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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Live-In Fear
Brandon Scullion's independent feature film

Wednesday October 03, 2011
Table Read
My good friend Maria Olsen contacted me about her involvement in the upcoming project Live-In Fear, written and directed by Brandon Scullion. The feature would be filming in Brian Head, Utah, sometime in early 2012. I provided Maria some Utah contact information regarding equipment rental and/or crew, specifically, Dark Sun Studios, to wit: Denver Robbins, et al.
Maria eventually contacted me about for my assistance: to participate in the Table Read at Brandon's place in Burbank. After a somewhat eventful day (including but not limited to my missing a curb and slamming down onto the pavement, thankfully not seriously hurt but soon aching enough to feel as though I'd over-exercised), I arrived at Brandon's place, as did the rest of those who'd been invited. I was aware this would most likely be the extent of my involvement; for the shoot they would acquire Local Hire/s for the Day Player roles.
I read the role of Patrick, whose more gregarious spouse was named Patricia, hence the married couple being called The Pats.
Nancy Wolfe reading Patricia did very well, including having what otherwise might be considered a throw-away line coming across hilarious, and possibly one of the few moments of actual Comic Relief in the otherwise supernatural thriller. During the Notes segment (after the script was read through, and we were each asked our thoughts and opinions), she "jokingly" implied having no problem making her way to Utah for the shoot, to be a "Local Hire" for the role.
After we were done, Maria scooted me over the highway into downtown Burbank, providing me with enough time for me to catch the next southern bus to the eastern bus that got me just in time for the there-northern bus, getting me home (at the time, in Altadena), about an hour earlier than the plotted out route originally indicated. As we'd walked to her car, Maria posited that if Nancy Wolfe was serious... perhaps I could car pool with her to Utah for the shoot...
Obviously this germ of an idea was no guarantee of my being cast, but Maria also stressed the importance, and sometimes risk, of "casting from a table read," but Maria also recognizes the importance of casting reliable people she knows and on whom she can count... Later at home I checked and noted that Brian Head Resort was considerably south of anything/anyone in Utah I knew, specifically my friends in Ogden, which I knew in a heartbeat would have graciously and happily put me up for a few days.

Monday January 16, 2012
Y' "can't" get there from here...
Maria emailed Nancy and me that filming would begin the night of February 21st; previously she'd thought it would be the last week or February and/or the first week of March, but that our scenes could (most likely) be handled in three days. So as online most travel is considered Only Done via airline, and flights seem only to go into Salt Lake City, a far cry north of the city (or town/village), of Parowan, which was the closest to Brian Head Resort, and Greyhound online provides no concrete information, I went to the Los Angeles Greyhound station in person.
I learned and imparted to Maria that Greyhound does go from Los Angeles to Parowan; we'd have to depart at 12:30am and would arrive in Parowan about 1pm, so it'd be a 12.5 hour trip (my regular travel agent, where I'd gone first to clarify they only handled flights, believed a bus trip would take two to three days to get to Utah).
Thankfully, prices were not as horrific as I'd expected, but do seem to be a sliding scale of sorts. Getting tickets right away the roundtrip would be $108; a few days closer to departure it'd move to $121 round trip, etc. The ceiling seems to be $350 round trip: when I spoke with Maria as I left the station, she/they were working on the shooting schedule. Once they were certain when we would be done, and we knew what date/time we could head back out, we can acquire our tickets.

