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Kitchen Ghost
In the late summer 2004 I had for a few months a lover named Sharon who lived down in Fullerton, California, actually next door to author Sonia Singh, whose book Goddess for Hire I'd found extremely entertaining (as well as her other two books). Sharon was a borderline Cancer, and due to my experiences with a few other Cancer women, I was understandably concerned that that aspect of Cancer might shine through, but I felt as she was "heading into Leo," she would be safe as a girlfriend. Eventually though, she turned out to be a full-fledged Cancer.
Sharon told me how her moderate Orange County home had a ghost... or at least one seems to attached itself to her. She would be awakened at night by a female hand being placed on her bare arm. Once fully awake, she would feel the hand slowly remove itself from her arm. The nights I would stay over, I did not experience anything (paranormal)... in the bed.
I have no issue with walking through an unlit place with which I've become familiar. I knew where the furniture was, not to bonk into anything, and enough ambient light from outside and the pool area that if I was thirsty I easily could get to the refrigerator to get a soda with me I'd bring, and back to bed.
One late Friday or Saturday night in the dead of night, I went to the kitchen for a drink. The floor to the common area through which one would walk to get from the bedrooms to the kitchen is carpeted, but the kitchen floor was bare tile linoleum. Even barefoot one can hear footfalls. As I stood there in the dark silence, suddenly a few inches from my ear I could clearly hear the word "Hey...!"
I quickly turned around without surprise, completely expecting to embrace Sharon who had, somehow ninja-like, managed to sneak up on me... but I was still utterly alone in the kitchen. I stopped and wondered about that, and looked about, and no one was around. Not even the cat was nearby. I finished my drink, experienced nothing else as I continued to glance about, and walked back to the bedroom, and Sharon was waiting for me in bed.
"Did you come out to the kitchen area?" I asked her.
I thought for a moment. "I think... your ghost just let herself be known to me in the kitchen," and I relayed what had taken place. Sharon had never heard any words from her ghost, and we wondered how much energy the ghost must have had to expend to manage even the monosyllablic "greeting."
Eventually I helped Sharon move to Kansas City, taking three days by truck. We stayed in nearly daily contact, until after about a month or so she casually announced she was engaged to be married.
Based on results, she must have put herself back on the online singles scene before she had even left Orange County!
And one wonders why I avoid dating Cancers as a Significant Other; nothing beyond Friendship or Buddy status. site created February 29, 2008

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