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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Graham Cracker Cream Pie
Huck Botko's independent short

Early 1999
Confections to bakering
In the early summer, June or July, of 1998 I auditioned for an independent short titled Kandyland, a satire being done in the format of a late-night television commercial. The audition was with its writer director Huck Botko, and I got to have some fun with it, and he found my audition extremely entertaining.
With no word one way or the other after a few days, weeks, and months, I came to the conclusion it wasn't entertaining enough.
In late Octoer 1998 I moved to Los Angeles; retaining her New York city job, my then-girlfriend stayed back east with my mother. In mid December my mother called to notify me a call had been left on my answering machine. She provided me with and number and the caller's name: Huck Bokto. I called him back and he congratulated me regarding Kandyland: he wanted me to work on it.
I told him that I thought that that was cast with someone else and filmed months earlier; Huck told me they had been seeking the funding, and now had it. I had to tell him I now lived in the west coast, but that I would be back for a week or two for the December holidays. Sadly the schedule was for the weekend prior to my return.
But Huck still wanted to work with me.
He had a personal project of his own, Graham Cracker Cream Pie, in which a role for which I'd be perfect. We made arrangements and he flew out to Los Angeles in early 1999 (long before I started these reports, so I do not recall the exact dates involved). Huck faxed to me the script pages for me to study, to portray Huck's psychiatrist.
Huck and I met up and we drove around Hollywood and such, looking for a suitable location. We finally set on the parking lot of the famous Griffith Observatory. As we were driving about, Huck explained that this was one of a series of short films, dark satires which sounded engagingly twisted. We already arranged that the lines he wrote were more outline that anything; I could "make them my own" however I needed to make them sound convincing, but genearlly all the facts to be conveyed were to be used. As there would be no actual credits beyond the film's title, I would be allowed to use my own name.
We filmed my emerging from the car to greet Huck (who throughout the film remains behind the camera), and we converse about my concerns for his upcoming plans with his brother. I warn him not only of the legal ramifications but urge him to channel his frustations in a less destructive direction, etc. It took maybe about an hour, filming the lines said at different spots, at one point just able to see the famous Hollywood Sign over my shoulder.
Huck was quite pleased with my performance, and even agreed to send along the previous films in the series for me to view, which he did. While all four films have been shown at various underground film festivals in New York and such, only Graham Cracker Cream Pie obtained an IMDB entry.
Back east I'd done at least one student film, but never received a copy. In Los Angeles I worked on seventy (from 2000 through 2011), about half of which I actually received a copy, from which I was able to compile my first demo reel.
When I saw Graham Cracker Cream Pie, I suspected I could use part of my performance... but I could think of no one to whom I could show the rest of the short.
I viewed the first three shorts first, obviously, starting with Fruitcake. I wondered whether these should be called the Stomach Churning Series, as while I can appreciate the jet-black satire, for some they might have to view it on an empty stomach.
Fruitcake was followed by Baked Alaska, which I found far funnier, but again, not something I'd suggest my mother to view. I had to wonder if these were elaborately filmed jokes or true depictions of what Huck was actually doing for real.
After making it through Cheesecake (Huck sent me each film on its own short VHS tape: this was years before DVDs), I started watching Graham Cracker Cream Pie...
Huck and I stayed in contact for a time; he reported that when the short was shown at various underground film festivals, no one suspected I wasn't a real psychiatrist.
In late June 2010 I stumbled across that Huck Botko co-wrote The Last Exorcism, the trailer for which I'd seen, and I was seriously considering seeing it, its hand-held'edness notwithstanding, my having learned from Blair Witch Project that I get virtual motion sickness when it comes to overly long shown hand-held camera work. I made it through the otherwise hilarious Paranormal Activity film/s by mostly only watching the overnight static shots: the daytime footage I kept closed my eyes and listened as though to a radio play, opening my eyes momentarily if something Very Important was happening, story-wise.
Huck's initial email had been disconnected years before, and with his work on a theatrically released motion picture, I searched again for information on him, finding Huck Botko's website, listed on which were his previous films, including but not limited to Kandyland, Fruitcake, Baked Alaska, Cheesecake, and Graham Cracker Cream Pie.
It was interesting to watch Graham Cracker Cream Pie again: though it did drive home how much hair atop my head I'd since lost...
On knowing on what else he worked, I Netflixed his co-written and co-directed mockumentary Mail Order Wife, which was done so well I had to check to clarify they were actors and not a real documentary.
I also sent an email to Huck with his newly found email, congratulating him on Last Exorcism, et al, and conveying my availability on any future projects for which he might find a use for me.
So far (early 2013), Huck has never responded...

Monday January 05, 2015
Discussing various acting projects and such with my friend Mike Beardsey, I used Graham Cracker Cream Pie as an example, as he'd worked on a project that had no character name. I mentioned that with Huck's project as there'd be no on-screen credits, I was able to use my actual name "despite being" in the film's context, his psychiatrist. I went to the previous link and found it to be gone, along with Huck's now-absent website.
I was aware he had a Vimeo acount (as do I), and his films were/are all there. So above, I have updated the five short films' links to send visitors here to those respective films, for as long as they're accessable online.

Thursday June 23. 2016
As my Following on Twitter has grown substantially, several of my Followers have begun spotting me in earlier works.
Matt, aka @skrapiron embedded a video that indicates a DVD titled Ensuring Your Place In Hell Vol .1, the page on which it's "available" for ten bucks, though the page comes across as though it's a pirated version. I found that page after finding it "more legitimately" available here. one of the selections on the DVD is all of the Huck Botko food videos in chronological order. The YouTube video is an analysis of sorts, of each section of the DVD, so this one video focuses on the Huck Botko videos section.
Checking online regarding the DVD, I came across another video review, this time a "reaction video," a YouTube vlog concept that still is very weird to me.
At the 14:45 time stamp, my scene and my lines can be heard as the girls continue their comments as they watch in aghast horror.
Amusingly, these two girls make a few rather "brutal" comments, regarding my appearance (both being in the short, and regarding my actual physical appearance), including but not limited to refering to me as a sh!thead, looking like a troll, and my face being too small for my head.
Not completing my scene, timewise, they cutaway to the next scene, cutting to Huck introducing to the audience his brother.
It was a fascinating thing to see.

Cooking With Huck Botko Analysis

Fangirl Sam's reaction to "Cooking with Huck Botko",

in which I am summarily brutally described, starting at the 14:45 mark.

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