Thursday February 09, 2012
Transport eased
I meant to enter this earlier; Maria managed to acquire another Production Assistant, Bobby Graham, who would pick up me and Nancy and drive us from Los Angeles to the Utah location. Initially we were to be driven there on the 20th and our scene/s would start shooting the evening the 21st, but the renter of the lodging we would be using misbooked, so the place would not be available until the 21st. So the plans changed: we would be retrieved on the 21st, driven out, and with maybe three hours or rest on arrival, we would start filming that same night. Thankfully we (certainly I) will be able to sleep on the drive out there.
Publicity wise, Maria has been keeping the Internet apprised on the project's progress:

  • KnifedInVenice interview with Brandon and Maria;
  • The KnifedInVenice exclusive casting announcement for actor David Lautman;
  • The exclusive casting announcement for Chris Dorman;
  • The DreadCentral exclusive casting announcement for Sarah Greyson;
  • The Sandman Cinema exclusive casting announcement for Charlene Geisler;
  • The HorrorNewsNet exclusive casting announcement for Maria Olsen herself.
  • The HorrorNewsNet exclusive casting announcement for Arielle Brachfeld (added Sunday February 12)
  • The KnifedInVenice casting announcement for Myles Cranford (added Tuesday February 14)
  • Wednesday February 15, 2012
    Casting Anouncement
    Maria posted on Facebook the official online casting announcement at Kensington Gore Hammered Horror site, regarding my participation for Live-In Fear...

    Monday February 20, 2012
    Preparation and confirmation
    A few days earlier Bobby Graham called me to introduce himself as well as figure out our game plan. Originally we were to head out Monday the 20th, giving everyone the rest of that day and night to acclimate, then film Tuesday evening. However, Brandon's grandfather who owns the condo had rented it out through the 20th, so we had to leave Tuesday and start filming pretty much right away That Night.
    Bobby and I spoke in the early afternoon, setting up for the early morning pick up and the seven hour drive to Brian Head Resort in Utah. Bobby was going to acquire a GPS but I indicated having one and my already logging in our destination. I would be retrieved first, as Nancy Wolfe lives near the famous Capitol Records building, and I'm apparently between there and Bobby's place. We would then obtain Myles Cranford, who I discovered also worked on the USC short How To Change the World on which I worked (and about which I completely forgot to mention to him our entire time together), and we'd be on our way.

    Tuesday February 21, 2012
    Heading east; shoot day one
    I awoke at 3am and made sure I had all I needed and wanted. Bobby came by at 4am and with my GPS we quickly acquired Nancy and Myles and headed out, stopping only twice.
    Passing Vegas at 9:25am, I was surprised I still had a cell phone signal. I texted Maria as to our location.
    I'd never been to this area of Utah ever; once past Vegas, we found ourselves passing through several miles winding way its way through Virgin River Gorge a magnificent series of rocks and mesas all clustered together.
    After passing Vegas and getting into Utah, we eventually made the second stop at the Tourist Information building in Brian Head (which also doubles for their Chamber of Commerce meetings).
    To my astonishment my phone still had a signal: at 1:12pm (Mountain Time), I texted Maria my surprise thereof and gave her our then-current ETA. She replied they were just leaving Cedar City; it turned out we had managed to pass them as they had stopped in Cedar City for 45 minutes for Stuff.
    Once starting up the mountainous Route 143, my signal was lost. Sadly there were no place/s to stop the car to photograph any the fantastic cliff faces we were passing up the twisting and turning road. We arrived at the rendevoux point at about 1:30pm. With iPhones having a signal, Bobby learned the others had stopped at Apple Annie's, a store just down the road we'd passed, so we scooted back down to meet them there.
    We headed back to the condos (where we'd initially arrived), and unloaded the filled U-Haul of equipment into the condo Brandon was borrowing from his grandfather for the fortnight it'd take to shoot the film.
    We met the rest of the cast that would be there for the fortnight shoot: I found Arielle Brachfeld rather reminiscent of actress Lauren Lapus of Are You There Chelsea?, while Chris Dorman reminded me of actor Adam Pally of Happy Endings.
    I found the one bunk-bed, the top of which I claimed for obvious reasons (this one lacking a ladder notwithstanding; I had to step up via the small but solid night-stand), failing to take into account it being the topmost point of the condo, all the stifling heat would accumulate there.

