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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 03, 2017
Thomas Wertman
Tonight we welcomed back UFOlogist Thomas Wertman of MUFON.
I asked after his broken femur, as mentioned previously; he more mobile on crutches and such.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan had Thomas describe the process of reporting a UFO sighting to MUFON. Thomas pointed out one can easily submit a sighting report via the MUFON website. Once any obvious hoaxes are eliminated, as MUFON has various branch locations state to state, the sighting is directed to the local investigation region.
From our live chat room, Cater asked with hundreds or thousands of UFO reports, how does MUFON handle all of them; do they ever get swamped? Thomas explained how they can indeed be swamped: in England they literally have three MUFON investigators within the entire UK.
Thomas spoke about using a software called stellarium that tracks the sky, satellites, et al, and that anyone can download it.
He spoke about how someone could call police on a sighting, but as they don't handle UFOs, the police will refer them to a local airport's number, but the locaol airport, who don't handle UFOs, may refer them to regional air traffic control, who usually privide an 800 number which turns out to be Bigalow Airospace, which has had a high interest in UFOs.
CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and Unknown.
Thomas responded to CC's inquiry about investigating abduction scenarios, missing time, etc. He says investigations have been as far back as the famous Betty and Barney Hill case.
Sherri in the chat room asked about seasonal sightings. Thomas told of some flare-lit night skydivers dropping over sports events about which often get sighting calls. We spoke about how sometimes UFOs hang out to view July 4th fireworks. He reminded apart from that, some people fly camera drones sometimes "illegally" Too Close to such displays.
We discussed possible UFO underwater bases, including but not limited to Catalina Island.
CC asked about craziest stories, and any that maybe actually scares him. Thomas said many tend to think aliens may be demonic. He would explain it's analogous of our harmlessly examining animals. I told him about one of my favourite scenes from Babylon 5.
Thomas spoke about a missing time case of three camping fishermen, who suddenly lost about three hours, after a second passing over them of a large light. They have no sense they were abducted, merely lost time. Thomas also discussed clothing examination of possible abductees.
He spoke about the sighting he'd had in his youth out in the woods. As he and his friends were hiking, Thomas could see a UFO all but keeping pace with them. While they lost some time, Thomas had no memory of seeing the White Owl, a frequent metaphor imagery of seeing a Grey Alien, which his friend claimed to have seen. Having been given a regression therapist recommendation, Thomas went and was one of the best patients, to the surprise of the regressionist. Thomas recalled seeing a probable grey during the White Owl incident, which tried mind-probing him. To the creature's astonishment, Thomas was able to reverse it, and see into the creature's mind, suddenly able to perceive Everything around him. He also developed ulcers, so bad that years after surgery the doctor who operated told Thomas he had literally been about two or so weeks awar from dying, the ulcers were so bad,
MUFON gets about 100 reports per day, across the coumtry. Checking his phone, today alone they received a case from the previous night. But he suggested a site called UFO Stalker, that tracks UFO reports/sightings.
Henry reminded everyone that next week our guest would be actor Michael Rivers, author of Appalachia Mountain Folklore and Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores.

03 June 2017 edition podcast
The Paranormal View hosts
03 June 2017 The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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