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Saturday 11 December 2021 rebroadcast of 26 June 2021 edition
George Lunsford
Tonight we welcomed George Lunsford of the book series Legends, Myth, Monsters, and Ghosts (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4).
As I'd mentioned his UFO experience in the Bermuda triangle in his intro bio, Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan had him start off with that experience. He's been to the Triangle several times; they found a plane tailfin that clearly had been laser-cut through: no jagged edges.
Henry asked about the Philadelphia Experiment, which we discussed briefly.
"Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch spoke about Great Lake sea serpent type monsters.
We brought up the Fresno Nightcrawlers, the Ventura Billywhack monster, the Boo Hag, Helen's Bridge, Brown Mountain Lights, Wild Men in North America, the Hopkinsville Goblins, et al.
Tabby asked if he'd ever seen a full body apparition, which he concurred, referencing the ghostly visit of his passed away great grandmother when he was a child.
CC had him spoeak about the White Screamer; Henry had him speak about the Devil's Chair.
Tabby asked as to Which State he felt was the most active with Sasquatch. George said he's seemed spotted close by to his own area, crossing roads between towns.
He spoke of his Ring Doorbell going off. Checking their phone, George and his wife saw a white miss seemingly making intelligent movements.
After the break, CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, canada. amd Spain.
Henry had George talk about the legend of Huggin' Molly, during which George made a quick side reference to Robert the Doll. Sadly, the audio began getting a bit wonky araund this part of the show.
The legend of Blues Singer Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil, as well as haunted Chicken Alley.
Also discussed was the haunted Clyde High School which George attended, where they pulled a Poltergeist: moving the cemetery from the site. but "neglecting" to remove the bodies.
George spoke of haunted cemeteries he's investigated. In one such, a Confederate soldier tapped George on the shoulder, apparently asking permission to leave, which George provided.
He also spoke of his near death experience, wheb he'd contracted pnemonia. He was taken to hospital, where a ghostly woman comforted him. George realized his body was still lying on the bed. He also noticed that the wall clock was not moving, not a single second, as though he was between moments in time. The woman turned out to be more angelic than initially realized. Another such entity opened a Portal for him, but the woman angel urged him to lie back down, where he found himself back in his body. Suddenly he could hear alarms going off, and people rushing in. When he conveyed being conscious, he freaked out one nurse who was about to do CPR.
Henry urged George to talk about Elvis's ghost; also brought up was his research in Europe, including but not limited to the Golem, in which we were all interested; George likened them to Zombies.
Tabby asked, regarding his Next Book, what aspects would he cover. George indicated his next book would be a paranormal horror narrative fiction.
Henry announced that, being Independence Day weekend, next week would be a rebroadcast of the recent 22 May UFO roundtable edition.
While mentioning we'd return live on 10 July, Henry did not say our scheduled guest for that edition would be Thomas Wertman.

11 December 2021 rebroadcast of 26 June 2021 edition full audio podcast

11 December 2021 rebroadcast of 26 June 2021 edition video on YouTube
The Paranormal View hosts
11 December 2021 rebroadcast of 26 June 2021 The Paranormal View.

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