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Saturday 22 August 2020
Keven McQueen
Tonight we welcomed author Keven McQueen, discussing much of his Bizarre Bluegrass: Strange but True Kentucky Tales book, which takes on Kentucky. We started discussing aspects of Abraham Lincoln, including but not limited to his nearly having fought in two duels, which he also mentioned in his Gothic and Strange True Tales of the South book.
He spoke of a John Doe being killed by a train, buried in a grave marked "Some Mother's Son," until an investigator nearly a full century later deduced who it might have been, and the body was exhumed and DNA confirmed who the investigator had believed the man was.
Cryptids came to the forefront, many of which he covered in his Forgotten Tales of Kentucky book.
Henry brought up a story from the book called "Pearl's Head," about a woman being murdered by while-alive decapitated, Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan wondered if it was similar or the same as a murder reputed to have taken place at Bobby Mackey's.
CC reported tonight our having listeners in the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, and Unknown.
Keven indicate his book Murder in Old Kentucky currently is being revised, with seven new stories to be included.
He spoke about when Charles Manson. being in prison, Keven asking for one of the yarn dolls he would make. Manson actually replied, but the doll was apparently intercepted. He later wrote on his own, and a friend on the outside provided Keven one of the dolls. I mentioned the film Charlie Says starring Matt Smith of all people, as Charles Manson.
Keven had to wonder whether Henry was related to the similarly pronounced Foyster family that dealt with the very haunted Borley Rectory.
Henry had Keven talk about Professor Thomas Tobin, who was a hoaxer of sorts.
Henry mentioned that sometime in 2021 we might do a live show broadcast out of Waverly Hills...

22 August 2020 edition podcast
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22 August 2020 The Paranormal View.

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