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Saturday May 30, 2020
Cat Gasche
Tonight's returning guest was author and paranormal investigator "Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch, who also usually attendsthe Paranormal View's annual Gettysburg weekend.
I had normal connections with Skype.
When I came in they were (apparently) discusing the International Space Station, and Elon Musk's SoaceX launch.
Tabby often has ghostly guests, as though she has a incorporeal Welcome Sign atop her house. She discussed various such guests, one of which would mess with her PC, another would mute music to which she was listening, insisting on country music.
Discussing various genetic "DNA memories," such as food tastes near-ancestor enjoyed that she does; it tastes Familiar to her, as well as other fears and phobias from which she suffers.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan posited that one is "formed" in one's grandparent, as all the genetic disposition going into the fetus (one's own parent), is what will one day become You.
Out of the blue, Henry asked Tabby about UFOs, which she answered, mostly, that from a strict mathmatical aspect our Being Alone would be unlikely. But as for UFO pilots, they might not be extraterrestrial but inter-dimensional.
CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.
She spoke of being trained in various methods by the Reverend Tim Shaw.
We discussed various ghostly experiences we've had.
We spoke about "famous places;" she's wanted to investigate Mansfield Reformatory and Waverly Hills, but as they've become well known via TV Ghost Hunting shows, often it's nigh impossible to get a private investigation.
Tabby spoke of Gettysburg, and how there are Some Spots where the ghosts all but welcome visitors. She was on an investigation with Donald Allison, who has a ghost who regularly hangs out with him when he visits.
She spoke of friends buying a house Because it was Haunted; they even had her check out the place before they signed any papers. She went through and indeed Sensed Something, so the friends did buy the place; Tabby once stayed over and had ghostly footsteps coming down the hallway, and she got her best EVP there.
Tabby pointed out she'd be investigating and ghosts would realize She Could Hear and She Could See them, and she'd get clustered like fans around a celebrity.
As we wrapped up, we plugged the fact she has a new, second book coming out, scheduled for release around Halloween. how the paranormal has shaped her life. The tentative title is Touched by the Paranormal.

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30 May 2020 edition

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