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On-set reports
Student Films:

There are a lot of actors who won't do student films, either due to the fact some are without lines, or the time commitment, though the latter generally isn't usually a big deal, depending on the project. I've never had an issue doing a student film, some better projects than others (e.g., finished product: some high end, some clunkers).
I've resurrected the dead, I've been abducted, brain melted, buried alive, chloroformed, Drank The Kool-Aid poisoned, and a few times I've been strangled.
Despite not doing a report on every single student project on which I've worked, I've had an interesting time doing 100+ student films.

  • Juno3: USC In-Class Director Project October 2010 [DVD copy received]
  • Test Day: USC student film, September 2010 [DVD copy received]
  • The Lepidoctor: USC student film, August 2010 [contractually owed copy not received]
  • The Maiden and the Princess: USC student Thesis film, June 2010 [DVD copy received] page updated
  • Greeters: USC student film, March/April 2010 [DVD copy received]
  • Murmur: USC student film, November 2008 [DVD copy received]
  • Curious: USC student film, November 2008 [DVD copy received]
  • Ghost World scene: USC student film, November 2008 [DVD copy received]
  • The Tell-Tale Heart: USC student film, October 2008 [contractually owed copy not received]
  • The First Kiss: USC student film, November 2006 [contractually owed copy not received]
  • Routine: USC student film, October 2006 [DVD copy received]
  • Santa Croce: AFI student film, April 2006 [DVD copy received]
  • Red Ace Cola Project: USC student film, December 2005 [DVD copy received]
  • Dr. Life and For Whom the Bell Tolls: concurrently filmed USC student films, October 2005 [DVD copies received]
  • "The Box:" Homocide Unit USC student three-camera video project, September 2005 [contractually owed copy never received]
  • Torn: USC student film, July 2005 [contractually owed copy never provided]
  • Subtle Collisions: USC student film, July 2005 [non-functioning disc received; so based on results, contractually owed working copy never received and no response to requests]
  • Chicxulub: USC student film, June 2006 [DVD copy received]
  • Falling Stars: LA Film School student film, May 2005 [contractually owed copy never provided]
  • 100 percent: LA Film School student film, May 2005 [DVD copy received]
  • Greenwald's Amazing Garden Tonic: USC student film May 2005 [DVD copy received]
  • Ghettopreneurs: Chapman University student film, May 2005 [contractually owed copy never provided; no response to requests either for copy or even for project progress update/s]
  • Trails: AFI student film, March 2005 [DVD copy received]
  • The Immigrants: LA Film School student film, January 2005 [DVD copy received]
  • "Business Trip:" Subaru-competition winning USC student film Subaru spec commercial, December 2004 [contractually owed DVD copy never received]
  • Clocks: NY Film Academy student film, October 2004 [contractually owed copy never provided; contact/requests deliberately ignored]
  • To Steel A Kiss: USC student film September 2004 [DVD copy received]
  • Behind the Curtain: LA Film School student film, June 2004 [DVD copy received]
  • A Darker Time: USC student film, April 2004 [DVD copy received]
  • Tango: USC student film, March 2004 [DVD copy never provided, nor copy of promised omitted footage ever provided]
  • The Father: UCLA student film, February 2004 [DVD copy received, sans promised omitted footage]
  • Pelha Naach: USC student film February 2004 [DVD copy received]
  • Pathos: UCLA student film December 2003 [DVD copy received]
  • Solo: first student film [UCLA] October 2003 [DVD copy received: on-set report data lost; link goes to short online at writer/director Justin Lerner's site]: Also viewable on Vimeo...

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