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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday July 19, 2013
Mid-Ohio Paracon 2014
During my absense, shooting an episode of the sitcom The League, Henry and Kat broadcast live from Mid-Ohio Paracon 2014 at the Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, Ohio. Just managing at acquire an Internet signal, they started out indicating how the con sort of Stopped at 6pm (eastern time), for dinner. Expected guests during this edition would be Brian J. Cano, crytozoologist and former guest on our show Joedy Cook (who ended up not being interviewed), Kathy Hall and BJ Hodges of Bluegrass Ghost Chasers, and Chris Maynard of Tri-State Paranormal, though at the moment, they were all at dinner. At 10pm, Henry continued, they'd all be doing an investigation there at Poasttown. Kat reported already having seen some weird things there, both earthly and spectral.
They discussed Kat having been an official Speaker at the convention, doing a talk in Room 2B on Ghostly Legends and How We Seek Them, covering varied urban legends, such as Bloody Mary and the fictional Slenderman. Kat pointed out that Jeff Belanger has taken the term Legend Tripping coined by anthropolists regarding Urban Legends. Kat mentioned the comedic article I'd sent her regarding fictionalized antique wood engravings "proving" the existence of Slenderman prior to the 21st century. She and Ceiling Cat Barbara concurred how people easily mistake poor photography as "paranormal evidence."
After the first break, Henry introduced Kathy Hall and BJ Hodges of Bluegrass Ghost Chasers, based on Frankfort between Lexington and Louisville. Kathy discussed their investigating, even coming across the Creeper at Waverly Hills, which Kat enjoyed, her never having been able to visit there yet. Henry spoke how during his visit his only experience was footsteps following him. People with Henry would see Shadow People that Henry couldn't see. Kat spoke of an unexplainable photo Keith Age had taken of a lit light bulb... where there was no light bulb. Before she forgot, Kat took a photo of Henry and the then-guests, and asked after the famous Waverly Death Tunnel. Kathy spoke of the group's work doing private, residential investigations. One family had just moved into their dream home, but on first walking in to the place, their autistic son asked as to who else lived there, and refusing to sleep in his own room; a "lady with the wet hands" would touch him. Using a Blessed Spray (created by a team member; a mixture of hoodoo and voodoo magick), and prayer, they pursued the negative energy from room to room; the family dog chased the entity from the house when they'd reached the front door. Another plagued family had been experienced claw and bites at a home into which even animals refused to enter.
On video they got a clearly intelligent Light moving about "on a mission."
Kathy imparted their group's website, and that they're on Facebook as well.
After the second break, Kat brought in guests Christopher Maggard of Tri-State Paranormal Kentucky, and The Search: Existence Unknown on Paranormal Reality TV channel via Roku Streaming Player. and Poasttown Curator and event organizer Darrell Whisman. They discussed the event, the upcoming night time investigations, etc.
CC conveyed what listeners we had: those with headsets heard it, but it did not come across on air, nor was her audio in general from that point onwards. The guests answered her questions that the anyone outside the show itself could not hear. Christopher reported various experiences he and his people have had at Poasttown, and Darrell spoke of his experiences and evidence caught on survellience cameras.
Kat and Darrell discussed the concept whether the spirits there like Darrell.
Darrell gave out the Poasttown Elementary School website, its Facebook page, as well as his own Facebook profile page, and the school's 513-464-1330 info line phone number.
Christopher supplied his The Search: Existence Unknown show page, accessable through their TSP Northern Kentucky website, et al.
Letting them go get ready for the investigation that was about to start, Henry ironically indicated he'd turned off Kat's volume, despite her audio being the clearest of this edition of the show; further irony was asking if CC was still there and still, only Henry and Kat could hear her, so her questions and comments were brief bits of silence. Kat described some of the ghost photos that'd been posted from Poasttown.
Henry wished me luck on my shoot going on that day, as well as well wishes to Sarge in the chat room.
Henry conveyed our guest the next week would be author regarding Haunted Michigan (Henry didn't have the author's name handy).
I was absent so could not provide my site's Paranormal View hub page, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page. Kat gave out her own website, but not that The Paranormal View now is on Twitter under the name @paraviewradio, et al.

19 July 2014 edition podcast
Mid-Ohio Paracon 2014
19 July 2014 edition, at Mid-Ohio Paracon.
podcast embed
19 July 2014 edition podcast

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