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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday July 11, 2015
Thomas Wertman
Tonight we had Thomas Wertman of MUFON. As my connection was giving me substantial issues early on, my Bio intro was severely compromised tonight; Henry had me disconnect to bring me back in.
Kat was really looking forward to some of the experiences Thomas could recount. Thomas began with a Lost Time encounter between two night fishermen in a state park, where they lost almost three full hours, after seeing several lights twice earlier. During the investigation, Thomas went back to the location of the event with the two witnesses, having they reenacting the entire scenario.
Nyla in the live chat room asked whether the withnesses had been given any hypnotic regression. Thomas had initially wanted to see how "it played out," then provided the hypnotherapist he personally trusted, having done Thomas's own regression sessions.
He went on about about more recently, north of Cincinatti, east of Dayton. A driver came around a corner and came across a hexigon shaped craft sitting on the street. It rose up, and followed the road. A similar craft was sighted about twenty miles away from there the same night.
After the first break, Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan pointed out how many witnesses and abductees' behaviour seems very similar to post traumatic stress syndrome. Thomas spoke about, having HR experience, he knows how to read body language.
Thomas had also interviewed Travis Walton who's depositions remained consistant, but that he experienced the same upset behaviour most UFO witnesses/abductees experience. Thomas posited wondered if fascination with the UFO topic may be a Connection with a memory supressed experience. He and CC also wondered whether there's a genetic aspect; often abductees are in a specific bloodline, grandmother, to mother, to daughter, etc.
He spoke about his own experiences, a bit obliquely, to clarify how apprehensive one can be at previous sites at which they'd had Lost Time. One friend, while hunting, spoke about what seemed to describe a Sasquatch. As they became more agitated, Thomas saw a craft above the treetops.
Thomas spoke of his own regression sessions, which from the offset far more information was forthcoming than generally would be the case. One aspect of his experience was as surprising to his abductors as to himself: as they seemed to scan him mentally, he found the mental door went both way and seemed to be able to read their mind/s.
As Hollywood had lost power for a few hours, Henry had to call me on my cellphone. For the second break, Henry played a 1968 audio of North Dakota military pilots sighting a UFO.
After the second break, CC pointed out tonight we had listeners in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia the UK, and "Unknown" had returned.
We discussed how the government disinformation policies are essentially a waste of time; Thomas indicated a few hours and a computer and a YouTube Channel he could disinform the heck out of the UFO subject. I pointed out the awesome Star War fan video of San Francisco with the Death Star and Star Destroyers hanging casually in the sky, without even the camera being locked down on a tripod. Thomas agreed that some such amatuer videos look more realistic than on the Sci-Fi Channel.
Henry wondered about stealth tech, and wondering why UFOs are visible. I reminded that much of military weaponry as being reverse engineered UFO technology.
Kat asked after a recent MUFON conference discussing the media, orbs, etc.; Thomas spoke about James Fox documentaries I Know What I Saw and Out of the Blue and trying to get answers from Jimmy Carter about his UFO experience. He said James Fox was working on a new documentary titled 701, abuot the number of unsolved Project Blue Book cases.
From the chatroom, Psi asked about what sort of radiation saturation effects would be needed to duplicate the radiation in the soil, found at UFO landing sites, but not being his speciality, Thomas wasn't able to field that one.
I spoke about the millionaire Bob Bigalow of Bigalow Airospace who seemingly "bought" MUFON for half a million dollars, Thomas clarified that Bob's contribution was to help get (California) investigators to sites as soon as possible, and that eventually his funding was pulled.
After Thomas discussed a Mike Wallace interview, and his falling for government disinformation, Henry revealed many people in the chat room were urging Thomas to return as a guest in the future, to which we all concurred.
CC indicated UFO sightings increasing of late; Thomas said it's more about reported sightings. The subject is not as reviled as it used to be, and MUFON is getting more and more information. He also conveyed how one can become a field investigator for MUFON, including but not limited to, it's voluntary/unpaid.
Thomas provided MUFON's site, MUFON Ohio, plus info on public meetings, such as at Cleveland Ufolofy project.
I gave out the official Paranormal View page page, my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, With Kat providing her website, her Twitter, and jinxed comic site and jinxed comic Twitter profile.
Henry conveyed that the next week he would be broadcasting from Poasttown Elementary School, and we wrapped out.


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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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