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Bio: Geoffrey Gould

Geoffrey Gould In ''Jonah Hex''
Jonah Hex
In ''Pastoral, minister, priest'' As the deputy in the AFI student film ''Santa Croce''
Santa Croce:
As the lead in the regional McDonalds commercial ''Office''
McDonalds commercial
As the mailman in the Pedigree 2009 Super Bowl commercial ''Crazy Pets''
Pedigree Crazy Pets
2009 Super Bowl commercial
As Victor Harland in ''Everything''
As Victor Harland in Everything
As historical figure Eduard Rene de Laboulaye in the ''Statue of Liberty: Building of a Colossus'' TV documentary
Statue of Liberty:
Building of a Colossus

A lifelong character actor, Geoffrey Gould was born in in Brooklyn, New York, America, "though" from the age of two he was raised in the northern New Jersey suburb of Pompton Plains in Pequannock Township. A graduate of Ramapo State College at which he studied theatre and wrote film reviews for the college's newspaper Horizons (during which time had him invited along with the New Jersey Press Corp. to interviewing film stars, directors and producers promoting their projects), Geoffrey's father Robert often did musical theatre and his mother Jeannette did stage comedies, dramas, and shows for children audiences. At the age of eight, Geoffrey was enrolled in a summer drama program and, after playing brother Sid in the group's production of Tom Sawyer, Geoffrey had been irrevocably bitten by the actor bug.

His parents belonged to the Studio Players of Upper Montclair, New Jersey, at which Geoffrey also began performing on stage and often running tech and/or doing productions' sound designs. Geoffrey joined the famous community theatre as soon as he reached their minimum member age of 16, performing in countless stage productions before moving to southern California in the late 1990's.

Geoffrey was Taft-Hartley'd and became SAG eligible booking a Frito-Lays/Star Wars: Phantom Menace tie-in national commercial, which became international. After also booking a few regional non-SAG commercial spots before his second SAG principal gig (for a regional Indiana/Illinois cell phone spot), was able to have him join SAG in 2000, since which Geoffrey has remained a fully-paid member.

First off within his demo reel Geoffrey's comic talents are reflected when they were utilized for a spec-commercial for a director's reel for Adam Goldstein torwards Ridley Scott's company RSA.
For commercial casting directors, producers and directors: a full list of what commercials Geoffrey has done is available on request via his commercial agent (though it can be noted that early 2008 Geoffrey was the dry-comical principal lead in a St. Louis based McDonalds regional wild spot commercial); at the end of 2008 Geoffrey landed a humourous principal role as an ostrich-chased mailman in a national commercial which debuted during the 2009 Super Bowl for Pedigree. In the 2010 pre-game show highlighting the best Super Bowl commercials, CBS declared the Pedigree Crazy Pets spot as being voted as the Third Best Super Bowl commercial of the decade...
Geoffrey also booked a principal role for an albeit short-lived AT&T commercial, the national version being in Spanish and the English version relegated as a regional wild spot airing only in Phoenix, Arizona.

Also as a principal, Geoffrey was directed by Roman Coppolla for a comical promo spot for the Game Show Network. The promo not only ran for over eighteen months, the popular spot won the Cannes 2001 Lion Award and Promax Judge's Choice Recognition. For that spot, titled Botulism...!, Geoffrey played the red-capped baker (in a rapid verbal montage along with various others with whom he's intercut), frustratingly shouting the correct answer at a television's quiz-show contestant, as though such would do any good.
For two amusing spots for Fox Sport Interactive, Geoffrey played a head scientist measuring fans' reactions playing each spot's respective video game in lab-controlled conditons.
As a Day Player in the episode The Chosen, early in the final season of The Practice Geoffrey played a juror opposite Sharon Stone, over eight hours during which for each take she ran her fingers through Geoffrey's hair.
Geoffrey played the lead in the Amazon online "commercial" short film Careful What You Wish For (created by Yahoo!, and RSA), which also featured former radio-personality Patty Lotz, veteran character actor Raymond O'Connor, Kent Winfrey, Pras and a don't-blink cameo by Daryl Hannah. The innovative short was a book-end piece to five such short online films, in which during their brief run on, one could click on an actor's name during the interactive credits to be sent to the actors' respective IMDB entry, or click on a credit-listed product shown/used within the short, to be sent to that item's product information within
For the television documentary Statue of Liberty: Building of a Colossus (for The Learning Channel and History Channel), Geoffrey played the lead recreationist role of historical figure Eduard Rene de Laboulaye, the French financier whose inspiration and passion backed the creation of the Statue of Liberty.
Geoffrey has experience with ADR, stand-in work (for Peter Firth), and photo doubling (for actor David Paymer), and experience with special effects make-up. Apart from doing background work, much of which being picture-picked and very featured, soon after moving to Los Angeles, Geoffrey acquired a commercial agent and, being used to auditioning and being naturally talented at cold reading, Geoffrey quickly maintained (and currently retains), a very high call-back ratio.
Having also done considerable featured background work for film and television projects (only due to lacking TV/Theatrical agent representation), Geoffrey was selected as one of ten background artists interviewed and such for the heart-felt, award-winning feature documentary Strictly Background.

