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As partially reported on my South Gate Theatre report...
The 17th student film on which I worked was titled 100 percent. We filmed at the Allen Theatre down in South Gate. Originally a movie theatre, now it hosts live band concerts and such, and apparently the former theatre is also host to a few ghosts.
When my segment was done and I was wrapped and waiting for my promised ride home and as I had a lot of time on my hands, I went back to chat with the theatre's pleasant owner John and with his [wife?] and a young female worker and a young male worker named German Sanchez, and I got a few more stories about the place's haunting/s. Theatre worker German and I found another commonality as well: our mutual interest in and fascination for the famous Key West (Florida) haunted doll Robert. German indicated having written a screenplay about Robert, but didn't have the skill with which to construct his own version nor did he know anyone who could replicate the famous not-so-inanimate doll.
I've had a fascination with Robert for years, having seen him on various documentaries on hauntings and such.
I figured I'd put some Robert Links here for those who Wish To Know More...


Monday May 11, 2009
At the LA City College screening of Strictly Background, German Sanchez attended and spoke with me after the Q&A, relating to my dismay that the Allen Theatre had since changed hands, the new owners of which callously had had the auditorium seats torn out.

para-x radio show ''Stirring the Cauldron'' with Marla Brooks
Marla Brooks's Stirring the Cauldron
radio show episode regarding Robert...

Apparently no longer available online....
para-x radio show ''Stirring the Cauldron'' with Marla Brooks
Banner for Marla Brooks's Stirring the Cauldron
March 03, 2011 radio show episode regarding Robert...

Robert the Doll.
This doll is haunted or has a spirit of its own. A true story from what it seems site created February 29, 2008

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