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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Fabio Ott's
New York Film Academy Student Film

Thursday June 21, 2012
I got a text from Fabio Ott that fellow New York Film Academy film student Anton Kahn had recommended me for Fabio's project at the time titled The List, filming Saturday the 21st. Anton had just filmed me for his project The Apology of Love the previous Monday.
My appearance in the short would be a quick scene of my character being quickly captured and assassinated, and my being needed from about 3pm to 5pm. Being a Saturday, I was able to procure assurance that the project's DP could scoot me back to my place so I could get to as much of the latter part/s of my live weekly radio show, on which I am co-host.

Saturday June 23, 2012
Shoot rescheduled
I did not miss any part of my show; due to location issues, the filming was shifted to the following weekend, specifically Sunday July 1st, and my/our calltime to 6pm, which was fine as that weekend I was house and cat-sitting for friends down in San Pedro, and the time shift allowed me to remain at my post, as it were, until about 3:30pm instead of 1pm (my friends would be returning at about 6:30pm, and the adult cats would be fine the small amount of time of the house's vacancy).

Sunday July 01, 2012
While house and cat sitting for friends in San Pedro, I received word of a new location and calltime. I had the scheduling down to a "T," but the T in MTA decided to thwart me big time. Well aware that the Staples Center was hosting the X-Games as well as a massive Anime Convention, they did not re-route the bus/es, allowing them to contribute to the congestion. It was becoming clear the 15-20 connection window to the Red Line train to Universal was to be missed. I hastily got off and took the Blue up to 7th, and the Red Line to Hollywood Vine station, where the 222 at 6:47pm would head up to the same location and arrive at about 6:55pm. I got there at 6:35pm... and no 222 ever showed up. I had not missed it, nor had it gone by early; a woman had just missed the 5:50pm one by about ten or twenty minutes, and was still waiting for the next, which would have been the one at 6:47pm.
I contacted Fabio, who, reluctant to send someone to retrieve me, suggested I take a taxi, for which Fabio paid. It was about 7:15 or so before a taxi came by that didn't already have someone in it. I was scooted over the hill (the 222 for which I was waiting never did come, after 30+ minutes past its scheduled time).
"Fortunately," my delay, getting me there by about 8:20pm, had had them Completely Ready for my shot. We got to it so quickly that introductions were never really made; to my suprise, Anton Kahn was one of the principals; apart from Anton and Fabio, I had no idea as to anyone's names. One of the actors holding me down was Irish (sounded like a slight Belfastian accent), but somehow we did not have a chance to provide each other with names.
We filmed my stabbing scene, and were finished within about an hour it seemed, and that was the only scene being show (though they had other scenes to film the next day, from what I could gather).
The DP who originally was to drive me home, was heading to Citywalk to see the movie Ted, along with Jose Val Bal who'd also worked on Apology of Love. He offered to "drop me at the Red Line," which I presumed meant the Universal Station, but he did drive me over the hill and while he did not drop me at Hollywood and Highland (or Hollywood Vine Street station), he dropped me at Hollywood Boulevard at Cahuenga at about 9:40pm, so I walked to Hollywood and Vine in time to learn that With far-less-MTA-service on Sundays, I could at least take the 180 to Normandie and walk from there, getting me home by about 11pm+.
A few photos were taken on set; I could only hope they would be emailed to me.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Pretty good rough cut...
As my bus approached Barham, I got a call from Jeffery Williams regarding his project Everything, set to start filming "in the fall," having evolved from a short pretty much to feature film length. We discussed it until I got to my destination (greeted by Eléa Clair as she arrived and went in), and once the room was filled, they started with a trailer of the six shorts being shown that been made in their honour, as it were. First up was Ravanche, which I quickly realized was the new title for The List. I was not actually aware it was this date that it was screening as well. As expected, The Apology of Love screened.
As to the other films, Anton and other film makers tended to star in most of them.
After the films were screened, the film makers were brought to the front where each received their respective New York Film Academy diplomas. I went to speak to Fabio but with everyone suddenly moving about at once, and speaking with Anton and Eléa before scooting out, Fabio was nowhere to be seen, if he he was still in the room.
As it was, I managed to make it out to the bus stop with five minutes to spare to get me back down to Hollywood without having to wait a full hour for the following one.

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