    (Remember that I do not believe in providing storyline spoilers [such generally and currently and/or eventually being readily available Elsewhere notwithstanding].)
    After eating we started filming... outside, in the VERY cold February Utah night. Thankfully it was like one of two takes and inside we raced.
    When the shots of us were complete, we went back in to warm up while more was filmed outside in the dark cold.
    Eventually they came back in, and we went started filming the main scene for which Nancy and I were utilized. Arielle was awesome, but the altitude, the long drive, and filming on a Travel Day was quickly taking its toll on pretty much everyone. Nancy had her lines but the above conditions didn't help her remember everything clearly; even Arielle was starting to succumb to it (though she barely showed it, she later declared believing herself to have been cross and short with people when outwardly she never really showed it, any such was all internal). The first night's shoot was scheduled to run to 6am but by 3am even Brandon realized we had to stop for the night: nearly everyone was exhausted beyond measure. The only one not seeming to show it was Bobby, who wore as many hats as Bartholomew Cubbins for this project the days he was available to them. We'd gotten about 85-90% of the scene shot, so it was decided we'd start right from there the next night.
    Chris and David shared the bunk room, which had the three mattresses. Arielle and Sarah Greyson shared a secondary master bedroom, while Nancy and Myles took living room sofas, and Maria employed an air mattress, but it absorbed the cold from the floor tiles which was not very restful.

    Wednesday February 22, 2012
    Shoot day two
    I awoke around 7:30am with the Any More Sleep Will Not Be Good realization. Bundling up in my New Jersey winter-wear (my coveralls I had for winter doing Animal Control for four years back in New Jersey), I quietly made my way out into the teens-temperature morning and crossed the road to the ski lodge to see what was in walking distance. There was a standard cafeteria in the lodge, and "next door" (the other side of the parking lot, anyway), was Brianhead Sports, carrying predictable sports equipment and winter wear, but nothing for altitude sickness from which several of us were being stricken (to my surprise, myself a bit as well). Over the time I was there, the altitude affected members of the group in different ways, and lots of aspirin was utilized (as were peaches, which we learned apparently is good for altitude sickness).
    Beyond the next parking lot was a building housing Pizano's Pizzeria, a interior furnishings store (for rustic tastes it would seem), and a general store (what with the high altitude, some of the items comically seemed to be packaged in inflated plastic). Later in the day, Arielle decided to check out the nearby places as well, so with Chris and Nancy we went over to the same stores. As we walked, in quite different areas of the main parking lot I came across two nickels on the ground, the significance of which I explained to an impressed Arielle.
    We filmed the rest of the scene which went far more smoothly than the previous night, particularly the practical special effects.
    Brandon had been relieved when earlier he'd found the out-of-the-way area provided a non-station that actually displayed white-noise "snow" a la "They're Here" Poltergeist, as such a TV was displayed as such for the feature's original teaser trailer they'd used towards fund raising. Out of frame for the rest of the shots of the scene, Nancy and I were wrapped for the evening, though officially we were wrapped for the evening hours earlier, so we'd stuck around in case we were needed. While out of the way, Myles allowed me to use his iPhone with which to access my email and at least clean out my inbox of daily Stuff I receive that I easily could remove.
    As I sat silently on the second floor which overlooks the living room below, Arielle suddenly took on the unofficial mantle of Assistant Director, helping keep things on point, even making time announcements moments before or as Maria was doing so. I was impressed at the strength and authority Arielle "wielded" as she's make AD'esque comments without even really needing to raise her voce.
    When it was clear Nancy and I were no longer needed for the rest of the scene, we were each able to change into more comfortable clothes and/or turn in.

