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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 20, 2012
Hill View Manor
Henry and Kat broadcast live from Hill View Manor in New Castle, Pennsylvania, where they reported it was all but 39 degrees. The first guest they wrangled was former police officer Bruce Tango, joking how he's generally referred as Dave Tango's Dad of Ghost Hunters. He would later be leading the investigation up on the second floor. Henry indicated their having had a thirty minutes tour of the place earlier; Kat witnessed some slight Shadow Person activity already.
Their next guest was Jamie King, who volunteers there as well as at Mansfield. Jamie said Candy Braniff had had an experience in the room from which they were broadcasting, watching a door open. He also spoke of activity in the restroom and the second floor. Jamie would also be leading one of the tours.
The next guest Henry brought in Alex Tetlo of Ideal Event Management. He also indicated an April event at Morrison Lodge at which John Zaffis would be attending.
After the first break, Kat spoke of the place's history of Hill View, starting with the notorious One North wing, Shadow People are all over the property. Glow-sticks are set up for light-point references, and often they would be Blocked, at one point seeing the arm and shoulder of a Shadow entering a room from the hallway.
Candy Braniff came to the mic. She's been the property manager since 2008, and in 2009 she leased it to open it to paranormal groups and tours and such, as well as keep it open for history. They are working towards having it declared a Historic Landmark. The facility originally opened in 1926 and eventually closed in 2004, as essentially county-funded for indigent housing and such. She spoke of so many groups booking and pre-booking; in 2013 Ghostly Gatherings UK (a group from England), would be coming over to investigate as they do a "full sweep" of the entire country. Candy's daughter McKenna enjoys the spirit in Room 105 of Mary Virginia a resident with dimensia, and the daughter reads to Mary, getting lots of EVPs therefrom. Candy once asked of Mary if she could remember Candy's daughter's name, to which she got the EVP, "McKenna." She also spoke of mentally challenged patient Jimmy Snaps who would collect golf balls from the nearby golf course. EVPs have been caught of how many golf balls he'd collected.
Candy did indicate that the cost for investigatng is $650.00, which covers up to ten people per group.
208 is called Jeffrey's Room, due to the ghost of a little boy dubbed Jeffrey, around 6-7 years old.
On her own Candy has only felt uncomfortable when she heard footsteps after answering an alarm-call.
The front door security camera caught some interesting activity.
After the second break, Kat brought on Jennifer Kraypacs-Donohue, a paranormal investigator there for her second time, who spoke of some of her experiences at the Manor, such as second-floor Shadow Figures she and her friends saw peeking out of a room at them, then cross the hallway. In four weeks she planned to go to Mansfield.
Henry reported we had listeners tonight from the US Canada and France.
Mark Tetlo came on, who'd earlier been cleaning a fallen ceiling tile that plunked on a guest's head. He spoke of the upcoming Zaffis event, and how with all the events he has lacked time to do his own investigating. He loves Hill View Manor, Fort Mifflin, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, Missouri State Penitentiary et al. Mark reported there'd been some activity already in the boiler room and that Bruce had a blast in the cafeteria apparently.
Kat and Henry brought in as the final guest, Kathy Curatolo, there with Metro Paranormal Investigations out of Detroit, with co-investigator Mike McClain. They were there for their second time, has they'd had such a good experience the previous year (everyone in the group witnessing Shadow Figures darting about the halls of the third floor), they wanted to come back. They'd heard some noises in the Lecture Room, but weren't sure if they were hearing paranormal sound or live people. Her group has investigated Fort Wayne but aso homes, jails hospitals ships lighthouses; wherever.
Henry wrapped out that our subsequent week's guest being author Sally Richards or Ghosthunting Southern California.

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