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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
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As reported on my Cardinal Commercial page...

Bathroom Ghost
When I was still pre-SAG, I was booked on a commercial that would only air in Europe. I never did get a copy as I should have. It was filmed at the Broadway Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, a fabulous and opulent place, which I still recognize in various commercial spots.
Hair and the elaborate make-up were done in the cellars, considering the surreal nature of the beer commercial's somewhat comical storyline.
At lunch I spoke with some of the crew techs that, considering the age and dark splendour of the place, I would be surprised if it weren't haunted. They assured me it was haunted: one of the cast was actually the theatre historian (an office of which was right in the theatre). They told me she'd related to them how people have experienced Cold Spots, and such, and they showed me the creepy "day care area," containing a spooky/creepy wall mural worthy of the atmospheric ghost-story movie The Innocents.
Some time after lunch and back on set, I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I knew I wasn't going to be used on camera for some time, so I went to scoot down to the bottom halls where they'd had hair and make-up. However, just off to the side I spotted a large archway, the area inside of which was well-lit. To my accurate presumption, it was the public restroom the audience would use during a show's interval. Entering the main archway was a wide common-area, to the left was a shoe-shine stand. In front of me was now two archways into the main-use area. Beyond the arches the two areas were still interlinked: stand up urinals to the left area (beyond the left arch) and on the other side of the wall (beyond the right arch). There were no doors that could be closed.
There were only about seven [sit-down] stalls, all of which were empty, the doors to all of which were open. Unlike most of the theatre, the floor here was small mosaic tile, causing well echoed clicks as one walked.
I chose the middle stall, closed the door and latched it, and sat down.
Just as I'd finished, much to my surprise the toilet in the stall next to mine (to my left) flushed.
I had heard no one enter the otherwise utterly silent room. Automatically I leaned over and looked to my left (then to my right), but there were no feet to be seen in either direction. I was alone. I glanced behind me to verify that these weren't "automatic flush" toilets, when suddenly from the same stall to my left a very clear and very male voice gently but loudly sighed (as though in relief). Again I quickly leaned way over and looked but there were still no feet: there was no (visible or corporeal) individuals in the bathroom with me.
To maintain the silence I held my breath and I put on my pants, listening for footsteps that never came (or rather, departed...).
I quickly went to the three stalls to my left, all of which were still empty (and no automatic toilet flushers). I had indeed been "alone" the entire time I was in the bathroom.
Later, just as we were winding down, I spoke with the woman who worked with the theatre's historical society. When I am researching or investigating something, I never ask Leading Questions, I always ask direct ones. I asked her about what the techs had told me, that the place had a reputation for possible haunting. "Oh yes," she said enthusiastically. "There are cold spots and places you feel you're Being Watched..."
"Is there anything with that main public restroom?" I inquired casually.
"Oh yes," she replied. "Toilets will flush themselves and you can hear voices..."
With that verification, I told her she could chalk up One More Person who'd experienced that very phenomenon.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Return visit
On the date marking my parent's 60th anniversary, I attended (as part of the Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles), a screening of the comedy/thriller Audie and the Wolf. I attended not merely on the recommendation of actor/filmmaker Jeff Rector, but the fact that the venue was at the Los Angeles Theatre...
This time with camera in hand, I was able to get some photos of the fish-statue fountain (the level on which much of the commercial was shot), as well as the long, oval rotunda-like room downstairs in which I most likely have some good coverage (during which the commercial's hero arrives in Hell), as well as photographs of my infamous haunted bathroom. Predictably and understandably, there was no noticeably activity this night as the place was extremely crowded throughout, though this did not stop me from using the same stall and toilet as I did back in 1999.
The film was entertaining, and afterwards I was able to congratulate its producer Christo Dimassis, with whom I traded contact information.
I took photos of the opulent palatial theatre before and after the film, the screening of which ended up starting rather late, reportedly due to technical difficulties. Ghostly intervention perhaps...? When I felt I was done for the evening and ready to head back to the subway for home, I noticed a seasoned-looking security guard. I told him that I had worked the commercial, which he did remember (he's worked at the theatre for about 22 years), and I asked about the weird mural I was not being able to find again. He quickly realized about what I was referring and conveyed that sadly that that no longer exists.
I asked him about any experiences he may have had, and he reported knowing of at least two ghosts that tend to inhabit the projection room,
"Full body apparitions?" I asked, to which he replied Yes... site created February 29, 2008

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