    Thursday February 23, 2012
    Picture wrapped; shoot day three
    The morning came with either a thick fog or simply actual cloud cover, considering the top of the ski slopes was just about over 11,300 feet, and our condo was at about 9400. We filmed the arrival of the principals, and their meeting Nancy and me as Patricia and Patrick: the Pats.
    It was brutally cold outside (about 20°), with enough of a slight breeze to cut through our clothing like a razor. We managed to get through the scene and get everyone's coverage, only once having to retreat inside to warm up before finishing the coverage. I got to stay outside the longest as the final shot obtained was of my unlocking the door, which thankfully was one take, another for safety, which generally was the way much of the filming went, if it wasn't something Extremely Crucial.
    Brandon and Maria thought strong and hard to make Absolutely Sure, and concluded what I'd already deduced: Nancy and I were picture-wrapped, and we received much applause.
    And it wasn't even noon.
    Inside we got some photos of Nancy and me in our day-outfits with Brandon, to our surprise learning Myles was nearby behind us, at first unintentionally creating what's called a Photo-Bomb (someone random in the background otherwise "ruining" a perfectly good shot). We didn't mind due to its humour, and the second photo Myles made sure an axe he had was more visible.
    Come nightfall the scenes with Myles were shot while I learned that Mountain Time obliterates TV time schedules. The Internet had just bugged out on the area (project cinematographer Matthew Espenshade let me use his laptop while they were off filming); while turning to the TV I was able to see the newest episode of Archer I ended up catching the second half of the evening's epsiode of Person of Interest.
    Soon the only thing one was E.T. playing on AMC, which ended up absorbing most of those in the place, before the others returned, Myles having been picture-wrapped.
    Maria had "scheduled" our next-day departure for twelve noon, but as we were no longer needed, we four figured on a far earlier departure, similar to our arrival.
    The allure of the numerous board games available had eight of us playing The Game of Life. As there were only four cars and eight players, we teamed up. Arielle teamed with Emily Fiora Parks (who did make-up for the film), Dani d'Ambra was with Chris, Brandon teamed with Matt, and David and I were the fourth team. I barely remember ever playing the game as a kid, and moments after we began, I quickly realized why it was never a mainstay with my family's Game Night/s: the thing is so grossly and ludicrously complicated that it made D&D and Monopoly combined seem like Candyland. Thankfully it was more of the fun of the company than the actual game play itself.
    Without our planned 4am departure time, Bobby came in to give his farewells before heading to sleep. He was graciously thanked right and left, and they were already well aware with his absense the project might be a little less easy.
    Before heading to bed myself as we finally finished the game at 2am, as Brandon's computer had a signal again, I showed them the famous Robot Chicken sketch regarding the Game of Life.

    Friday February 24, 2012
    Return home
    My volume-softened alarm woke me two hours later at 4am, as I realized Bobby might need more sleep. I crept down to find Nancy and Myles were sleeping through Nancy's own alarm. I returned to bed until I heard movement and found Bobby having rowsed himself at about 4:15, and we got our stuff together. Nancy and Myles were awakened and we left Brian Head at about 5am, working to heat the Ford Explorer from the 12° outside temperature. The pre-dawn dark negated our ability to enjoy the cliff faces again, and once to the bottom of the mountain I had signal again, though I quickly began to drift in and out of sleep (while Nancy and Myles conked right out), I was just able to see the massive Virgin River rock pass before reaching Vegas, though even during some of that mileage I drifted in and out. Around 8:30am (back to Pacific Time), I awoke again by our reaching Las Vegas, as Maria texted us through me to make sure we were okay.
    I kept Maria apprised, even once I got back to my place after Myles and Nancy had been dropped off at their respective homes, my own arrival being 12:40pm.
    Brandon had in passing indicated some ADR work, which would probably be in a few months.

    Original Live-In Fear Fund Raising Teaser Trailer
    Click on image for full size.
    Brian Head Utah Visitor Center
    With Myles Cranford and Nancy Wolfe
    at the Brian Head Utah Visitor Center
    Icicles at the town Store Apple Annies
    Icicles at local town
    store Apple Annies

    "Bunk Beds are cool..."
    [Ironically: no ladder]

    With Arielle Brachfeld and Nancy across the
    road, at the base of the 11,300+ foot ski slopes.

