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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday May 14, 2011
I slowly woke up, picked up my phone and saw the time: 7:24. What was left of my sleep literally shattered away as I was horrified I'd slept through the show (I wouldn't be the first to have that happen). I hastily switched on my computer to contact Henry, as I checked my alarm, which was still set for 4:40pm: why had it not gone off? I checked the ringer to make sure after seeing a movie the day before, I'd remember to unsilence the phone.
My still befuddled brain began to notify me I'd not just asleep afternoon-napping. I'd stayed up way late online and had slept about four hours or so... I checked again and it was 7:25... in the morning.
Tonight's show guests was to be Ghostsoldiers, a group for which previous to this edition's airing, I've never been able to find a website, due to their broadly defined name. Google Ghostsoldiers and you get everything but them, or certainly enough sites listed ahead of them so as not to find them.
The information I received was that they would be called in from the Morrison Masonic Lodge at 125 North Mulberry Street, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where they'd be investigating.
When I got onto Skype at 4:45pm, Craig was off with John Sabol, while Henry worked at having ParaDave recording the show, as Henry was not able to get his Audacity program to work.
Patty was cohosting in Craig's place, learning her Spotlight Report was on Henry's Other Computer he didn't have with him at the live investigation. Henry managed to get me their URL.
Due to substantial technical difficulties, we got started about ten minutes late. Henry was visible at ParaVision.
Henry first on-camera guest was Dave Jones, told explained we'd be seeing a quad-camera shot. The livestream video was predictably out of sync with the audio, but that was to be expected.
I reminded everyone that the next Saturday was scheduled as Doomsday (according to [already-proven false prophet] Harold Camping), although that frankly, no one has said At What Time it will take place. Would we be able to do One Last Show, or will it be so early that I have to miss the fifth episode of this season's Doctor Who...?
I asked, considering the rituals and magick Masons do, whether there might be more than Just Spirits, like Elementals. Henry said, according to a little girl ghost named Abby, that there are about ten spirits, some of which... not so friendly... Dave said that workers have left and refused to come back having come across spirits checking up on the work.
Suddenly the Quad Cameras kicked in, two darkened rooms and two More Lit rooms. At one point showing the caretaker essentially seeming to be searching for Craft Services...
After a few minutes of Henry at his make-shift desk, we went back to the Quad Cameras with the first two rooms Better Lit. Henry went to a break, leaving the Quad Cams visible.
We came back with Henry having been joined by Patrick Reynolds and Doug. Patrick explained the area's history and about Abby, etc., that dowsing rods seemed to get more of a response from her as she seemed to be avoiding Henry for a time. I tried to get links from their site, but it's one of those Super Annoying Sites with auto-music playing.... let alone being Super Loud Annoying Heavy Metal'y "music," so I decided against too many links to the site's specific pages (a lot of the links here are frame-grabs from the livestream video). As Henry wondered if there were any questions; I pointed out most of the chat room's topic of conversation was Abby's background. Patrick even played an EVP of sorts of Abby apparently saying the word "Seven" (the recording was super-distorted).
Patrick relayed how our own Craig Rupp had had Something following him; behind Henry, Doug McReynolds picked up the tale, sort of, calling in JC who spoke of the experiences of Something nearly knocking him over.
Regular exterior darkness began to creep in as the first hour came to a close, even though the LiveStream Video would continue past the show as the investigation continued through the night.
The video cut back to the Quad Cameras, and the guests merrily chatted away, and I was making quippy jokes in the chat room...
The chat room notified me that the regular audio aspect of the show Patty and my voice were fine, but if only watching the LiveStream Video, they could only hear the audio of those at the investigation.

btw here are the camera angles:
Quad Camera Channel One;
Quad Camera Channel Two;
Quad Camera Channel Three;
Quad Camera Channel Four;
Suddenly on Channel Two, the chat room and I saw something flutter in the top corner of the screen, seemingly a large orb rapidly moving, not just drifing along. Patrick clarified that that is one of the hotter rooms regarding Activity.
I took us out into break as the guys waved at us. Henry played a weirdly distorted version of Bette Davis Eyes, which (as the video cut to the Quad Cameras), fluctuated with its speed as well as audio quality...
Dave cut the angle back to Camera Two as people in the chat room were seeing a lof of Fast Flyer orbs.
Returning from the break, Henry had Scott reported checking the room in which Channel Two is set, and that as he returned back down the steps, as he crossed the threshold he could hear loud little-children type footsteps running down the stairs behind, following him.
Bob Nichols spoke to us more about Abby, and the Man that scares/hurts her. Inside some of the investigators started wandering about.
Scott told of a security guard during one of the meetings, seeing a woman in white's figure in the projection room, and total of about six people saw what they suspected being Abby, making them believe Something Was Afoor, so paranormal investigators were allowed to come in.
With Henry not having with him the right computer, I conveyed that next week our guests being SoCal ghost hunters Andrew Thompson, Joey Harrison and Stacy Ann Raposa of L.A. Paranormal (they're also on Facebook).
Just as Henry went to wrap, on the angle at which investigators sat, the chat room watched as the investigators were oblivious to large fast-moving orbs and light-flashes.
Off-air we spoke briefly as we got ready to listen in to the investigation and watch the ongoing video, and Henry was able to get me the group's second site URL.
Audio podcast archived only, on different server; no embedding
14 May 2011 edition podcast.
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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
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