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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday February 10, 2018
Mike Stevenson
Our guest tonight was Mike Stevenson (preferring Mike to his actual given name: Herman), founder of The Paranormal Man Organization.
I'd actually missed the previous two shows, first with the Pigeonholed wrap and screening party on the 27th, then on the Saturday the 3rd shooting my principal role scenes for the indie feature The New Hands.
Henry had our guest Mike discuss his first experience; at eight years old he was in the midst of a fall when he was stopped in mid air and lifted back up by an unseen force. Only his grandmother believed him, having had an experience herself years earlier. She and female friends would gather together to play Bingo. Gerti, one member of the group had been sickly, and occasionally had to miss the Bingo meetings, One Saturday morning the doorbell rang, and the grandmother answered the door and it was the sickly Gertie, who came in, chatted over tea. "Well, I have to leave," she said around noon, insisting she had to depart. That evening at the gettogether they were setting up, Mike's grandmother spoke of Gerti's visit, at which point she was informed Gerti had been bed-ridden for months, and that two minutes before noon, she had passed away. Based on results, Gerti had been astral projecting for several minutes before physically dying.
Mike spoke about the Ramblewood House, also know as the Worthington House in Darlington, Maryland, where he always gets data, usually post-3am.
Mike spoke about an EVP he got at Burnside Bridge in Sharpsburg, Maryland.
Henrys asked Mike's favourite place to investigate, which mostly is Ramblewood. As of this date, Mike has done 58 investigations there.
CC reported tonight our having listeners in Germany, Australia, the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.
CC had found photos of Ramblewood, and had Mike go into more historical detail.
Mike spoke about the underground railroad; also dealing with entities unaware they are spirits. He also discussed various spirits' attempts at communication. At the Gettysburg haunted Orphanage he was in communication with a child spirit who clarified he would always Be when Mike returned, no matter the time as perceived by Mike.
After the second break, Mike spoke about some of his electronic inventions and gadgets used for investigations, as Skype kicked me off the call.
Mike discussed audio frequencies, and how canines and felines are able to perceive spirits both visually and auditorily.
Henry has Mike discuss his investigating the Eisenhower Farm and Hotel.
Henry had Michael clarify the Keller Method of EVP work: asking questions that would be targeted to the person with whom you're endevouing to communicate.

chat room () spent the night before at the Preble County Historical Society Museum, there having caught a couple of EVPs. As he said it'd seemed like a Dead Calm initially, Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan asked about sites at which one consistently gets activity and/or data. Mike discussed how incorporeal bodies, being energy, utilize a magnetic-field of energy flux with which EVPs are created. I asked about actual auditory experiences, my referencing a ghost speaking into my ear at a previous girlfriend's house, and my having had a ghost dog barking in my face aboard the Queen Mary. A question from the live chat room asked about doors being slammed and such.
We discussed how some EVPs and direct auditory communication are very much directed to specific people. He briefly touched on an out of body, near-death experience he'd had.
Mike spoke of testing memory of spirits, so he believes they may indeed retain their earthly memories. We also spoke at length about relative time and how the spirit world doesn't "use" it the same way we do.
To win a ticket to the 21-23 July 2017 Mid-South Paranormal Convention, Henry asked the question (the answer to which to be sent our email): In what city is the Mid-South event being held?
(No responses.)
CC asked whether Mike about the Kinect system; he has it, but still setting it up. I pointed out there are numerous videos of people using it.
Also touched on was whether night investigating should have lights on or having lights off.
Henry stated that next week our guest will be Edy Nathan.
Henry quickly announced that the next week our guest would be Robbie Thomas.

10 February 2017 edition podcast

The Worthingtons
White House:
On the
Ramblewood estates

Mike Stevenson

The Worthington
A page by page

(The Worthington
White House)
(Volume 2)
Mike Stevenson

13 Short but
True Ghost Stories

Mike Stevenson
Mike Stevenson
February 10 2018 The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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