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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 30, 2018
Jeff Wilson and Ohio Legends
Tonight we had as our guest author Jeff Wilson, of Ohio Legends, Volume 1 and Volume 2.
Due to technicaly difficulties, Henry did a post-show intro to "fill in" the start of the show that did not get taped. At one point he indictes my being "on location" and "at an event," technically the latter being slightly more accurate: I was at an annual Independence Day BBQ at San Pedro friends' place (where I also tend to cat and house sit now and then); as the Fourth landed on a Wedneday this year, they figured it'd be more practical to hold it on Saturday.
Playing back the archived podcast, as being on my phone, I wasn't able to write up my Report page (e.g., this page), so listening to Henry's post-podcast intro, just as I was thinking running about 22 minutes was a Bit Much (even Henry refers to it as babbling), he explained as the show is Rebroadcast during the week, he had to fill up what did not get recorded.
Tonight's Henryism: "re-podcast"...
After playing a commercial break of sorts, the original show "cuts in" as Jeff was speaking of Ohio based group Devo. My own audio through my phone, it turns out, was horrendous.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Australia, and Unknown.
We discussed actress Peg Entwhistle who grew up in Ohio, came to Hollywood and despondant over not having become a star, threw herself from the Hollywoodland sign... unaware that in the next day's post was a contract for a big movie role...
Amongst other topics, Henry had Jeff speak about George Armstrong Custer, the Dunkleosteus, the Haserot Angel, Osa Wilson's murder and haunted tombstone, the Vent Haven Museum of ventriloquist dummies, which Jeff refers to as the Nightmare Museum. Jeff stressed that originally his books would exclude paranormal references. Then he had his own experience he relates in the book, which made a believer or him, certainly regarding ghosts.
CC brought up the fact that White Castle started up in Ohio (as well as Wendys).
Jeff asked if there was anything in Ohio of which I was aware. I brought up the beautiful, brilliant Nelson Ledges I'd hiked many years ago, Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park near Hiram, Ohio.
Henry brought up Margaret Hamilton, giving me the opportunity to speak of her and my friendship the last decade or so of her life, when she lived in Manhatten.
CC brought up the Ohio incident with real Men In Black. Meanwhile my audio was getting progressively worse.
Henry focused on some of the cryptids, starting with the Loveland Frog creature.
Henry brought up the ghost town known as Utopia, which did not go very well. We segued to the rather bloodless and cluster-eff'ed Toledo War, between Ohio and Michigan.
Henry conveyed our guest next week would be Tinamarie Ronan.
As we went to wrap out, I mistook Henry's "give out your site information" being directed at me and not our guest. As the end theme began, Jeff began to clap, which sounded also as though someone was running for a door.

30 June 2018 edition podcast
Jeff Wilson
30 June 2018 edition

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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