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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Red State
Kevin Smith's horror film

Tuesday September 21, 2010
My calling service notified my of my having been booked on Red State, which, during the call, I suspected was a TV series. Later checking the IMDB I learned it was a new Kevin Smith film and and that it was classified as a horror film. So, excellent on both counts. I was to call the wonderful Carla Lewis Headquarters Casting info-hotline after 8pm.
Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Kevin pulled off a bit of production genius. On his podcast, which they predictable call a Smodcast, Kevin asked for 500 of his 18-to-look-younger-fans to submit to Have The Honour of working on A Kevin Smith Film. No voucher/s: if selected, they were to show up and work as regular background students.
On the recorded hotline, I discovered the calltime across the board for SAG people was 6:30am. Then I found out it was in Whittier... yikes. However, not just the address, Carla indicated it was the Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility, closed down in 2004, it was reputed to be haunted.
Now anyone using it with any regularity knows it is well settled that the Trip Planner at generally can be utterly useless. One tells it one wants to get from Point A to Point B and it often decides You Can't Get There From Here. With experimentation I've learned how to find out how to get there from here, and it was what I had to do here. First I had to deduce what bus got close enough to the location, and what buses where applicable could get to that bus. Eventually I was able to construct that taking the 4:13am local to Universal, the Red Line to Pershing Square to the #18 to near the end of its line (Whittier Boulevard at Garfield), transferring to the Montello #10 line Whittier Boulevard at Sorenson.

Wednesday September 23, 2010
First day [of production; only day for (most of) us]
The transit worked out well; the slow spot was the transfer from the MTA #18 to the Montello #10 which initially was a half hour wait. On the #18 schedule map it clarified where the M-10 first turns onto Whittier: at Atlantic. So I got off at Atlantic with my transfer (.35¢ as opposed to $1.10). The M-10 arrived on time, and I asked the driver to notify me of Sorenson so I would not miss my stop. Around the time the schedule figured I'd be arriving, I began to pay attention, and noticed with some dismay that we had arrived at and was now passing Sorenson.
"Is that Sorenson we just passed, that I requested be announced so we wouldn't pass it?" I asked the driver (and pressing the stop button so I could at least get off at the next stop).
After a moment he unapologetically replied, "Yes it was." I figured he must have been an MTA driver wanna-be. The next stop was one block farther, at which the bus turned left off Whittier onto Philedelphia, which thankfully was the very intersection at which was the front gate to the location. So due to the driver's incompetence and/or early morning inattentiveness, I had less of a walk (and I knew the return bus stop location), and I had arrived at 6:15am for my 6:30am calltime.
The breakfast was delicious, infinitely better than the inedible eggs served allegedly as "food" for the previous movie shoot on which I worked.
I noticed on arrival in holding Jesse Heiman with whom I'd worked before, as well as Tracy Weisert with whom I'd worked on the Arla cow commercial. As the day progressed, Tracy and I met Bryan Sandlin playing one of the students, but turned out the youthful man was an experienced feature film director.
I had been set up as a gym teacher; I wore my own jogging-suit jacket and black sneakers and socks, and wardrobe's blue shorts and golden George W. Bush high school t-shirt. We were brought to set before 8am, and students placed around what came across as a Quad. It seemed to be lunch but apparently it's breakfast.
As Tracy was also playing a teacher, we were placed to "monitor the students" as they ate; we also acknowledged those students whose crossings had them pass us.
The one and only Kevin Smith came forth, wearing a bright blue and orange hockey shirt with the name Smith emblazoned on it, as well as it being from "Puck U." He greeted everyone, and thanked us all for being there, the film's first official day of principal photography (later I was told it was a scheduled 28 day shoot).
While we couldn't hear everything of the dialog (though some of the foreshadowed premise seemed to present itself), it was clear than in that single conversation, it seemed this film's script was trying to make the kids from South Park seem as though they were biographical episodes about Mother Teresa.
Various angles and coverage was handled, most shots of which Tracey and I were there, later shots the camera wasn't facing our direction so we could rest. With Bryan and Ryan (the actor with whom Bryan was seated at the table between the principals' table and the Tracy and I), the four of us hit the distance non-SAG "craft table," where we chatted with the pleasant set medic, who has been to these facilities several times, telling us of the main prison area behind the building in front of which we were standing.
After a very pleasant lunch, which had a bit of drama on its own, as somehow not enough chairs and tables had been ordered. The background talent "had to" sit on the floor until the crew was done eating at the tables (which for the majority of us was not really the big issue a few others made out of it).
The quad scene was finished up, and, moving to the gym scene, the majority of the students were released, as was Tracy. Bryan and Ryan were originally not to be used but got chosen to remain as gym students.
When we finally went into the gym, I learned the production's Location Manager was playing the Coach (meaning, so much for any chance of an upgrade). The students were placed, set up for push-ups, and they rehearsed the dollying camera movement. I stood at the far side of the students, and one of the friendly ADs came over and said they were keeping me for the reverse shot, albeit were I to have been where I was, it would not have shifted focus from the principals or their Coach.
I waited, and they got various coverage shots, and eventually outside as I spoke with one of Kevin Smith's friends, suddenly I heard one of the higher up ADs announcing other than the three students he's just selected, the rest of us were wrapped. I clarified with him about the shot, and was told they had changed the shot so I'd not be in it.
"Well that happens," I understood.
We were signed out at 4:52pm, so we'd had a bit of overtime, no mileage as production was smart enough to have the location as the production office location. In fact, I was already across the street and waiting for the arriving 4:52pm M-10 bus back to downtown with a minute to spare. I arrived back home in about two and a quarter hours.

Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher in ''Red State'' Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher in ''Red State''
Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher (not the Coach), in Kevin Smith's Red State.
(Thanks to Tracy Weisert for the photos!)

Monday February 14, 2011
Premier review
Considering its premier at the Sundance Film Festival, there was one review of the film at

Thursday February 24, 2011
Kevin Smith Reveals Exclusive Announcement...
What with this update, I checked and currently the film's release date is 19 October 2011.
The evening before, during the show, Kevin Smith was interviewed on Attack of the Show for G4. According to the page from which the following video is embedded:

"Kevin Smith returns to Attack of the Show for Red State, his new horror film inspired by the Westboro Baptist Church, the reaction at the Sundance Film Festival and how he plans to self-distribute the film.
There's plenty more Kevin Smith content to go around. Feast your eyes on this exclusive video interview with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier about their super funny podcast, SModcast, the history of the SModcastle (as well as the SModimation cartoons) and the future of Smodcast Podcast Network. It's better than an Egga-Mooby Muffin

Red State's Kevin Smith Reveals Exclusive Announcement!

Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, the duo behind the comedy podcast, Smodcast talk about the origins of the show, how it became a touring sensation, the growth of the SModcast Network, and the creation of the world's first podcasting theater, Smodcastle.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011
There is more positive buzz than negative; on arriving home from a shoot this date, I discovered that there was a new Red State Red-Band Trailer...

Friday November 05, 2011
DVD Frame Grabs
The moment I learned Red State was available on DVD and Blu-ray, I added it to my Netflix queue and it came right in...

Red State

Red State
Click on thumbnail for full image
Minimalist ''Red State'' title card	Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher in ''Red State''
Geoffrey Gould as the blurred
Gym Teacher, far right, in Red State.
Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher, with Tracy Weisert in ''Red State''
With Tracy Weisert.
Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher, with Tracy Weisert in ''Red State''
With Tracy Weisert.
Bryan Sandlin in ''Red State''
Bryan Sandlin at the table beyond
the principals in Red State.
Geoffrey Gould as the Gym Teacher in ''Red State''
Far right again.

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