    Arielle, Chris Dorman and Nancy

    With Arielle and Nancy

    Monday March 05, 2012
    Maria's monthly email-newsletter reporting on February came out, in which she reported:

    "LIVE-IN FEAR: As I type this, I'm sitting in our condo in Utah watching the snowboarders and skiers wend their little way down the snow covered mountain across the road from me and thinking through Shoot Day 10 for Brandon Scullion's so-cool-it's-frozen horror feature, which will take place tonight in temperatures that could approach Zero F...
    Our Utah shoot has been ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, and we're coming in both ahead of schedule and under budget, which is truly miraculous."

    She also added the article link announcing my being cast, as well as the casting notice for Myles, and the URL to this page report.
    To subscribe to Maria Olsen's monthly email newsletter, let her know you wish to subscribe: just email her at with your email address, or you can provide her with your email via her Facebook profile.

    Thursday March 08, 2012
    Short-notice wrap party
    Brandon created a Live-In Fear Wrap Party page on Facebook, and that it was scheduled for the following night Friday from 8pm to 2am, in west Burbank. at the extraordinarily expensive Karaoke restaraunt and bar Sardo's.
    Unfortunately early on, Chris Dorman, David Lautman, Sarah Greyson and Arielle Brachfeld all checked in as out of town, busy, and working, though Myles Cranford reported his plans to attend.
    Considering the location, I had to consider seriously whether I could get back to Hollywood either when the party broke up or were I simply ready to leave before then. The first nearest bus leaving Saturday morning back south would not be until nearly 5am.

    Wednesday March 21, 2012
    Brandon rescheduled the cast party, though actually created a "second" cast party, not only far enough in advance that people could make plans (April 3rd), but at a more at a more centralized location.
    I also discovered, without a lot of mention at all (unless I missed a Facebook Wall posting or such), that the project is up on the IMDB (declaring an October 31st release date),

    Tueday April 03, 2012
    I was considering myself "late" for the scheduled Live-In Fear "wrap party" tonight as I'd gotten together with my good friend Leah in the afternoon, where we recorded each other's Screen Tests for an upcoming project later in the year, on which it seems we're pretty much cast.
    I got home in time to change and head out, but the buses were a bit uncooperative; a few of us met up at the Saddle Ranch Restaurant on Sunset, Chris, David, Matt, Brandon, Charlene Geisler (who plays a younger aspect of Arielle in a flashback), and Dani who arrived as we were heading out.
    The food prices were through the roof so I just ordered a side o'fries and a soda, the latter of which was never served.
    The rest were headed to the second venue for a karaoke bar on Mariposa or so near Wilshire and Western or so; Brandon gave me a lift home, giving me also a copy of the DVD on which is the current trailer for the film, as I had an early calltime for a student film the next morning.
    Sunday March 13, 2016 update: The aforementioned trailer video has been removed.

    Sunday July 29, 2012
    More Horror dot com
    Maria notified us that there was a new article on the film, with photos at
    It also came out that the release date has slightly shifted, to November 01, 2012, as Brandon's roommate apparently has a film being released on October 31st.

    Sunday August 26, 2012
    Trailer update
    Brandon posted that the trailer would be coming out soon along the lines of within the next two weeks. He indicated it'd be viewable by Friday, September 7th, or he "owe you a coke." He also said, "I just dropped the movie off to its first potential distributor tonight and mailing it off to its second tomorrow."
    What he meant was, my friend Tad Atkinson, to whom I'd recommended them, who also posted, via my Facebook Group: "Just got the rough cut for Live-In Fear, I will pass it along to Greg Hatanaka. Hopefully, he likes it enough not only to distribute it, but talk to them about a premiere screening/red carpet event when the final is done in mid-October."

    Tuesday September 04, 2012
    Maria posted a link to a Live-In Fear Review... which had included with it, the finished (since removed) official trailer, which I posted on my Facebook group. Everyone gets featured in the trailer.
    Sunday March 13, 2016 update: The aforementioned trailer video has been removed.

