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Geoffrey Gould
Dream Journal 2013

Sunday 29 June 2013 Coasting
A lot of Dream Memory at work here. People were concerned or upset about something, so I figured a roller coaster ride would make a pleasant diversion. The roller coaster I planned to ride was within the infrastructure of my family home, Dream Geography of which making it unlike any house in which I'd lived.
I went through a small servant-tunnel of sorts beneath and perpendicular to the main stairs, to a secondary set of stairs (non existant in waking hours), where I knew the metal track ran.
I knew it had not been run for many years, so I knew I'd have to let it run several times on its own to make sure it was safe. I suspected others might wonder why I'd be using it after all these years, but my logic was that my father had spent a lot to have it built so why not use it?

Thursday, April 04, 2013 6:04am Tonight's the night...?
The first night after taking my Qivana products, my dreams being extremely vivid, and remembered.
The lack of any kill-room notwithstanding, I was Dexter Morgan. However, at one point as a woman and I introduce each other, I started out by saying my name being Geoffrey, correcting it to Dexter.
She starts to call me Geoffrey, but I politely correct her, wondering aloud why I'd say Geoffrey...
Later (more of a time shift that a Dream Shift), I am staying at a closed down for the night police station branch. After a time I begin to wonder actively (though not enough to make me realize I am dreaming), how would any police station close down for the night; everyone having gone home?
My still moist, just-done laundry I have draped over the backs of wooden chairs, but suddenly I notice people starting to come in. I hastily hide behind a large copy machine near the wall. No one seems to notice me (or my pants draped over chairs), even as a paper copy emerges from the machine near my head. A woman notices me eventually and comes over and sits next to me on the floor, discussing an article in a newspaper, as I suddenly realize I'm not wearing a shirt, only my underwear, and that my pants are about my ankles.
Later I am outside in the parking lot, where I'm not entirely sure where I parked.
Proper Dream Shift:
I am outside a large brick building, onto a bulletin board of sorts, an attractive young woman is placing a large landscape-oriented poster regarding an elaborate fan-made Doctor Who video, a photo on which shows Matt Smith and I believe Karen Gillan sitting at a table, each done up with flawless chimpanzee make-up a la the Tim Burton version of Planet of the Apes, but done in such a way that while one cannot overlook their being chimps, one can still recognize it's Matt and Karen.
The girl is friendly and seemingly straightforward, but doesn't seem able to answer my straightforward questions as to the project's title or how to find/view it. As with most dreams, reading is extremely difficult, apart from that without a lot of text. On the poster the only thing seemingly readable are the years 2010-2011 in large, grey font, the font of which makes the numbers look like slivers of rock. The girl is covering that photo with another, albeit smaller poster or flyer, as I ask her about the fan-film, and the event going on inside. She is engaged enough in our conversation that she agrees to take my card, but I look down and I'm wearing my suit jacket (albeit surprisingly moth-eaten in several spots), and I realize my calling cards are in my regular vest-jacket that I'm not wearing, and I did not take any cards with me in the currently worn jacket.

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Dream Journal 2010 | Dream Journal 2009 | Dream Journal 2008 | Dream Journal 2007
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