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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 03, 2013
MidSouth ParaCon
Henry, and Kat finished up promoting and plugging the show at MidSouth ParaCon and broadcast from Kat's home.
They'd recorded a few interviews at the event, the first of which being Gwen of the Mitchell, Indiana, pre-1894 Whispers Estates, where she discussed a recent investigation complete with audible voices. She spoke of there being several entities (including but not limited to children Kat has heard running about), a vortex portal that seems to shift location. A common EVP is a male voice demanding of investigators to "Get out." Gwen has had her name called, she's been scratched; tossed glow in the dark bouncing balls have been sent back. She spoke of when investigations are held, both private and public. Kat mentioned seeing the Flashlight Tours mentioned on one of their three Facebook pages.
Henry spoke about the convention; the special guests brought in to give lectures and such. Some of the guests included but were not limited to John Zaffis; Deep South Paranormal; Bill Bean; actor James Hampton, Rick Hayes; Brian Byers and Beth Brown of Four Bees Media; Bishop James Long; Joe Chin, Scott Tepperman and Paul Bradford of Siffee's Ghost Hunters International, also Scotty Rorek Jim O'Rear, et al. Of the film making Booth brothers, only Christopher Booth was in attendence. There was a group called the Orb Tones in which Keith Age participated.
They then played their interview with Rosalyn Bown of Woodbury New Jersey, who'd been a previous guest on our show; she enjoyed being there as an attendee. She recommended people speaking to everybody, not just the guests on the poster. They discussed Scotty Rourke hosting a mock game show spoofing The Newlywed Game, The Newlywed Game, as well as the best way to get out the word to get people aware of their event.
After the interview, Kat pointed out in the audios one might hear a strange chittering sound which was a nearby vendor who was a tattoo artist. We went into the first break with Henry playing Thriller.
Coming back, Henry played the next interview, with John Zaffis, whose Haunted Collector show is in its third season. He spoke of the "controversial" nature of Haunted Items, and that it takes six months out on the road to do a twelve episode season, and the various issues behind the scenes one has with filming a TV show.
Barbara reported our listeners tonight being from Spain, the US, the UK, Canada, Finland, Australia.
As Henry went to call a live guest of Wickland Mansion in Barnstown, Kentucky. Either the wrong button got pushed or Skype was being Skype again, as I got disconnected from the call, and was called back in when they couldn't get through, and I got disconnected again. Unfortunately, so was Barbara, and it was she who was recording the show. As it was, as she too lost the call twice, she got the audio in three segments, and would endevour to reconstruct it in order for the archived podcast. Meanwhile, apparently the wrong number had been provided, or that it was just going to voice mail. Henry and Kat described the place as having been home to three different governors. Kat texted to let them know we were trying to reach them.
In the meantime Henry played the recordered interview with Darrell Whisman, owner and caretaker of the famously haunted Poasttown Elementary School. Darrell spoke about how some police forces do K9 trainings there, one cop of which reported speaking to someone named Donnie, which turned out Not To Be anyone living there, as Donnie claimed. He told of how there are actual living quarters, which has paranormal activity as well as elsewhere within the school. The building now has Internet, so another Paranormal View show could be broadcast from there. Kat spoke about going there with Hindsight Paranormal Henry discussed having been there with his wife Patsy.
Henry wondered whether California had Barbara spoke of Preston Castle near Ione , California, a former reformatory. I mentioned the allegedly haunted abandoned reformatory, at which I'd worked on the movies Decoding Annie Parker and Red State.
Henry espied former Paranormal View cohost Beth Brown with her husband Paul, but they could not snag them for an official interview. Jim O'Rear was there to promote the film The Hospital in which he starred, which was being screened at the event that evening.
They played another interview, with Rick Hayes who spoke of the convention, and his para-x show Reflections on Wednesday nights, etc.
Henry recounted their meeting Eve Edwards who was speaking to the dead.
Kat and Henry were not able to attend any of the talks/lectures. Henry did come across the publishers of Post Mortem Press came up and spoke with them, promoting author Tally Johnson of Civil War Ghosts of South Carolina. Being a relatively new publishing house, they neglected to take into account the niche audience and only brought three copies of each of their titles, and were slightly surprised they'd sold out.
Henry conveyed our guest the next week would be Thomas Freese of Shaker Ghost Stories.
I gave out my my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page, but with less than a minute I wasn't able to impart information regarding the health products I promote which people should be taking by indicating anyone wanting to live longer and healthier, and/or with health and/or weight issues or just... chronologically aging in general... Kat provided her Hunt For Ghosts page, and her all new Kat Klockow website, Barbara actually imparted her Facebook information tonight, and even Henry gave out his Facebook information, of sorts, and we wrapped out.

03 August 2013 edition podcast
Interviewing Van Renier, Darrell Whisman and Rosalyn Bown
Van Renier, Darrell Whisman and Rosalyn Bown
Interviewing John Zaffis, Rick Hayes and Scotty Rorek
John Zaffis, Rick Hayes and Scotty Rorek
Henry Foister and Kat Klockow
Wickland Mansion: the convention's investigation venue
Wickland Mansion: the convention's investigation venue
Kat and Henry broadcasting the show from her home
Kat and Henry broadcasting the show from her home
The Paranormal View hosts
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