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Saturday 31 July 2021 edition
Rick McCallum
Tonight we welcomed paranormal investigator and psychic medium Rick McCallum, author of Ghosts Believe in Me.
Before the show, considering his investigations in Scotland, England, Ireland, et al, I asked if he was related in any way to David McCallum. Rick suspects that most likely he may be, but unsure as to How.
Henry had Rick start out with how he got into the paranormal; at age 13 his family traveled to Kentucky for his father's funeral. In a motel, they were warned their room was haunted. During the night, his mother's and his beds literally moved on their own until they collided into each other. His mother tried some experiments to try and debunk how the beds had moved, without success.
Henry conveyed how he got into the paranormal, and into, et al.
Rick spoke about while working on the movie Fallen Angels, his being at Ohio Mansfield Reformatory.
"Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch had him speak about his experiences investigating Waverly Hills; Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan had him speak about his experiences at Rosslyn Chapel.
As he began to speak about investigating Mary King's Close, Rick had to quickly notify a producer that was trying to reach him.
Based on his experience, Rick felt the group Scottish Paranormal was the Best paranormal investigation team in existence.
Sprinkled through the show, Rick spoke of his visting the HellFire Club up Dublin's Montpelier Hill in Ireland.
CC asked Rick's opinion on haggis which Rick correctly indicated loathing it.
Tabby asked he convey his first psychic experience, which he talked about his father in Oregon. His father was extremely careless with a rifle during an argument with his wife. Rick all but Heard The Universe scream NO...! Rick was just able to move in time the rifle barrel in time from it going off, which it did, and killing his father.
Henry asked what other haunted places in American he's checked. Rich spoke of the Pioneer Saloon outside Vegas, at which Rick has a ghostly girlfriend named Ruby. Also the famous Oman House in the Hollywood Hills, and the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone. He's also been to Sloss Furnace, and Dodge Phelps Hospital. He also pointed out his own domicile is extremely haunted.
He spoke of the extremely haunted Bolton Abby in Yorkshire England, and his experiences there.
As we went to wrap, when Henry asked whatever else Rick might want to add; apart from clarifying his surname pronunciation (McCullum instead of its McCallum spelling), Rick indicated again his hosting the Haunted Majesties of Scotland event 11-19 July 2022 ($2100 per person).
Henry made sure to remind everyone that the next Gettysburg trip currently is scheduled for 23-24 September.
Henry had Tabby announce that next week our guest would be author Carl Johnson, author of Shadow Realms: Demonology Handbook.
We wrapped, and once off-air Rick had quickly disconnected before we could thank him. Tabby suspected he had to call back the producer from earlier.
Then the unthinkable happened.
Henry went to save the recorded show audio... and it vanished.
He said he would search for it, in case it really was Gone, but he didn't have much hope.

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31 July 2021 The Paranormal View.

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