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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday April 07, 2012
The new feline co-host/s
This date was a welcome return appearance not only of author Kat Klockow, who had been a 2011 guest in February and again in July, but we were springing on the world that she would be the new co-host of The Paranormal View, what with Craig's unexpectedly departure.
Logging on, Henry explained that Kat and Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan would be co-hosts; Kat the permanent co-host and CC more something of a "floater," co-hosting on weeks on which Kat (or I), would be unavailable. So The Paranormal View will always have a Feline...
Kat explained that at the age of nine she saw the apparition of her late maternal grandfather walk up stairs, past Kat and into a linen closet. She'd read the Haunted Ohio book series (e.g., Haunted Ohio: Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State, Haunted Ohio II: More Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State, Haunted Ohio III: Still More Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State, Haunted Ohio IV: Restless Spirits, Haunted Ohio V: 200 Years of Ghosts, Ghost Hunter's Guide to Haunted Ohio, Spooky Ohio: 13 Traditional Tales, et al), by Chris Woodyard in the early 1990s (all of her Woodyard titles are signed by her). Kat's personal library has over 200 books on haunted locations; she's been to Canada, England, and a haunted chateau near Versailles in France.
Having also spent a year in Japan, Kat spoke of the Japanese culture's views on the dead, hauntings, etc. Kat explained that in Japan has no "happy place" for the dead; only angry ghosts. In their culture existance is akin to six ladders, on which this existance is three rungs up; the realm just above this one is the Realm of Vengeful Spirits or Angry Ghosts; these are the spirits people can channel and send to others to provide bad luck. There's a haunted forest in Japan called Aokigahara (aka the Sea of Trees), in which travelers are more terrified of finding bodies, including but not limited to suicides: according to what Kat has been told, two to five hundred people per year literally travel to Aokigahara to commit suicide, the location being second only to the Golden Gate Bridge as the place to commit suicide. Not mentioned in the Destination Truth episode that visited there, there is a road in Aokigahara that has ridges so the driving car tires literally "play" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as an effort to distract people from taking their lives.
Kat's host-family's grandfather had died a year before Kat went there; for 49 days after his death, the doorbell would mysteriously ring, the motion-sensor video-camera with a light (generally it was often cats, but sometimes there was no explanation), stronglt creeping out Kat's female host.
Amusingly, Kat's puppy Wheatley decided during the show would be the opportune time to go after a loud squeaky chew-toy big time.
As Kat tracks down urban legends, she told how the original story from the 1660s that was somewhat became updated to become the horror film story Ringu (the American version being The Ring).
Henry couldn't resist joking about the classic Japanese giant-monster movies; I got dropped for a few moments just as I was pointing out the Critorian edition of Godzilla (on Blu-Ray as well), plus demonstrating my knowledge of the cinematic genre.
CC asked after post-atomic bomb ghostly activity; Kat clarified while the Japanese don't have investigations the way we do (that is, they don't do much actual investigating at all), there is the Kyoto International Department of Paranormal Phenomenon (Kaii-Yōkai Denshō Database), part of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, that seems to compile ghost stories and haunting experiences: a database of Japanese folklore. She also pointed out August is considered their the month of the dead, the only month in which to clean family headstones, ancestors visit for the month, et al, and the only month in which investigating would be considered legitimate.
I took us out in both breaks, the first making a joke referencing both ladies having Kat/Cat [feline] "names," and the second referring to Kat's one-time in-home invasion visitation of Black Eyed Kids (got quite the laugh out of her).
Getting to more "local" Ohio places Kat has visited, include but not limited to Loveland Castle (aka Chateu LaRouch), which Kat has experience various activity. Henry pointed out his own having gone through it as well, albeit with a public tour. Kat indicated it's luck of the draw whether the tour guide mentions anything about haunting/s or ghost/s. kat had seen a very tall Shadow Person stalking around the cathedral room. Kat and her friend run up the stairs, but while they could not find anyone, people outside could still see the figure in the windows, but Kat and her tall male friend could not recreate the sillouette what the people outside could see.
She'd also been to Bellbrook in Ohio, which used to have a Magnetic Spring with alleged healing powers. Kat had investigated an old general store during the Bellbrook On Lockdown Convention
She has visited Habit's Cafe, with its rather owners but slightly uncooperative during operating hours, the Taft Museum, and Kat admitted she has yet to visit Bobby Mackey's Music World, despite her close proximity thereto, across the river. She almost forgot to talk about the decommissioned Sedamsville Rectory, considering being one of the most bizarre ghost hunts on which she has ever been. She was there for two night with Marley Gibson-Burns and Patrick Burns. Kat had not yet heard of the building previously, despite all her books on the paranormal. The first night nothing happened; it just was being in a dusty old rectory. The second night, with only six investigators, had Orb phenomena, of which previously Kat wasn't entirely sure, but these were self-illuminating, casting light on walls, floors and ceiling, and they were physically passing through walls. There were Shadow People and audible voices; one went behind Kat which she could not see, but others could see it waving its arms behind her. Patrick reported the piano had played a few notes on its own before others arrived, there were rustlings sounds heard coming from the basement, which Kat suspects (as I would have), that it could have been wildlife: rats or such (apparently Ohio rats can grow to the size of small oppossums, Kat added). They also got some good EVPs, a lot of "Get out" statements, moans, heavy breaths right at the mic as though hovering over it (despite her having a shield that should have blocked such), one being a response to a Marley comment, etc. In 1866 a Father McNeil walked out where he accidently got hit by a train; his spirit is often seen there. Irritatingly enough, the nearby "neighbours" to the Rectory have complained about "the noise" of ghost investigaions, though CC suspect this means those not actually doing the hunt; that they're outside smoking and/or being loud, etc.
