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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 27, 2012
Sally Richards
Our guest tonight was psychic medium Sally Richards, author of Ghosthunting Southern California (in my introduction I alluded to her presentation the evening before at the impressive Los Angeles bookstore Stories Books and Cafe).
Henry asked which investigated spot was her favourite, Vallecito County Park in the Anza Borrego Desert (she planned to attend a Pow Wow there the following weekend). This was part of the Mormon Trail from Utah, containing lots of sacred energy out there.
She has discovered outdoor places as well as indoor, so people could investigate without too much harassement. Every time she and her Roadside Paranormal group would go, weird things would happen; apart from ghostly stuff, the area has UFO and Sasquatch activity.
The local Cupeños tribe used the Warner Springs for the hot spring water's healing properties, before the tribe was unlawfully dislocated once their land was stolen from them.
Sally discussed the Whaley House, much of its history and backstory, as well as its surrounding area which also has its share of Activity, such as the Four Winds Trading Company and the Museum Shop.
She also described how she takes photos by fast-panning, based on the concept that alternate-dimensions move at a different temporal speeds, and she sometimes catches "still" figures within the otherwise blur (e.g., our reality's temporal speed).
Sally spoke of her investigation of James Dean's famous car crash site, as well as providing history of the event itself.
Kat's audio was cutting in and out, but she managed to convey the topic of skinwalkers, and Sally spoke of some of the strange events she's experienced along such lines (though not much on actual humans shifting into animals), and background on Native American spirit animal totems.
I did the outro for the first break, during which I had to scoot out for a nearby audition (the role for which I did get).
Sally spoke about the Julian Pioneer Cemetery in San Diego county, and various investigations of other San Diego cemeteries.
She spoke of the Paranormal Investigation-Friendly Hunter's Steakhouse in Oceanside, which is extremely Active. She and her group have captured EVPs and images and videos there pretty much any time they've visited there.
CC brought up El Campo Santo Cemetary which Sally confirmed being a Very Strange Cemetery, including but not limited to Santaria rituals being done there [more here].
She stressed her warning that coming across the living is understandably more dangerous than coming across the dead.
Henry asked after the famous Hotel Del Coronado, some of the background and haunted history of which Sally spoke, as well as some of her experiences there. She pointed out that while the hotel doesn't encourgage investigations, investigations are not strictly prohibited; the place does have its own resident medium.
Henry revealed to Sally that her book's editor John Kachuba is a friend not only of Henry's but that John has been a guest on the show (Henry hadn't checked, but John's appearance had been exactly 50 weeks earlier). Sally pointed out John had written such Ohio based books as Ghosthunting Ohio On the Road Again, Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers, and Other Investigators of America's Paranormal World and Ghosthunting Ohio, et al, and Henry concurred what a great guy John is, their having investigated together. Sally was jokingly envious, having only spoken with John on the phone.
CC asked about the Warner Grand in San Pedro (her book having arrived only two days earlier I'd not finished it and was unaware she'd covered that venue of I'd have referred to it before I had to go). The theatre allows for investigations; Lee Stewart has not experienced anything himself, but he's been there during investigations with different groups, and sometimes they capture evidence captured at previous groups' investigations, or what theatre groups have reported experiencing. CC posited that in a theatre EVPs should be rather clear, particularly if they're actors. Sally retold a story I'd told her the night before about an EVP a friend of mine had obtained at Hollywood Forever Cemetary in the mausoleum by the graves of Rudolph Valentino and Peter Lorre, catching the EVP "I can't act" (Sally paraphrased the EVP quote). Kat asked Henry if he thought the Warner Theatre was where I'd conveyed of the flushing toilet incident, which Henry thought was on the Paramount lot (it was the Los Angeles Theatre downtown on Broadway near 5th). Sally said the Warner Theatre bathrooms have a lot of activity, particularly the women's bathrooms.
On the topic of bathrooms, their having just been there, Kat and Henry told Sally about the restrooms of Hill View Manor being so active that men won't go into the mens room alone: something locks them in.
Kat had done a poll of sorts in the chat room, asking about what they wanted to hear, and Linda Vista Hospital topped the list, Kat adding she knows its use for film and music videos, etc. Sally spoke of her group visiting there, she was working with an ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) PX Device. At one point as ghostly fingers touched Sally's hair, the PX spouted: "Like red hair," and it'd been set on phonetic mode.
Sally spoke how the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project had offered the private owners to clean up the building, to set up cameras, hold ghost investigation tours, etc. Interviewing Richard Berni in his office there, Sally could see the many monitors showing the constantly running cameras' point of views. The monitors were picking up Shadow People, but Richard all but shrugged it off, simply saying such happens all the time. She stressed how Active the place is, and how weird it is for the since-bought buildings soon to be refurbished into senior citizen housing.
On listening to the podcast to complete and polish up this report, I was surprised Sally hadn't gotten into speaking about her experience/s at the spiritualist community Lily Dale in upstate New York. Henry gave her time to provide her website, at which she reminded about her book being available at Amazon, and that it was available on Kindle as well (adding that her next book, Ghosthunting Northern California, would be available sometime in 2013), and that the Roadside Paranormal website would be up the following month, on which they'd be posting their evidence and such. Ironically, Sally did actually managed to forget to provide her website or her Facebook profile.
Henry reported that the next week's guest would be clairvoyant psychic medium Mary Ellen Rodrigues. Henry gave out the show's official site, but he felt providing my site page/s (my Paranormal View hub page, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al), to be too much of a mouthful to attempt, but he pointed out one can find my site's via my site.
Kat gave out her website and that she'd just posted some photo galleries of the recent locations to which they'd been, and the show wrapped for the evening.

Southern California

(America's Haunted
Road Trip series)
Sally Richards
October 27 edition podcast.
Sally Richards; Paranormal View 27 October 2012

Sally Richards website | Sally Richards on Facebook

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