held iPhones, and only using available light and sound.
For the reading, with being in mind to play the roles if the script won, included Michael Beardsley as Peter, and the talented Victoria Ippolito was asked to play Amy.
Writer Geoffrey took on the voice role of Bucky as, when it had originally been workshopped, it appeared evident having an actress do the voice might not work as well as written on the page. So with the competition, Geoffrey read for Bucky, which the audience found far funnier.
When the script won as a semi-Finalist, and so everyone knew in a month they'd be doing it again, Michael made the brilliant suggestion that instead of Just Sitting There and reading from the pages, that we three actually rehearse and do it off book, like one of the group's Up On Your Feet nights (in which actors, and even writers performing, would bring in scenes and perform them off book like a super short one act play).
Victoria offered her home as a meeting place, a wonderful house near Melrose and Western. During the rehearsal there, it was discussed and agreed that Victoria's home would make a good Location for the shoot itself, if it were to win. Fortunately Victoria's roommates were all fellow actors so they had no issue with it, and the place had even been used for a number of various video projects.

Once the script had won, and could receive a budget, and now that the film could be made, a crew was needed. No one wanted this to be slip-shod. Geoffrey would direct; Michael accepted the role of producer. For DP, cinematographer Bruce Birnnaum was recommended, and he accepted, even taking a discount on his normal daily rate, and he recruited two people with whom he'd worked before for Key Positions, also at highly discounted rates from their normal day rates.
Being an experienced editor, Michael took on that mantle as well, and would handle post production.

For Twitter Geoffrey created a @Bucky_film account, as well as submitting to the imdb, the project, cast and what crew that was already acquired, the latter of which was being extremely slow in making the entry accessable.
One of the Terms and Conditions of the Win was to perform the short as a previously mentioned Up On Your Feet night. The fact we had done such as our "read" for the Finals turned out "not to be the same," so we scheduled it for the January 17th slot. Bruce attended, and video taped the evening: the performance and the audience feedback/Q&A afterward.

Finalist Ballot

Reading at the semi-Finals

Reading at the semi-Finals

Semi-Finalist Winners

Winners Announced

Reading at the semi-Finals

Winning was the easy part
DP Bruce also recommended a camera crew he knew and with whom he'd previously worked, and negotiated their reducing their daily rates. Eventually we had a full crew, and managed to stay within budget. With the other winners, Geoffrey met with two of the main board members to go over our respective budgets. One of the other requirements to receive the budget was the project being a SAG-AFTRA project; fortunately We Make Movies would be the signatore.
One of the bigger stumbling blocks was SAG-AFTRA itself.
Actor, writer, director and longtime friend William Joseph Hill worked at HBO at the time, doing payroll for Game of Thrones of all things, hence his having more knowledge of the Industry than many. William concurred that SAG loathes the idea of people such as We Make Movies type people creating their own content, as SAG doesn't get a slice of that pie.
Michael had brought aboard the Bucky project Michael Russnow, who goes into full bulldog mode when it comes to dealing with SAG's obstinance, and labrynthal paperwork.
Eventually with all ducks in a row, the project was officially Green Lit, and Saturday March 24th was set as the shoot date.
After the Up On Your Feet performance, during the feedback section, one of the comments received was one personal indicating being able "to watch a hundred" of shorts starring Bucky. Geoffrey pointed out that a) there would be a post credits tag that deliberately was not included with the perrormance and, b) his brain was already running Bucky 2 scenarios in his head.

An evening was arranged to meet up at Victoria's place for Bruce and his cameraman Jorge Olortegui to go through the scene to get an idea of how best to shoot it. They decided they'd be using two cameras, to cut in half the time it'd take to do second set-ups.

With the last of their requested information, including but not limited to, proof the script was copyrighted, a few days before the shoot date, SAG-AFTRA finally gave the go-ahead, providing to the Bucky project the production ID # 00462390.
The day before, Michael Beardsley and Geoffrey Gould spoke on the phone, making sure everything seemed to be in place. They even discovered Geoffrey's friend Shannon Glasgow had returned from the east coast, so she could provide a voice over for the ending credits that leads to the post-credits stinger clip. Shannon was contacted and she agreed to be able to come up to do her lines.
There was a slight miscommunication breakdown; had Shannon simply come to the shoot, her lines could have been done before anything really got going with camera filming. Mike later would arrange for her to come by the following Wednesday to record her lines.
The equipment was up and ready to go as it got dark, then Something Went Wrong.
About 97% of the short was to be filmed on a steadicam-like gimble, which relied on the focus being done wirelessly, and for some reason, the wireless aspect refused to work. This meant all the creative moving shots could not be done, at least not as planned, and some were set up "backwards:" moving in to "soft focused" shots to reach the In Focus mark.
The night became a massive challenge. There was no way to reschedule the shoot; Michael and Geoffrey knew they were already over-budget (not by much, but by some). They had to go with What They Had.
Thankfully Bruce and Jorge were awesome and were able to get some great footage. Michael and Victoria were on point that the majority of takes per set-up were one to three. Even then, the shoot went well into the night. Had the equipment functioned as expected, it might have been finished by 1am or so. As it was, the shoot made it Right To The Edge of the SAG eight hour mark.
On Geoffrey's Instagram account was posted two sets of photos taken during the evening: here, then early the next morning. after everything had wrapped.
It came so tight, the post-credits stinger gag Geoffrey wanted to include almost "had to" get cut, but Geoffrey simply eliminated the first aspect (a whip pan from a turning-off TV), to the couch, so it became Just The Couch aspect of the bit. This was also the only time Geoffrey operated Bucky; throughout the shoot, Victoria operated Bucky, having learned Geoffrey's lines so knowing when to movie Bucky's mouth.

Shannon Glasgow, Michael Beardsley, and Geoffrey Gould arranged for a meet up at Michael's place at which to record Shannon's TV Newsreporter lines, for over the end credits. Geoffrey printed out the updated lines for the now-named word-play character Elizabeth Scott: Elizabeth not only for Geoffrey's mother and niece's middle names, but actress Shannon Elizabeth, and Scott for the Glascow "reference" (as well as Scott being a surname within Geoffrey's family).
After a few takes a version was acquired with which all three of us were satisfied, taking the project officially into Post Production, as Mike prepared to begin piecing together the footage.


Between set-ups

Victoria on the porch
cast pic

Preparing for shot

Bucky clapboard

Kitchen Video Village
cast pic
Primary cast
Shannon Glasgow Shannon Glasgow Shannon Glasgow Shannon Glasgow
Shannon Glasgow at Michael's, to ADR her lines

2019 - 2020+
Festivals, reviews
Bucky won its first film festivals out of the gate: the Golden State Film Festival. Bucky would go to be accepted at numerous festivals, winning at many.

In late September 2020 Geoffrey was notified by PixelsGarage that they had not only reviewed Bucky, but also his as yet unproduced short-film scripts Private Number...

Having won Best Short Film at the Mabig Film Festival, the organizers requested a short video mentioning the festival, and the project. Victoria, Michael, and Geoffrey arranged to do a Zoom call to do just that. They didn't actually adhere to the 30 seconds time "limit," but they were under a full minute...

Thanking Mabig Film Festival

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