    Sunday October 07, 2012
    Younge Hollywood Blast
    Maria notified us (and everyone else), about Natasha Younge's page Younge Hollywood Blast, as Natasha is going to be giving Live-In Fear some great publicity soon (adding that on Twitter, Natasha's YHB can be Followed at @BlastEditor).

    Wednesday December 19, 2012
    Online article
    Maria posted the link to an online article about me, complete with poorly html-coded and thereby comically scrunched-up photo of me [bg], regarding my working on "Live-In Fear."

    Sunday March 13, 2016 update: The aforementioned trailer video has been removed.

    Saturday September 07, 2013
    Maria notified me that Brandon was holding an unofficial screening of Live-in Fear at Columbia College Hollywood in Reseda. Essentially it was an audio-check screening, his having acquired the talents of sound editor David Asadourian. Maria arrived, as did Annette and Charlene Geisler
    I liked it; several other people had arrived and sat farther back, which I noticed when the lights came up. A delivery or two of mine got some chuckles, as anticipated. My slightly unkempt, scraggled facial hair worked for the role. I was impressed it'd been done up to look like film, not just On Video as so many low-budget films tend to look. Also impressive was much of the camera work; I think like 99% was hand-held, but one wouldn't know it, and considering my perchance towards virtual motion sickness, I had no problem with it.
    I found it to be a fun film, and expect it could get quite a cult following. At its imdb entry, it gave the updated release date as September 24 2014.

    At the 07 September 2013 audio-check screening of ''Live-In Fear''
    At the 07 September 2013 audio-check screening of Live-In Fear,
    with Maria Olsen and Charlene Geisler (Annette Geisler took the photo).

    Monday January 13, 2014
    Shopping the finished featured
    To those who'd contributed to the making of Live-In Fear, Maria posted that Brandon's feature was official now out of post-production, and that they were starting to look at festivals and distribution.

    Thursday August 14, 2014
    Sites and events
    Brandon created an event page for the September fifth world premier at Jason Connell's United Films Festival, which I promoted on my group and timeline. Plus I came across that the film finally has its own Facebook page.

    Friday 05 September 2014
    World premier
    Maria and I had been booked on a four to five day gig, shooting up in Santa Clarita, and the first two days had been extraordinarily long. The third day, on this date, wrapped "earlier" (still also well into overtime), enough that Maria and I were still able to get to the Los Feliz 3 in Hollywood for the official, opening night United Films Festival screening of Live-In Fear.
    We suspected that at worst, we would make it for the cast and crew Q&A afterward, so were (albeit rather physically exhausted), pleased to make it for the screening as well.
    It was well received; it also did not go unnoticed that my (intentional?) comic relief got some good laughs from the crowd.
    We (Maria, Brandon. Emily, Charlene, David, Sarah, Arielle and Chris and myself), were invited up to the stage afterward for the Q&A. I was astonished that Chris had lost a considerable amount of weight since last we'd seen each other. Until he smiled I literally did not realize he was Chris.
    It was a good session; everyone was able to speak up, and it was kept light and humourous. I felt bad Jason Connell had not been in attendence, but his partner Derek, moderating the Q&A, offered up that I'd starred in Jason's Strictly Background feature, that was screened at the very first United Films film festival, and how Derek and Jason were pleasantly surprised to come across me when viewing the Live-In Fear screener.
    I would like to think one day I might come across any of the photos of us, taken from the audience...
    When we were done, we met with various congratulatory people, and Chris herded out to the sidewalk for a cast/crew photo. Ironically, on my phone one of the many photographers was gracious enough to take some photos for me, Chris was just off to the side, enough so that Facebook's new aspect of Tagging photos disallowed my tagging him, nor would it let me tag the United Films festival.

    At the 07 September 2013 audio-check screening of ''Live-In Fear'' At the 07 September 2013 audio-check screening of ''Live-In Fear''
    At the 07 September 2013 audio-check screening of ''Live-In Fear'' At the 07 September 2013 audio-check screening of ''Live-In Fear''
    September 6th, 2014: with Maria Olsen, Sarah Greyson, Charlene Geisler, Arielle Brachfeld,
    David Lautman, Brandon Scullion, Emily Fiora Parks, and (where visibly applicable), Chris Dorman,
    having attended the world premier of Live-In Fear, at the United Films Festival, at the Los Feliz 3 in Hollywood.

