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Geoffrey Gould
Dream Journal 2013

Sunday October 05, 2014 6:35am Crunchy meal TITLE
Super vivid and super strange; none of the events ever took place in my life: I was dreaming I was someone else, yet several of the locations utilized were from my childhood.
I am an adolescent, who is not really me, either with an abusive mother (a la The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things), or in some sort of foster care, albeit in my childhood home's kitchen. My young mother (not the one from my own life), or foster mother, thinks it's hilarious to give me as a meal a handful of uncooked "pasta" from a mac'n'cheese box, smeared with peanut butter.
Refusing to give her the satisfaction of my refusing it, I munch away at it as though it's perfectly fine. I go outside, walking south along the front of the house towards the side lawn, with intent or discarding the disgusting handful when I'm far enough away from the house.
Later (sort of a Dream Shift), I am at school, with a young boy who Dream Memory indicates hangs out with me "all the time." I tell him how she gives me [effing] macaroni with peanut butter, but that I've been keeping track of the glaring abuse.
The school is a complete fiction, nowhere I've ever been. I go to a large circular column of wooden-door lockers as class is about to start. A student hastily informs me I am to report to the principal's office. Dream Memory tells me I am constantly in hot water at/with the school. But today I hasten to his office, bringing with me a folder of my (foster?) mother's abuses, and I am convinced the principal can help my situation.
The principal is "played" by actor Ken Lerner who meets me outside his office, displeased with seeing me due to whatever mischief I've done previously. He has me sit in a chair as the main office walls behind him move forward and past us, creating his own office. He sits at his massive desk, my chair now several yards away, and I have to keep hopping it forward to get closer.
He begins to read my account, which begins with some purple prose Dream Fade is removing, but at one point he "accuses" me of ripping off what I presume to be a Love Boat Love Boat episode, but he continues, hitting one sentence trying so hard to be correct grammatically that it makes Yoda and the Amish sound perfectly okay. He glances up at me as with a bit of embaressment point out that that sentence did seem to get away from me, as I began waking up.

Sunday 30 March 2014 Assassin
I am participating in a game of Assassin, most likely having seen the dystopian movie Divergent. I've made a base of sorts in what seems to be a rural house, and on a wide table I have laid out numerous weapons: throwing knives, archery set (a Walking Dead reference, perhaps? no crossbow, though), et al.
Despite the game being non-lethal, all of the weapons are real. Dream Memory does not give me all the rules (I presume I'm not supposed to kill my game mates).
Outside I hear what I suspect are opponents' approach. Being inside notwithstanding, I use a small battering ram on the door, consisting of a large ram skull. I replace this with a larger antler-ed deer skull battering ram, with which to open the door.
There is no one there. I rush back to my weapon table and pick up the bow and some arrows, noting they are actual arrows. A Dream Character girl I know comes in, and I shoot at her, striking her in the wrist. It mostly just tears her sleeve, but she concedes she's been hit and out of the game.
Suddenly some other Dream Character people are there, not game participants, one girl with whom shares with me quite a kiss. Someone else has answered the phone, saying snarkily it's her boyfriend (of with whom I just kissed).
"Hello, boyfriend!" I half-shout cheekily, to make sure I am heard, as I head down a long hallway to look for food. I come to a left turn and wide double-doors with glass windows through which I see diner-like tables set up. A group of young people are there, but not part of the game.
I get to the end of the row of two-seat tables, and turn left again and there is a food service row on a stage. As I approach and head up the stairs to get some food, suddenly two men from behind start to rush towards me. I know they are players in the game, and I have no weapons. Fortunately, neither do they.
I realize they are Joel McHale and Ethan Supplee, the latter of whom behaving more like his Randy character from My Name is Earl as opposed to himself.
Joel grabs my arms and we tustle, his goal clearly to get me to fall off the stage. Somehow I manage to retain my balance and onto his back he falls to the floor in front of the front-row. I race to the opposite side of the stage and run down the stairs, back to the tables corridor to return to my weapons. I know Joel will be right behind, so I snatch up from one of the tables a flatware knife, and throw it, just in time for it to smack Joel in the face (on its flat side, not injuring him, but hurting as much as if I'd thrown a baseball or something). Joel cries out in surprised pain, but continues towards me, grabbing my arms.
I swing my hands up and out, causing him to release me, and I snatch up his wrist and twist, driving him to his knees, at which point I smack him in his trachea a few times. Predictably, this causes him to stop pursuing me as I quickly but calmly head back towards the double doors as I drowse awake.

Dream Journal 2014 | Dream Journal 2013 | Dream Journal 2012 | Dream Journal 2011
Dream Journal 2010 | Dream Journal 2009 | Dream Journal 2008 | Dream Journal 2007
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