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Geoffrey Gould
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Saturday 26 December 2020: rebroadcast of 23 May 2020 edition
The Ghost Brothers: Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey
Tonight's guest were paranormal investigators, the Ghost Brothers, whose TV series aired on Destination America. and The Learning Channel (TLC).
The group is headed up by Dalen Spratt, having teamed up with his lifelong friend Juwan Mass, and eventually Dalen's barber Marcus Harvey.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan was not available; we recorded it earlier in the month as the trio were not available Saturday evening. Henry and I found ourselves doing a Skype video chat with the three. Sadly only the audio was recorded, so we couldn't plunk it onto our YouTube channels. Being a video Skype call, now and then on the audio one could hear the li'l notification sounds.
When the show aired on the 23rd, I was in the live chat room as after having typed up the show as we did it, somehow that file was not properly saved.
Henry commended them on the humour utilized during their shows. This also translated into the show as the three tended to razz each other now and then.
Dalen spoke of his first experience at seven years old where he saw a full body apparition of a man who'd killed himself after killing his girlfriend. Juwan spoke of his early years, mostly visiting and exploring cemeteries, where he could Sense the paranormal, which ignited his interest.
Dalen clarified the group choses the location they'd investigate for the show; the show's producers do the leg-work such as getting permissons, scout the place being large enough in which to film, et al.
The three all have businesses Outside their TV investigative series, so push comes to shove, they have a natural fall-back.
They were impressed when Henry brought up my working at an actor. I indicated my work on The Practice, the short Careful What You Wish For, and my costarring in the 2009 Superbowl spot. I also spoke of my writing, such as my Bucky short-film script winning a screenplay competition and being funded and filmed.
It takes the team about a week per location/episode, as they also do background investigation, interviews, B-roll footage, et al. They've been to the House of Wills, and the Allen House, and in Jamaica they investigated after the White Witch of Rose Hall.
Often the three are able to see aspects of Tours that go into areas normally not avaiable to the general public.
They have not yet been to Mansfield Reformatory. nor Hill View Manor in New Castle, Ohio. We discusssed their visit to Poasttown.
I recommended to them the Queen Mary, conveying some of my experiences there, plus the EVP I got there.
They clarified when they get to a location, they don't do any "pre-investiations" before they start filming for the show.
Discussing equipment, they use the REM POD a lot, the SLS cam, et al.
They attend paranormal events, but they don't do residential investigations.
As the three are in east coast time, and were only available for one hour, and technical difficulties plagued half of our recent Tim Shaw appearance, the Ghost Brothers' hour was aired first, the second hour was the single hour of the 18 May edition.

26 December 2020 edition podcast
rebroadcast of
23 May 2020 edition

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The Ghost Brothers
23 May 2020 edition guests The Ghost Brothers

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