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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday January 31, 2015
Annie Wilder
(Kat was at a convention this weekend, and was unable to get a computer connection.)
Our guest tonight was Annie Wilder, author of Spirits Out of Time: True Family Ghost Stories and Weird Paranormal Experiences and House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House, and her latest, Trucker Ghost Stores.. She started out by pointing out on her Facebook page she's added some EVPs that were not yet on her website, which is about to revamped, and that there is a YouTube video about her kitchen investigation.
Annie has lived in her very haunted home for over twenty years, and she spoke of the elderly previous owner Leon, who once indicated her home "is full of doors," meaning its a way-station of sorts of spiritual portals. She also has a ghostly child, which makes her feel more protective of that one.
She discussed hosting mediums, tarot evenings, feng shui, et al. With her current book on which she's working, she'll be researching whether there are lay-lines beneath her house. She has already learned there were many underground springs, as well as limestone.
While Leon comes to her in dreams, he conveys his messages in ways other than vocalizations. One message was there being "treasure" buried in the dirt room (two coffee cans, which were returned to Leon's living relations), another being there being a Portal in the back yard.
A psychic friend, Jodi, tuned in to Annie's house and sensed three Portals. She also sensed a locaton Leon had dream-shown Annie being a Portal. Dowser Curt Hanson came and did a dowsing class and, at the kitchen table, Annie suggested he dowse for the Porals, all of which he found with brass rods. She brought him outside, where he used a wooden branch, and he was able to find the back yard Portal. It was so strong it cracked the branch he was using, even when he tried it twice more.
Ceiling Cat Barbara reported hearing a moaning sound at one point, which Henry and I hadn't. As she spoke about meeting someone of like minded person at an antique store, I thought I heard a momentary sign-song female voice.
After the first break, Henry brought up the topic of her Trucker Ghost Stores book, the origins of which she conveyed. She knew several truckers, and turned out most if not all had some sort of paranormal experience.
Truckers Report let her post their site
Pointing out we had listeners tonight is the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and... Unknown, CC asked about the truckers' clarifying they were not hallucinating, being on the road for such long stretches notwithstanding. Annie's indicated her book retaining the storytelling aspect of the truckers' stories.
One story, The Woman Standing Beside Her Car, a woman retold an experience when she was seven. An elderly woman was standing next to a pulled over car. The girl's driving aunt pulled over, and while the girl could still see the woman, the aunt couldn't see her, and this was during the day. The aunt return and in the rear view could see the woman again. The two went back together, and halfway to the car, the woman and car vanished. Back in their car, they could hear a sudden screech, and the elderly woman had reappeared and was running at their car and screaming. Understandably, the aunt took off at full speed.
Annie mentioned her appearance on the Highway 666 Badlands episode of Monsters & Mysteries in America via Destination America. (which I saw when it aired).
Annie spoke about a California trucker in the 50s-60s coming across a panicking, barefoot man screaming about two dead rabbits. Thinking it might be heat stroke, the trucker gave him some water which was refused, and the terrified man ran off in terror. Annie didn't know what to make of it; I pointed out how many people with alien experiences and abductions often see aliens symbolically, as owls and in this case, considering their large black eyes, perhaps even rabbits. Annie felt this could be a good theory, one she'd not previously entertained.
After the second break, CC had Annie discuss Jim Morony's alien encounter in Canada, about which he eventually wrote in his own The Extraterrestrial Answer Book: UFOs, Alien Abductions, and the Coming ET Presence book. His story was edited down a bit for her book, and it's still the longest story in her book. Annie plugged Native American Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, who authored a book on alien experiences on Native Americans.
Annie conveyed several other creepy stories, as well as a Black Dog story, and one of the Highway 666 stories, Time Slips, etc.
We did not get in her appearance on episode 203 of My Ghost Story tonight
Annie gave out her website, her Facebook page, and her Twitter, as well as her mentioning a Follow Up Book to her home's experience being in the works. Follow up book on experiences of her house.
I quickly gave out my Paranormal Hub page on my website, the show's official website as well as its Facebook presence, and @Paraviewradio on Twitter and my own @realbadger Twitter account I urged listeners to Follow.
Henry indicated our guest the next week would be Mike Stevenson all about EVPs.

31 January 2015 edition podcast

Now also available on iTunes

Trucker Ghost Stories
Annie Wilder

House of Spirits
and Whispers:
The True Story of
a Haunted House

Annie Wilder

Spirits Out of Time:
True Family Ghost
Stories and Weird
Paranormal Experiences

Annie Wilder
Annie Wilder
Annie Wilder

Encounters With
Star People:
Untold Stories of
American Indians

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

The Extraterrestrial
Answer Book: UFOs,
Alien Abductions,
and the Coming
ET Presence

Jim Morony
The Paranormal View hosts
The Paranormal View 31 January 2015 edition, with guest, author Annie Wilder.

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