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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 08, 2013
Strange Frequencies
With no official guest this night, hosts Henry Foister, Kat Klockow, Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan (aka CC), discussed "Strange Frequencies," whilst I was on the second of three days on a film shoot way up in Fillmore, for the film Comet, to which Henry gave a shout-out.
Henry defined EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenominon), and audibles, and explained the different Classes of EVPs, Class C, B and A (from the indecipherable to the mega-clear and easy to understand without even headphones). Henry spoke of once having two recorder at a place he was investigating, both of which caught the same EVP, but another in which only one picked up the EVP.
He also gave out the show email, being monitored by Kat throughout the show.
The chat room was already strongly paying attention, asking after "scrubbing:" audio clean-up for EVPs so they are more intelligible. Kat pointed out, being a bit of a proper skeptic regarding EVPs, she prefers EVPs left in their proper original context. As they were speaking, there was a curious, small, audio "off to the side," as it were, which Barbara noticed and pointed out. Henry reminded that it couldn't have been me as he would have had to call me in first. People in the chat room reported hearing the strange sound/words as well. Kat started to call it "Phantom Geoff," though what she heard then was Henry making a side noise.
Henry spoke about the history of Electronic Voice Phenominon, including but not limited to Thomas Edison believing a device could be constructed that could pick up such audio.
Kat had turned on her Ghost Radar app, its vocabulary-audio which occasionally tossed out a word now and again. Kat spoke about a Darkness Radio show in which a presented EVP demonstration when it was an audio watermark, not an actual EVP. Kat uses an Olympus WS600S recorder. CC spoke about White Noise Generators, even refering to the dreadfully written Michael Keaton film White Noise.
CC wondered if a recorder placed with people at the time death picks up voices apart from anyone there in the room.
They figured they'd try and play with a Shack-Hack later, and Henry played a few EVPs, starting with one of our favourites: during Marla Brooks show Stirring the Cauldron interviewing the female curator of the museum in which the famous Key West haunted doll Robert is housed, the background of which a male voice as though in the next room clearly calling out "Robert!", and such. Marla and her guest did not hear it at the time during the show, but it was recorder and during the live show, the chat room at the time all heard it.
Henry then played the first and only EVP I ever obtained, mishearing the "On this side" EVP as "I'm sorry." By mistake, Kat indicated guessing that the raw audio had been scrubbed, which it wasn't (as I don't have the software of knowledge how to do such: the audio is its raw audio). They wondered at the burst of sound at the end, which I've never been able to figure whether it was a further EVP is maybe just my hand moving on the recorder.
Next Henry then played an EVP caught at the Bell Nursing Home, and another at Hill View Manor, with an accomodating ghost. This was followed by a very soft one Henry procured at a former farm's since-razed barn, and another from a house.
Tonight edition of the show had listeners from the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Finland.
CC explained the concept behind the Shack-Hack, a scanner-modified Radio Shack radio that drifts through each radio station, picking up "stray" radio signals, momentarily spitting out "random" words, although occasionally to often seemingly answering direct questions.
Whilst CC tried getting her Shack-Hack to be more audible, Kat reported what she called her cell-phone Ovilus had just said Henry's name, and that its "activity" was registering highly. She clarified the Ovilus she uses is very rudimentary, just a motherboard and speaker; it does not pick up radio stations.
At this point I was able to come onto the show for its last ten minutes, conveying my work on the movie Comet.
People in the chat room liked the idea of a Near-All Show of EVPs, which I suggested if we had guest/s on EVPs, it should be the Constininos.
From memory I managed to gave out my site's Paranormal View hub page, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page, and quickly adding that information regarding health products people should be taking by indicating anyone with health issues or those who are just chronologically... aging in general... for which one could contact me directly at, et al. I jokingly gave out Kat's HuntForGhosts page site, and her hoping to get stories of experiences from Mansfield Reformatory for her latest book.
Barbara obliquely indicated having a Facebook profile.
Henry conveyed our guest the next week would be Jamie Pearce, author of Historic Haunts Florida, and the show was wrapped.

08 June 2013 edition podcast

May 01 2010 Queen Mary EVP
Strange Frequencies
Paranormal View Strange Frequencies 08 June 2013 edition.

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