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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday September 19, 2015
Tonight Henry Foister, Kat Klockow, and Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan, discussed the History of Doom, and Doomsday et al, whilst I was attending a SAG Nominating Committee Black Mass screening, with a director and cast Q&A afterward.
Kat indicated less concerned with a "regular" Doomsday, than she would with a zombie apocolypse. She cited ancient scibes predicting the obviously-soon end of the world, albeit thousands of years ago.
Henry indicated the ending of the Mayan Calendar, and the Y2K panic. CC mentioned the Bloodmoons, the rogue planetoid or comet Niburu, the Killshot Solar Flares, and alien invasion/s. Henry brought up an aspect of the holographic universe theory that reality is a simulation.
An update on Henry's wife Patsy/Nyla was conveyed.
Henry mentioned the possiblity of asteroid strike, a la Chixalub (without naming it). Kat related how as a girl she went camping in what was a ancient meteor strike, by then nature overgrown. Henry posited climate change, and thoughts were exchanged about whether such is cyclical, etc.
Various aspects of terrorism was touched upon, such as bio-terrorism. CC added that with melting ice caps, ancient bacteria could be released to which we may have no immunity.
Henry wondered about the Hadron Collidor creating some sort of major catastrophe. He also brought up the possibility of robot uprising/s, under the title grey-goo. Henry provided various percentages of various extinction probability scenarios.
Kat indicated a 1960 "science" article predicting that 2026 would be when the earth's population would officially be enough to exhaust earth's resources.
CC indicated the September 21st Bloodmoon, closest to the autumnal equinox, this one also being a lunar eclipse.
Henry brought up that during the 1346-1351 black plague years was the sign of the end times.
Kat reported, from, various famous doomsdays that didn't quite happen.
They mentioned but none could remember the Heaven's Gate cult right off, until CC suddenly recalled. Meanwhile, Kat managed to amusingly stumble over various consenants, particularly when reading ancient creatively-spelled names.
CC mentioned a few predictors, such as the recently deceased "prophet" Harold Camping and Criswell. CC also began positing about zombies; how they went from simple shamblers to brain eaters, apparently unaware of the campy The Return of the Living Dead film that introduced brain eating into the Night of the Living Dead mythos.
Tonight CC reported tonight the show having listeners in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Unknown.
Segueing from zombies, the three wondered the nutritional value of human flesh...
CC indicated the film Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, far less melancholy than the accurately named Melancholia. Not pointing out he couldn't remember the film's title, Henry spoke of On the Beach, from which Kat mentioned the TV series Last Man on Earth. Kat did find the top ten "best Earth in distress" movies, including Armageddon, The Core, The Day After Tomorrow, the meh 2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still, Deep Impact, Independence Day, Knowing, Mars Attacks!, 2012, and the Tom Cruise War of the Worlds. Just as CC wondered why Omega Man didn't make the list, on playback I had to wonder why no one thought about The World, The Flesh and the Devil.
Henry brought up a few more false prophets, such as Jim Jones, Pat Robertson, Edgar C. Wiznet, Nostradamus, et al. Without my presence, Kat had to call out Henry using a strong double-negative. Meanwhile, no one would 'fess up to some strong paper rustling...
Kat indicated the issues that would have a zombie outbreak fail quickly.
Henry wondered about all the major bases and bunkers the powers that be have been constructing (for use only by the powers that be), in order for them to wait out some as yet publicly unknown upcoming disaster.
Henry asked Pat McCormack in the chat room if he thought arriving aliens would be hostile. Henry then called Pat into the show. Pat pointed out how there has been a Do Not Engage order, considering how often pursuing jets have either vanished entirely or been shot down by UFOs defending themselves, and their being able to selectively shut down jets' weapons systems. He also indicated their origin might be Orion's Belt, due to pyramid alignments. He thought perhaps Rigel or Regulus; though it's relatively considered the Greys are from Zeta Reticuli.
Henry reminded everyone that next week he and Kat would be broacasting live from Hill View Manor.
Kat gave out @Paraviewradio, the show's Twitter account; that we can be emailed at; that I have the archived shows "somewhere on [my] website" (meaning my Paranormal View hub page, at which one can find the show's respective report pages); and that the show is also available on iTunes. Henry gave out the show's official website on which are links to my page/s. They did not mention our very findable on Facebook, and/or my Followable Twitter presence, et al.
Henry enticed CC to give out her Twitter account.
Ironically, Kat completely neglected to give out her own website, and/or her @katklockow information, and/or her being admin for the show's Twitter presence, and/or her @jinxedcomic Twitter account...

19 September 2015 edition podcast

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19 September 2015 edition
19 September 2015 edition

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
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