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Personal Paranormal
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Geoffrey Gould
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As reported on my Cardinal Commercial page...

A college friend relayed a story recently conveyed to him (in late 2021), by his mother.
Decades earlier, the mother had had some extremely major surgery. In hospital, she had been roomed with the sister of someone with whom she was slightly acquainted.
After her surgery, she slowly came to in her bed back in her room. The bed may have been slightly elevated (as though having her slightly sitting up in bed), and somehow she was unable to stop herself from sliding forward and off the bed.
A dark-skinned man was standing over her, dressed in a brilliant-white outfit, and he picked her up, reset her bed, and gently placed her back on the mattress. While she was being held, she felt as though his skin was almost as though it were made of cloud. She commented to him as to extremely smoothness of his skin. The man did not respond, as he set up the bed.
Once she was settled back into the bed, she asked his, "What is your name?"
His reply was simply, "Jeremiah." It was the only thing he ever said.
My friend's mother fell back asleep, and on waking up later on, the woman in the other bed asked, "Who was that dark-skinned man? He was just sitting in that chair all night and day, staring at you."
My friend's mother didn't think much of the fact someone else had seen the cryptic man.
On being released from hospital, she asked after the orderly who'd helped her. The staff to whom she spoke were a bit confused. They knew who was staffed and stationed where when, but did not know to whom she was referring, and they would know if anyone tried to be there after visiting hours.
"Do you know what his name was?" she was asked.
"He said his name was Jeremiah."
Unable to assist further, the staff could only point out, "We have no one on staff named Jeremiah. We have no idea who that would have been."
My friend gently admonished his mother for not relaying this story after so many years. The mother also chose to refuse to contact the woman who could revalidate the experience, her having seen Jeremoah as well. site created February 29, 2008

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