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Written by lifelong actor and creative writer Geoffrey Gould (that would be me...), Bequeathed is a short horror/thriller script with dark comedy overtones, about a young woman feeling she won't be getting as much in her dying father's will, so plans to eliminate her three siblings so she can have it all..
It was this year's Round One entry in the 2024 NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge.
This was my fourth year participating. While my previous entries got some very positive feedback from the judges, I have not yet been fowrarded to Round Two. The first two years Round One had participants write two scripts, but 2023 and 2024 only had single scripts, and if it wasn't enough to be in the top ten or so, out of the thousand or so entrants, it was "Thanks; here's your feedback, and thanks for your entry fee..."
But the Challenge is still cool; and the scripts remains the property of their respective writers. Writers are placed into groups (though do not interact with each other), each group having been given a genre, a location, and an object to incorporate into the story.
So far I've had Spy genre, twice (for the second one I literally did a follow up sequel to the first, using the same characters, and it still works as a stand-alone), a Historical Fiction that I set at the very end of the Gettysburg battles, a science fiction that could double as a rom-com or meet-cute, and a Suspense set aboard a plane, where an Entitled Karen'esque character threatens to down the plane when she wasn't getting her way.
For 2024 the genre was Horror, so I wrote this little murder spree. When done I wasn't sure if Horror was as accurate as Thriller for Bequeathed, but as a lot of horror films have murders, I risked it.

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