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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday February 20, 2016
Antietam Roundup
This previous Halloween, Henry and Kat broadcast live from Antietam, along with Patrick McCormack and Doug McReynolds of GhostSoldiers, and author Cat Gasch. Tonight Henry and Kat, Pat and Doug, and Cat, dicussed their experiences and evidence they obtained during that investigation.
The show started out... a bit oddly. While my own computer was being sketchy with its connection, Skype itself was being uncooperative with Pat and Cat.
Kat announced having posting several photos from the event on her website. She pointed how the Skype call had begun about a half hour before the show, and about a minute before, Skype took th'call to hell.
Doug said they drove the five and a half miles from New Jersey, staying at the Bavarian Inn, in West Virginia. Kat indicated their all staying at different hotels, but it turned out Pat and Doug's room had a ghost in it as it was.
Meanwhile, the Skype issue was such, Henry had to end the call and reboot Skype, to bring us all back in again, even Cat Gasch this time. Henry re-started the hotel ghost story, described their arrival at Antietam, having dinner sans a drive-exhausted Kat. After which they went to Pat and Doug's hotel room, where the ghost was sighted. Henry played an EVP which also included the group's joking about it. Henry asked the entity's name, with a low, muffled attempt at a reply, which Kat heard a "Yeah."
Kat repeated her having photos at her site, along with some video. Pat announced having some video, someplace, of their investigation on the GhostSoldiers' site. I asked after this in the Skype chatroom, learning that they'd meant their Facebook page on which would be the video, but I could not locate it. Doug reposted it; they had not stored it in their video folder. Here it is as a full page.
Patrick conveyed a few stories of various deaths, events, and skirmmishes that took place on the site.
They joked about their lunch, and Henry's pizza being less that enjoyable.
Cat spoke about avoiding a local general cemetery; Kat could see the "unsavoury" entities that were such that Cat wouldn't even cross the cemetery threshhold. After lunch they went to the Pry House.
Henry spoke about the show that evening, that towards the end of the show, the kitchen lights went out, then on, and off and on again. Kat went over the check it out; she found the kitchen light switches, but no one was near them.
Henry played back recordings from Pat's and Henry's, where Pat got an EVP reply to a question to General Joe Hooker, while Henry and Cat heard something "downstairs" with their ears. Pat gave some background on the general, including his surname being (possibly), from which we get the word "hooker," regarding Working Girls.
Pat mentioned how he spoke with the hotel manager that the place having ghosts. This relieved the manager no end, as he'd never taken that into account with all the Activity he'd experienced over the years.
Tonight's Henryisms: "Gruffled," and "Pronunciated."
Henry played back several EVPs.
With all the Skype issues, we took no breaks this show, apart from the gap when Henry had to bring us all back in. I asked Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan in the Skype chat as to from where we had listeners tonight. She reported our having listeners tonight from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Unknown.
Henry continued playing various EVPs, as many as he could squeeze in before the show came to its close.
Henry announced our guest the next week would be Nyla (Henry's wife Patsy), doing Tarot readings.
With seconds to spare, Pat hastily gave out his and Doug's own show information, their being on Rock with the Shock immediately after our show. There was no time for him to impart his @patghostsoldiers1 Twitter account, or their Facebook profile, or their theghostsoldiers website.
There was no time for me to provide my my Paranormal View hub page on my website, or that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page, nor that as of this evening my being So Very Close to topping/passing ten thousand Followers on Twitter at @realbadger;
Kat had no time to give out the show being on Twitter at @Paraviewradio; Kat earlier in the show had given out her own website.

20 February 2016 edition podcast

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Personal Tales of
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