    Sunday January 18, 2015
    Upcoming DVD, teaser
    Maria posted on Twitter that there would be a Live-In Fear release date soon to be announced, clarifying to me that that means DVD (not theatrical release). She tagged on a trailer video which I quickly learned was All New, and while it omitted mentioning Nancy and my involvement, it stayed on point with the feature, and came across as far more professionally done.

    All new "Live-In Fear" trailer

    Sunday March 13, 2016
    So... going over some stuff, I was at my imdb entry and came across a title for a moment I didn't recognize. For a sec I thought it might be a student film on which I'd worked that'd been retitled (such would not be unprecedented).
    Then I noticed my character's name.
    I went to the formerly titled, rather critically acclaimed Live-In Fear, not only to see it bafflingly retitled as Consumption (which has absolutely nothing to do with the story line), but its promo "art" had even less to do with the story. And the brilliant "So that's what fear tastes like" tagline was replaced by the lame, phoned-in "Evil is Eternal" (which may as well have been the tagline for Wishmaster which for that film would have been appropriate...).
    Some months earlier, Brandon had indicated Alternate Titles being suggested by whatever entity to which he was trying to sell the project ("each [suggestion] worse than the other"), making me wonder how stupid the other suggestions must have been to settle on this one...

    Later in March, Dread Central did an article about the DVD's scheduled 26th release, along with a trailer for the DVD version, in which I'm a bit more visible twice than the previous trailer.

    New, incomprehensibly retitled ''Consumption'' pointless artwork
    New, incomprehensibly
    retitled "Consumption"
    pointless artwork

    "Consumption" DVD trailer

    Wednesday August 10, 2016
    Latest DVD reviews found
    Maria Olsen posted a link to a new DVD review of the film (in which my name actually appears...).
    It didn't take long for The Slaughtered Bird site's Twitter account to Follow me back.
    Maria also posted the link to another review, or at least a genenal storyling synopsis, but it does list the cast's names at the top of the page. Understandably, I Followed their Twitter account as well.

    Wednesday December 19 2017
    Another DVD review
    I came across this whilst looking up something else...

    Consumption - USA, 2014
    Consumption is a 2014 American supernatural horror film written, directed and co-produced by Brandon Scullion (60 Seconds to Die: "Found" segment; December). It was originally known as Live-In Fear.
    The film stars Sarah Greyson, Arielle Brachfeld, David Lautman, Chris Dorman, Myles Cranford, Geoffrey Gould and Maria Olsen.
    A group of friends travel to the snowy Utah mountains for a weekend retreat. One brings with him a dark secret that could destroy their lives forever.
    As the friends prepare to face an ancient secret buried in the woods outside their winter resort, an unstoppable evil begins to grow, consuming them one by one…
  • "The actors in the four main roles do a good job with their parts and effectively show the range required to swing from nice, normal, and caring characters to possessed, confused, dazed, or belligerent. The special effects are mostly practical and also work within the story. But the story? Aye, there’s the rub." Jeff Mohr,
  • "To some extent we have seen most of these horror tropes before but, if they weren’t included in a cabin-in-the-woods-type film, as viewers we’d be disappointed by their absence. I did enjoy the camerawork of this movie. There were some shifts in image that hastened the speed of the narrative but also leant something to the sense of the uncanny that was being presented." Ashley Lister, UK Horror Scene
  • "In the first half of the film, the storyline was quite confusing and I had no real understanding of where it was going or indeed what was going on. We then had some odd intermission moment, which did brake up the film but it lasted way too long. It was like this swirl of psychedelic colours that added no real purpose to the film." Amanda Hunt, Scream magazine
  • They also included the trailer for the DVD.

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