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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
and friends

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Additional Dog Sitter?
September 2011

When my friends' sister was getting married out in Santa Barbara, my friend's sister Courtney (with whom I'm also friends), asked if I could house- and dog-sit for her two beagles for the four days they'd be away, Thursday through Sunday. I agreed, not realizing right away I had previous plans, and with these being dogs and not cats, I had to skip the screening of a student film on which I'd worked (being held on the Warner Bros. back lot), and a film festival (tickets for which I'd already purchased).
But having made a promise to a friend and being a dog lover (and being too long between having a pet), I skipped the other stuff.
I was also aware the house had had, at least years ago, one or more entities. My friend's young daughter at age two or three had a spirit with whom she would pleasantly chat. My friend had checked and children do not develop Imaginary Friends until they are around six and older, and the conversations apparently were more elaborate than make-believe. At about nine at this time, the daughter feels what clearly would have been entities were Imaginary Friends, but my friend suspects there were most likely ghosts.
Late Saturday afternoon I co-hosted my weekly live online radio show The Paranormal View, during which I create respective reports on each week's show. While each archived show is embedded as a podcast on its main page on my site, one can go to any show's own page (on which the podcast is also embedded), for a run-down synopsis of what was discussed, links to that evening's guests' websites, facebook profiles, book title links, et al. For this show though, my friend's computer's headphone jacks would not work, rendering useless our regular Skype usage for me. So as I did with the shows for which I could not be home, I had host Henry call my cell phone (I was unaware until I listened to the recorded show as to how atrocious was my audio for this particular show).
It should be noted, throughout the weekend I had Internet access, and now and then I would hear strange thumping sounds. It wasn't very loud, and I attributed it to possibly being the noisy next door neighbours who tended to have raised voices late at night as I tried to sleep. As the two beagles never raised a whisker either at the next-door racket or the strange thumps, I barely paid attention to them. Now and then though, I would notice them enough to wonder what was the source of the thumps; the moment I went to get up to check... the thumps would instantly cease.
Next to the computer on the bookshelf at my shoulder level (when I was seated), was a manual typewriter, helping me recall pre-Internet when I had hardcopy correspondants across the country and even a few overseas.
That evening's show had a strange aspect: an ongoing sound of typing, and not mine, writing up the show. The chat room could hear it: we could hear it, there were times I deliberately held my hands away from the keyboard and the sound still continued. But what I found odd was the thunking sounds: the sort that would be a space bar and shift key on a manual typewriter, but no sound of the letters striking paper, and the manaul typewriter next to me wasn't moving.
The dogs made it just over three quarters of the show when they suddenly woke and, deciding to spontaneously start barking. We were all amused as I'd warned them these were beagles, and here they managed to bark when I felt they might make it through the whole two hours pleasantly sleeping on the sofa. I relayed I would handle them, and left the computer, silently leading the dogs to the kitchen to distract them and give them a couple of treats to keep busy their mouths.
While I was two rooms away and silently gesturing to the calmed dogs, something was happening on the show itself. The ongoing typing was still audible on the show, but Karin the chat room heard and notified us that she (as did others), heard Something Else. When I later played back the podcast, sure enough, at the 1:36:40 mark, as Henry asks guest Robbie Thomas, about the Sallie House, the typing ceased (it was still going after I'd left the computer), and bizarre, whispery voice/s were audible... The voice/s become more and more insistent for about one and a half minutes, then stopped.
I was nowhere near the computer, nor was I vocalizing to the dogs.
We have no explanation for it.... site created February 29, 2008

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