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Shower Shadow Temp Poster
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Shower Shadow

Shower Shadow Official Selection

Official Selection:
Best Script Awards

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Written in early 2019 and compywrited in 2020 by lifelong actor and creative writer Geoffrey Gould (that would be me...), Shower Shadow is a short-film horror script, with some humour undertones. A lot of times my scripts are dark-comedies, often with horror overtones, which "isn't difficult," as I tend to find most actual horror films inadvertantly to be dark comedies as it is.
The premise of Shower Shadow is about a cheated-on woman who appears to have a paranormal protector that only her cheating boyfriend can perceive.
I often write characters for specific, talented actors with whom I've worked and/or with whom I am friends. One such is the lovely and talented actress and model Georgie Leahy, with whom I'd worked on Darren Lynn Bouseman's immersive horror production The Tension Experience, The live production was one of my favourite gigs ever, and the majority of the cast became extremely close family-level friends.
As I was writing it, I suspected Georgie would be perfect as the betrayed girlfriend. She loved the script, and as most of my scripts had been winnning at various screenplay competitions and film festivals' script competitions, I felt I should submit Shower Shadow to FilmFreeway and begin submitting it to festivals.
Georgie and I were already in league, my having written Devil's Ridge with her in mind as the lead (also for Damian Gerard, who had also played a main character in Tension Experience).
She and I wanted to create a crowd-sourcing campaign for Devil's Ridge and for Shower Shadow... until the CCP Virus struck.
As the fear-mongered fervour began to die down in early 2021, Georgie and I arranged a quick photo-shoot for the temp-poster, to post in the script's FilmFreeway projects page.
Once the project was set up on FilmFreeway, the script was submitted to a few festivals, and it almost immediate garnered its first Official Selection.

More to come as events develop.

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