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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday April 14, 2012
Host as Guest
During tonight show, Henry gave out tickets to Mid-Ohio Paranormal Convention in Poastown Ohio. We didn't have a guest guest tonight, so Kat's official first show as co-host was... me as the guest. In a slight oops, when Henry first introduced me, I thought he was introducing me as the guest, not co-host.
Henry then gave me a bit of a background bio, and urged listeners to Private Message questions from the chat room. Henry started out asking me to give some more details, so I began about my background in acting (Kat had even seen my 2009 Super Bowl commercial when it'd first aired), and shifting to my interest in the paranormal so I mentioned one of my earliest paranormal experiences in which there was Something in my brother's bed when at the time I knew it to be empty, as well as the mystery that that room had not existed prior to our family moving in, let alone our being the first family to own that house.
I mentioned my friend Bobby Reed although during the show, with great embarrassment, my mind blanked on his surname, as via his recent workshop I'd attended he pointed out some of us already have fan-bases, a fact I'd begun to realize myself of late my actually having a fan base. I pointed out most my work beyond commercials (and my Day Player gig on The Practice)
Henry threw a curve-ball, asking my favourite book, so I had to go with the fact many of my favourites are book series, Harry Potter obviously, David Eddings's The Belgariad and The Malloreon, The Elenium, and The Tamuli books series, Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, all of L. Frank Baum's Oz series, Marla Brooks's Ghosts of Hollywood books etc.
In the chat room, Nyla pointed out noting my favourite TV program being Doctor Who and its off-shoot shows Torchwood and the late Sarah Jane Adventures series. I did clarify I'd begun as a fan of Daleks, mostly as, when I was a child, my family visited England and the second of two Doctor Who feature films was being released, specifically Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD, and I'd flipped over the metallic monsters.
Henry went to give out the first of the tickets, asking the given name/s of the Booth Brothers (I pointed out that "Phone" would be the wrong answer).
Henry suggesting I regale about my being bumped By Something Unseen at the Ambassador Hotel, working on the film Jump Shot, eventually released on DVD as Even Money.
Amusingly enough, when I was finished with the story, Henry was distracted Doing Something in the chat room, and there was a moment of dead-air when Henry realized with a start that I was done.
With a vagueness about a possible ticket winner, Henry asked after my experience with what I called AFI ghosts. My story reminded Kat of an episode of a ghost show of an Italian restaurant where a ghost walked by to locked doors but had vanished before being reached, and the doors were still locked.
Henry announced that Karin was the winner of the first ticket for the Mid-Ohio Paranormal Convention. The venue was where once Kat had gotten lost trying to find, ending up briefly at a diner where everyone creepily looked up slowly and simultaneously at her as she walked in, very much a Children of the Corn feeling, as Kat put it.
Henry pointed out if was time for our first break, he surprised me and still had me outro to the break, so I had to think fast, and humourously self-deprecating.
From the chat room, Nyla asked if I knew anyone when I moved to California or had I gone out blind, the latter of which had actually been the case. I explained how my then-girlfriend moved me out to Los Angeles and my history thereof.
Henry couldn't resist requesting my retelling the nightmarish experience of my first show officially co-hosting, when my former BFF had a complete OCD mental melt-down while the show as live and on the air.
Henry tried to give away another ticket, making it Much Easier: the first person to Private Message Kat that they wanted the ticket... would be the winner. He then had me recount the story of what I called Dad's penny; which my brother and I consider his Saying Hi from the Other Side, considering the events of the night he passed away, which I conveyed.
Despite my babbling on for many minutes, once done with that story, Henry came on to report no one had yet won the ticket. As Henry began to describe the events that would take place at the convention, he indicated that the Booth Brothers would be screening their new film, which Henry mistakenly called Children of the Corn, as opposed to Children of the Grave II.
Kat did the outro to the second break, back from which Kat asked when I was dog-sitting while co-hosting the show with Robbie Thomas as that evening's guest, and had mysterious sounds not only during the show but during the weekend as well. Henry sequed from dogs to cat, asking about cat magick, considering my second cat Mickey managing to "lose" her collar so perfectly (considering she was always an indoor car), that even when we moved and every square inch of the place was empty and cleaned, the collar never turned up.
Meanwhile, Henry still strove to give away the second of the five tickets given away, but Kat was able to "Mama Judy" had won the second ticket. I had been looking at the chat room and at that point Kat, typing hastily, had indicated "We have a winnder." I joked to Kat that I had the song Windy running in my head.
Henry had me tell the experience of the bathroom ghost I'd experienced working on the elaborate Cardinal Beer commercial.
Henry took the opportunity to convey that the subsequent week would be Nathan Robert Brown, author of Complete Idiot's Guide to the Paranormal. (which Henry inadvertently indicated was puzzlingly titled Computer Idiot's Guide to the Paranormal).
Kat was given the chance to give out her Urban Legends Tour website information, and that the current webisode being on the topic of Bloody Mary.
I asked if she saw the hilarious Paranormal View trilogy, and how specifically Paranormal View 3 has the Bloody Mary aspect therein.
Henry mentioned tonight's listeners fromt he US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Spain (much to our surprise, being first time with listeners from that country), Switzerland and... three in "Other."
Henry gave me three minutes to run down the show's information: I cracked out my website and my site's Paranormal View aspect (and how to hear previous podcasts therefrom), plus the show's "official site," at, as well as the tongue-in-check Paranormal View attire site at which one can acquire shirts and hats and such with our logo and information thereon. I hastily added that one could find The Paranormal View on Facebook with a quick search, and that one could find me on Facebook as well, as well as Henry and Kat.
Henry thanked and congratulated Kat on her First Official Show, and we wrapped out.

Geoffrey Gould
Geoffrey Gould

April 14 edition podcast

Strictly Background
Heart-felt, award-winning
feature documetary in which
Geoffrey is second billing.

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