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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday April 26, 2013
Barbara Condron
Tonight we welcomed to the show dream expert Barbara Condron. I had begun a 18-day stint house and cat sitting for friends, and for some reason my phone Skype was acting more ornery than usual. I had to listen to the show on-air, my having a great bio on our guest, and having CC Barbara Duncan stumbling over an impromptu version as I could not get in.
Henry dialed me in, and I listened silently until I was introduced.
I gave my initial intro for her, and asked about my concept of Dream Characters, which Barbara addressed, that the dream is a conciousness circuit, and it combines day and night dreaming from recent events, and such characters are aspects of oneself that one has begun to explore.
CC asked about Collective Dreaming; she and some others had had a dream of the Same House, each entering from a different entrance. When they spoke about it, they all realized they'd shared the same dreamscape. Barbara detailed the different concepts behind that.
CC started in about Lucid Dreaming Barbara indicated not even advocating taking control of one's dream until after two years of studying dreams; the language of dreams: how they work/function, et al.
She pointed out to Henry that dreaming about what one was thinking as falling asleep is essentially called a State of Reverie.
Kat had a chat room question regarding remembering some dreams and forgeting other, into which Barbara went. Barbara refers to one not remembering their dreams as Dream Drought.
After the first break, CC reported our having listeners in the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Guam, and Germany. I asked about how in telling an experience one tends to convey it in the third or first person and past tense. When relating a dream, one usually regales it in the present tense. I also asked about my "issue" with my dreams distracting me when I realize I Am Dreaming. She indicated that as I'm an actor, I'm working at Creating My Reality.
She answered Henry's inquiry about dreaming of a past life, which Barbara refered to as Retro-Cognition, and how Edgar Cayce did a lot of research on that area.
We spoke about Prophetic Dreams, Babylon 5 prophetic dream Barbara retold the classic story of Lincoln dreaming of his death Kat spoke about a dream she'd had about a car accident she wouldn't have for about six months later.
Barbara discussed Dream Yogas, and how to "program" one's dreams by declaring what one will dream.
She addressed my concept of Dream Memory, and how dreams deals in Truth.
Barbara and CC discussed about the distinctions of dreaming in black and white and in colour. The deeper the colour, the deeper into the dream state and subconcious.
As we went to our second break, Barbara provided the 417-345-8411 phone number for the National Dream Hotline call-in show taking place even right then during our show, for the rest of this weekend, to the 27th.
Barbara spoke about the best way/s to recall one's dreams.
Henry has called in Bobbi from the chat room, conveying a recurring dream about spiders.
We went into how, when I have "nightmare imagery" in dreams, I don't experience any sort of fear.
Henry pointed out going through Barbara's Dream Dictionary book, and Barbara spoke about her School of Metaphysics.
She also spoke of those who cannot recall their dreams at all; Barbara suggested Vitamin B6.
She spoke about the common dreams of being naked, being at school and forgetting the class location, or a surprise test, etc. We even touched on my oddness of dreams
She reiterated calling the School of Metaphysics 26th Annual National Dream Hotline® until the April 27th (this event is annual, taking place the last weekend of April).
Barbara gave out her official website and her Dreams site.
I gave out the Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, *that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page. Due to how much content we'd provided, it was at the very last second at which I could give out as much as my stuff info as possible, againing all but negating enough time for Kat to give out her own websites, or her Miss Grey Smashword site, hence my hastily giving out that the The Paranormal View being now on Twitter under the name @paraviewradio, et al.
Henry managed to squeak in at the last second that our guest the next week would be Barbara Condron regarding Dreams, and we wrapped out.

26 April 2014 edition podcast
The Dreamer's Dictionary
by Barbara Condron
Barbara Condron
26 April 2014 edition, with Barbara Condron

Dr. Barbara Condron on National Dream Hotline
This is an interview with School of Metaphysics executive
Dr. Barbara Condron on this weekend's National Dream Hotline.
The public will be able to call in all weekend long to get
their dreams interpreted. Dr. Condron is world renown
as a leading expert on dream interpretation.
Media Coverage of 26th Annual National Dream Hotline® videos page;
excerpts of National Dream Hotline® media coverage.

Parables of
Universal Law
While Down Under
Author: Barbara Condron

Who Were
Those Strangers
in My Dream?
Authors: Barbara G. Rothermel
and Barbara Condron

Master Living:
10 Essential
Life Skills for
Health, Prosperity,
Success & Peace of Mind
Author: Barbara Condron

Every Dream Is
About the Dreamer
Author: Barbara Condron

The Wisdom of Solomon
Author: Barbara Condron

Nine Lessons
for Changing Yourself,
Your Relationships,
& the World
Author: Barbara Condron

How to Raise an
Indigo Child:
10 Keys for
Cultivating a
Child's Natural
Author: Barbara Condron

Remembering Atlantis:
The History of the World
Authors: Daniel Condron
and Barbara Condron

The Bible Interpreted
in Dream Symbols
Author: Barbara Condron

Spiritual Renaissance:
Elevating Your
Consciousness for
the Common Good
Author: Barbara Condron

First Opinion:
Wholistic Health Care
for the 21st Century
(School of Metaphysics)
Author: Barbara Condron

Uncommon Knowledge:
Introduction to
Past Life & Health Readings
Authors: Laurel Jan Clark
and Barbara Condron

The Work of the Soul:
Past Life Recall &
Spiritual Enlightenmen
Author: Barbara Condron

Kundalin Rising:
Mastering Creative
(School of Metaphysics,
No 100147)
Author: Barbara Condron

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