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Personal Paranormal
Experiences of

Geoffrey Gould
(aka Badger)
and friends
Additional Houseguest | Additional Dogsitter? | AFI ghosts | Ambassador Brush | Bathroom Ghost | BEKs [aka Black Eyed Kids] | Cat Magick | Champ | Crystal Lake Camp | Dad's Penny | Dark Elf | Dark Entry and Dudleytown | Dream Journaling | Emma | Empty Hallway Woman | Final Farewell | Ghostly Piano Party | Greystone Mansion | Haunted College | Haunted Realtor (off-site link, to friend Mary Pope-Handy blog) | Haunted University | Holly's Room | The Kitchen Ghost | Linda Vista Hospital | Madame Tussauds | Matrix Theatre | Montclair House Ghosts | The Not-So-Empty Bed | The New Tenant | Official Death Notice | Phantom Girls of Liberty Canyon Road | Point Dume Cryto | Queen Mary 2010 | The Reluctant Elemental | Return of the Shadow People | Ringwood Manor | Ritual Chicken | Robert the Haunted Doll | The Shambling Mound | The Shattered Vase | The Soulless | South Gate Theatre Ghosts | Suicide Bridge | Tree Wisps | The Vanishing Breakfast | The Weeping Woman | The White Entity | Window Shade

I've studied metaphysics and the paranormal since I could read. It is human arrogance not to believe in stuff beyond what is considered "normal." But it should be clarified, I do not simply jump blindly to conclusions. I eliminate all the Possible and Explainable where I can, before deducing and/or even realizing what has just been experienced is What It Is. There are times I do Simply Believe in something, based on another's experience or observation. For instance, when I lived in Montclair (New Jersey), I never personally experienced the ghost/s we had in that house, but I knew they were there, as my brother experienced her (or them). While "despite" the fact our dog and/or my cats never raised a hair or whisker out of place during our decade-long tenure there, I did have an objective observer, who previously knew nothing about the house, yet also experienced something there, as reported via one of the above links.
I want to compile as many experiences as I've had, and those conveyed to me by friends and/or loved ones. Most of the actual dates I no longer have, back from when I had this content elsewhere online. (Depending on the stories and permissions, et al), I will endevour to give credit where due, but as with certain friends with whom I've lost contact, I will make certain references without actually naming them beyond given names in most cases.
Now keep in mind not all of these stories are completely paranormal. There is one entry that is provided deliberately to demonstrate how one can mistake the ordinary for something supernatural, included not only for the adventure it was at the time, but also for its amusement aspect. But the majority of what is included here... are experiences that were/are unexplainable.
Your belief is not required, expected or demanded.
After all, the paranormal exists, as does the supernatural, whether you believe in it or not...

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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Kat Klockow

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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