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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday March 19, 2011
Rick Hayes
Tonight's guest was Rick Hayes of Life's Gift seminars and the music group Nightflyer (of late their album Fly By Night).
Rick indicated being from Indiana, near Evansville. Before we went on the air, we were chatting, and Rick indicated visiting Gettysburg April 30th (jokingly asking if Craig "knew about" Gettysburg; I pointed out [what with Craig going there so often] that Craig probably gets his mail sent there...).
Henry started to work at connecting to the show, but began having issues with the server. Rick offered advice, as Henry suggested what I'd already done: notifying the chat room we'd be a minute or two delayed due to the server having to be rebooted. Suddenly I began getting music through Skype... In the chat room Henry suggested people who weren't getting music to refresh their page.
We finally got on a couple o'minutes after five.
I gave a shout out to Tinner, a chat room regular whose home computer'd gone blewie on her. Henry started out plugging Rick's show Reflections, and jumped right in to some of Rick's experiences at Waverly Hills on the second floor as well as the infamous room 502.
For a moment I fell out of the chat room but Henry got back me back in without too much delay.
We had a caller, Ted, who's a friend of Craig's, who conveyed they'd bought a doll from Salem, Massachusetts, which seemed to have Something Etheric Attached (and a negative energy at that); the family did a circle and was able to purge the negative energy.
Rick, a Sensitive, made several deductions of the situation, and suggested they Name the doll so it becomes Theirs, not the entity's.
After Ted's call, we noticed Rick fallen out of the chat. (Dang Super Moon...!) Henry got Rick back, and after Rick discussed he got into the paranormal and such, it was clarified he's a Paranormal Life Coach, and that the media recognizes his psychis abilities. He reported how other paranormal investigators marvel at his abilities, just as he is highly impressed with other investigators' investigative equipment.
Craig revealed knowing Rick had written a book, You're Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost; his later writings Rick put out as e-books available on his site.
After the break, the show went directly into Patty Lynam's "Spotlight Report."
After that segment, Rick explained how some places are haunted and some places aren't. Craig asked about animals passing on and being On The Other Side (Fun of Dying author Roberta Grimes' recent guest appearance notwithstanding); and Rick assured that those pets who were Important still stick around. Rick was able to deduce almost down to the breed about Craig's small Collie dog that had passed about two years earlier (even knowing it had had a slight issue with its leg).
Joe of Online Visions Magazine was brought in as he had some questions about reincarnation, and Rick had some clarifying questions that Henry realized might be easier just bring Joe in to the call, after which I sent us out to our second break with about thirty five minutes left to go on the show.
When we got back Rick spoke about Physical Validation (signs of possible spiritual contact).
Things started to get a little giddy towards the end of the show. Henry wondered whether there are dinosaur ghosts; Rick at least prayed there wouldn't be Barney Over There....
At Henry's suggestion, Rick started to Read Me, indicating some sort of Female Connection about whom I had no idea, as well as my probably needing to have my Right Eye checked. We figured the Female Connection could be my maternal grandmother, and to find a photo from circa 1933 (one with a mark on its back), and that that may be the form in which my grandmother may resemble on the Other Side.
Rick made some posits about the middle east problem/s as we wound the show down.
Henry had me plug my site and page/s, and I apologized for having to scoot out at 7. Craig was happy he was prepared tonight,
Henry wrapped us out by conveying our following week's guest to be Ladean Snodgrass of Paranormal Seekers of North Texas and para-x radio Metaphysically Speaking show host.
I could not stick around for the After Show Chat; I had realized during the show that I had to scoot out Right After the show ended; I was house sitting but normally would not need to go back that night, but I'd left there my camera, with which I wanted to photograph this night's "super moon." The sunset here was at 7:03pm, so I had to high-tail it back there (thankfully it was only a few blocks away). As it was, the moon didn't clear the clouds until 8:15... d'oh...
The archived show podcast was posted about 6am the following morning...

March 19 edition podcast.

You're Not Crazy,
You Have A Ghost

Rick Hayes
and K Coons
Lifes Gift
LifesGift website
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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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