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Geoffrey Gould
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BEKs [Black Eyed Kids]
I came across this chilling phenomenon some time ago; as the information is Not Mine (while the text has been saved so as not to be lost), I am not simply copy-and-pasting its text all here unless the page of origin disappears.
Until then, just follow this link and read on...
Oh, and just so you know... for the first time... this might be best not to be read just before bedtime...

Patricia Tallman on ''Babylon 5,'' with contacts that are the way BEKs look
Patricia Tallman on Babylon 5,
with contacts that are the way BEKs look.
''The Black Eyed Children'' by David Weatherly
The Black Eyed Children
by David Weatherly

Out Of The Dark:
The Complete Guide
to Beings from Beyond
by Brad Steiger

Real Monsters,
Gruesome Critters, and
Beasts from the Darkside
by Brad Steiger site created February 29, 2008

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