Always amazed that there are "actors" who eschew working on student films, since 2000, Geoffrey has since worked on over 170 student films in which he has been lead or supporting, most (at least the best), on which he written on-set reports for his website. While for student films Geoffrey generally does not do background work, he occasional has, depending on the project, generally if the storyline (or the shooting environment), is extremely compelling; he participated on Malona Voigt's USC student film Chicxulub what with it being a night shoot on the Warner Bros. back-lot with fake rain; and due to his participating in the AFI film Trails (in which he participated due to it being done in an Artificial Airport location), its writer/director Gavin Heffernan cast Geoffrey as a substantial supporting role in his successful subsequent project Santa Croce.
One of the latest student films on which he worked, Geoffrey voiced the Einar Baldvin written/directed solo-role animated short The Pride of Strathmoor, which currently is qualified/eligible for 2016 Academy Awards© consideration, having won Best Animated Short at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival.

In 2012 Geoffrey played the supporting principal role of Patrick in the indie horror film Live-In Fear, which eventually was released direct to DVD under the peculiar title Consumpion in 2016.
Playing mobster Victor Harland in the international indie feature Everything, the production created a Wikipedia entry page on Geoffrey.

In October 2017 Geoffrey's short dark-comedy script Bucky won the second annual Rolling Production Fund script competition with We Make Movies, the film collective in which Geoffrey has been a member for several years. Of the four top winning scripts, Bucky acquired the most votes. The production was alloted a bare-bones, shoestring budget with which Geoffrey and his longtime friend Michael Beardsley (who produced and co-starred in the short), shot the film in a single night at the lead Victoria Ippolito's home.
The project's post-production (editing, ADR, music score), was officially completed on the 2018 winter solstice.

Having a lifelong interest in metaphysics and the paranormal, Geoffrey acquired the nickname "Badger" by many of his friends and online friends, the badger having turned out to be Geoffrey's Spirit Animal Totem. According to native American lore, the tenacious badger is the Keeper of Secrets and the Teller of Tales; considering Geoffrey's ability for research and to find things on which other people have given up trying to locate, Geoffrey relates to the concept as being a "digger" (Geoffrey also prefer it as a moniker as the plosive word Badger is easier and "faster to hear," particularly in a crowded area, than the softer-pronounced name Geoffrey).
After numerous guest appearances on several different Para-X Radio online radio programs, details of which can be found at his Radio Guest Appearances page, since January 2011 Geoffrey has been a co-host of the weekly Para-X live online radio show The Paranormal View (which also has its own Paranormal View Facebook page Geoffrey administers), for which apart from interviewing guests, Geoffrey creates a synopsis report page for each show's edition each on which he promotes that edition's respective guests' websites, books, et al.
Having acquired, somewhat to his surprise, the beginnings of an actual strong Fan Base, Geoffrey has a joinable Open Facebook Group to keep his friends and fans apprised as to his career progress, as well as becoming far more active on Twitter, where he frequent participates in clever word plays and puns via various users' Hashtag Games.

Hard-wired to be/work on sets (calltimes to which he prefers being 30 minutes early to being 30 seconds late), single and never married, Currently Geoffrey is domiciled in Los Angeles with two brother-sister cats, Pooka and Sprite.

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