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Miscellaneous Stuff
Weird and/or Humourous Graphics, Videos, Page Links, et al, that
otherwise would be separate from the site's general venue
(some material stored in lieu of sending out forwarded massive-sized emails...).

On site webpage: True paranormal experiences of myself and friends
On site webpage of off site Paranormal/Metaphysics links in general

On site web page: listing of all recent films Geoffrey Gould has seen in theatres
[along with his one-through-five star ratings...]

On site web page: Glossary of terms often used in blog reports, emails, et al.

On site webpage: My mother in bizarre 1977 movie...

On site web page: Created eCards of varying levels of humour, pop culture reference/s, et al.

On site webpage: My strangest boss ever

On site webpage: My world famous pancake recipe

On site webpage: Churches on opposite sides of street debate via building announcement signage
(Clearly the losing church didn't have Faith...)
[On site webpage]

On site webage: Pacific, Central and Eastern Time Zone clocks

Off site web page: "Consumption" profile

On site webpage: Photos stored in an old Brownie Camera

Test Those [bad] Christians
[Warning: this one could be "offensive" to thin-skinned types.]

On site webpage: South Park shot for shot satire of Buck Rogers

Humour vid: Snow Fight
Humour vid: Japanese baby birth

Power Point presentation: Holiday fun (don't look down...)
Power Point presentation: Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

On site Adobe .pdf page: 2000+ uses for WD-40

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