CC asked how much the Internet must have blown up and out of proportion a lot of stories to Everywhere. Kat concurred that urban legends have now spread to every state and town due to people "absorbing" standard urban legends into their region. She recounted the Richard Speck story, and how it blown up into a urban legend called the Roommate's Death.
Henry followed up asking about Ohio urban legends, Kat confirming being in the process of investigating Ohio-specific urban legends, as well as mentioning her Urban Legends Tour online video show which Kat hosts.
She spoke of the Eden Park ghost, the Oxford Cyclist ghost generally seen in December, which has been investigated by Ohio investigator and Ghosts of Ohio founder James Willis (author of Weird Ohio and Weird Indiana).
With no hidden disgust, Kat spoke at length of the "Crabbites" reputedly "of" the Stepp cemetery near Bloomington, Indiana.
When we returned from the second break, Henry reported that tonight we had listeners from the US, Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, and seven from Other....
Henry pointed he that he and Kat had investigated Poasttown Elementary School, at which they would be holding the Mid-Ohio Paranormal Convention April 27-29 (my birthday weekend), which this year would feature the Booth Brothers, Rick Hayes (a previous Paranormal View guest), et al. Henry added they'd also invested the Cincinatti Music Hall, which Kat indicated being a prime haunting location, considered being built atop several feet of human bones. She'd gone down below the stages into the cellar, and it feels like sand, and one can see bones still sticking out in different locations.
Henry asked if she'd ever been to the Sorg Opera House (she hasn't): Henry indicated that that had been his first investigation.
In Indiana, the most haunted spot, according to her book, she claimed out of everything it'd either be the Story Inn or the Crump Theatre, the latter to which she's been several times. It may not be the most haunted, but you'll generally get some activity while there. A black gentleman uses what is now a storage area but during his life was the segregated seating, and he's a full body apparition. A girl haunts the dressing rooms below the stage; the only time Kat has been Touched By Something was during Paranormal Fest in 2009, when Kat felt a jab between her shoulder blades, and a woman behind her saw the indendation of the fabric of Kat's hoodie being moved by the poke. She relayed how there'd once been an electrician's apprentice working there, opened a door and found himself face to face with the spirit girl's full body apparition. To his credit, before fleeing and never returning, he did finish his work, albeit most likely with a bit more alacrity.
Kat once saw a video of a misty form walk out of the balcony storage room, and push down an auto-pop-up seat, sit in it and vanish. The video apparently showed the seat stay down, but nothing done beyong that (like sitting to the next seat over and speaking to the invisible entity).
We discussed the strange aspect of Hat People: that some ghosts or Shadow People appear to be wearing Hats.
Mentioning Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University, we brought up Mansfield Reformitory in Ohio, we chatted about that for a few minutes; Kat relayed about their being "attacked" by bats (one of which had its wing brush "into" Kat's mouth). At Mansfield, Kat has heard men weeping, seen lots of Shadow People, even a few such reaching out from cells, and there being a few physical grabs. Kat had access to several different aspects of the building.
CC asked if Kat had investigated any of the old River Boats, but so far she has not. CC inquired about Phi Kappa Tau; Kat explained that Phi Kappa Tau pops up in lots of ghost stories, two locations of which being very very haunted. It has nothing to do with the sorority; they just happen to live where it's haunted.
Henry announced officially that Craig had stepped down as co-host from the show (though the possibility existed Craig might return as an occasional guest co-host); Henry continued that Kat Klockow is now an Official Co-Host for the Paranormal View, and that CC would be a fill-in co-host in times that Kat and/or I would be unavailable.
Henry gave the ladies time to provide their information and such: Kat started off mentioning her Urban Legends Tour online webside series, officially launching Friday the 13th of April, the first topic if which being Bloody Mary. Kat asked listeners for any Bloody Mary stories they might have, any and all which can be sent to her email at
She also announced she would be attending the big Frontier Para-Con at the famous Stanley Hotel May 4-6 (Kat was also able to clarify and set straight the record the false rumours recently flying about on Facebook that Frontier Con was the "last paranormal event" being held there), and would be a guest at Paranormal Fest May 18-19 at the Crump Theatre.
Kat would be attending free Meet & Greet events at the Haunted Hannah House in Indianapolis August 11, 2012 from noon to 4pm, and at Willows Weep July 21.
Kat just had time also to mention her new website, and her Facebook profile tonight.
Ceiling Cat pointed out that most o'the time... she's right there in the para-x chat room and on Facebook.
Henry indicated upcoming planned events would include, but not be limited to, the Whispers Estate and Hillview Manor.
Kat neglected to mention her graphic novel work, including but not limited to Miss Grey Resurrection (which also has a Facebook page).
I provided the Paranormal View page on my site, and that one can do a quick search for "Paranormal View" on Facebook to find its page there.
Amusingly, as Henry outroduced the show, and we went to say our goodbyes, when I'd said my name, the two ladies realized they should say their respective names, and had a predicable vocal collision...

April 07 edition podcast

Haunted Hoosier Halls:
Indiana University
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Haunted Hoosier Halls:
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Ohio's Haunted Crimes:
An Exploration of Ten
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